In this bonus episode, now-retired Detective Kenny Silvia and two of Burke O'Brien's sisters open up to ABC News' Christina Kiely about how the case has impacted their lives.
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00:00:10people have been asking me for years now why wouldn't tell them who killed Burke
00:00:16and as you now know it's because we don't know
00:00:20but somebody out there does and we are hoping to reach the widest possible audience so that that person might come forward
00:00:32this series doesn't have to just reach the people who know about this crime but people who know about any unsolved murders anywhere but this is a deeply personal story for Rory and Carly and even Kenny and they've join me today for this episode
00:00:56we haven't sat down in about 2 years what's happened since then Rory do you want to start all Dash the last time that I interviewed with you I think I was I think I gave birth 3 days later or something like that I was really pregnant and so I you know I have my daughter Goldie about 2 years ago and about 6 months ago we actually had a son so the last couple of years have been really busy actually because we've built our family and we're now I really kind of busy bee hive in our home of kiddos and we also moved out of New York City and we're living out west now I'm continuing to work on as a psychologist out here so I'm going to go to place how about you Carly so in the past two years I've been doing a lot of adulting and building my own family I got married this Summer we have two kids and we're living out West Rory and I live
00:01:56just a couple blocks away from each other and so we're just really starting our own family land out here I want to ask Kenny you have had I I know and I want you to share with our listeners some of the amazing things that you've done in the years since you left the NYPD so if you could share a little bit of that drawer well if the NYPD in 2006 and I moved out west to Arizona and I started working in private Enterprise I did that for about 2 years and then I want to go into Afghanistan as a contractor working with the US military helping them with the counterinsurgency investigations in NYPD detective prepare you for that well you know New York City being one of the world's largest Melting Pot swear you have a representation from just about every type of religion
00:02:56ethnicity culture all different all these people come together New York City and in being a detective you you deal with that on a daily basis doesn't matter whether you workout in Queens or Brooklyn or Manhattan I did 10 years in Brooklyn I did 10 years in Manhattan my last assignment with the NYPD use with the joint terrorism task force and so I got to interact with the people of all over the world with with without ever leaving New York City you know it was almost like I trained for Afghanistan my 20 years with the NYPD
00:03:35Carly in Rory you guys have developed this bond with Kenny over the years but it must be a difficult bond in some ways because he must bring up such difficult memories what is that like and what is your relationship mean to you Kenny will always and forever be an extra kabli linked to to Burke's case and what happened to Burke so there's no way that I'll not associate Kenny with what happened with Birkin so in some ways yeah it is it is a difficult Bond but
00:04:19in a lot of ways actually knowing Kenny and being part of Kennedy's life and having him be a part of ours has also been a real affirmation of life and of positivity and care and empathy and just good things in life because in a moment where we really actually needed a a kind soul who was really going to be smart and caring and competent and step in and really work hard on our behalf he really did step up and and really has been ever since and so as I said while he's inexplicably linked from this really horrible thing you've also simultaneously very much a person who represents kindness and goodness in my life and so I will I hope to have Kenny in my life always Carly do you feel the same way I guess I can Echo what Rory says in terms of candies always going to
00:05:19Associated and all of my memories with everything that's happened with Burke I will say though that in my mind can he was always somebody that really looked out for our family and I always felt really cared for by him throughout this incredibly difficult process this is such a personal story for the three of you Rory and Carly especially now that it has been shared with so many people who didn't know Burke what has that been like for you in terms of your own personal feelings and how people have been responding to you I feel like from the start we never really were given the option or this to not be something that was public which is always been an odd experience for me the loss of Berk is obviously so personal for me for our family
00:06:15and from the start there was a lot of media involvement and so it's sort of like a trauma within a drama when it was happening I then went on this Mission Alcala to Mission with my dad in the months after berko had died
00:06:35because there was such a lack of resolve around not knowing who did it
00:06:42in a lot of ways I think that that time we needed to do that for our own family
00:06:50my dad really became fixated and kind of obsessed with figuring out who did this and at some point it really became a hindrance in our healing process I kike actually can very vividly remember getting into a pretty heated battle with my dad about this just saying you know we we either have to let go of figuring this out or I don't know how we move forward from here
00:07:18but it's never that well with me to not know who has done this Rory I think that the idea that the cases been the exposure of the case has been elevated to the extent that it has been is I don't know they're kind of pros and cons to that in some ways it actually feels potentially hopeful that the profile of the case could be elevated so that somebody hears about the case or see something about the case and you could potentially move the keys for a little bit and that's the hope and you know a lot of families who are in our position actually don't aren't afforded that opportunity and doing a lot of ways we feel actually really grateful for that the part that's hard of horses that it some it does leave one feeling actually really quite exposed you know there are people that learned about what happened to me through the course of this
00:08:19show that maybe didn't before and I've heard from people from all corners of my life who reached out and really loving and and wonderful ways and both feels really loving and supportive and it's also just kind of a lot in the time to spend overwhelming but as I said though it is an opportunity that we're grateful for because if we can move this case board anyway then then it will have been worth it and if it doesn't result in that that's okay too I do feel like even just trying and is Meaningful for us Kenny I was around for other cases that you were on and I saw that you had the same focus and care that we see in this case but it wasn't the same
00:09:10what made this case different from the beginning you can see that all of your Brian's they were they were all
00:09:19deeply affected by it and I and I don't say that because other family members that have lost somebody to a murder would not equally affected but there was just something about all the O'Briens that really showed a cohesiveness in a closeness and you knew that because one of them was now gone that there was such a tear in that fabric that held them all together and of course being that the lead detective it's my job to so that back in and it is going to be stitches there and there's going to be a forever your bump in that fabric but I knew that that that fabric have been torn and it was so tightly wound around all of them that just losing losing one of them was really it just had reverberations that I felt super responsible for
00:10:13work is always there he's always with me even when even during long periods of time when night when I didn't speak to Rory or calling you or Mark and even after I retired you know Burke has always been a part of me he's always thought in my mind at a minimum and to have Rory and Collie and Mark and all the O'Briens just with me is is across that I bear but it's it's it also brings me a lot of Happiness to to experience their life and to experience the life as close as I have when it comes to marriages and births of new children and to see that family grow and and and develop and it really just
00:11:02if it gives me just a really good good feeling inside
00:11:10I know it's rare that ABC had that kind of access to the NYPD can you talk about what it was like to have me and the other producer there while you were working or are you able to get to the NYPD where you at in the cars with us you were in the Squadron with us was absolutely unheard of it was unprecedented and I don't think even sense then it's did anyone anyone ever gotten this close to the inside of the New York Police Department the way the way you have and wavy see did so I know this is really unprecedented we talked about this a lot in the past but it didn't end up in the series which is how could the witness the original witness have gotten everything so wrong and he when he really believes what he saw how's that possible really tries to make sense out of everything it sees taste smells and he is and
00:12:11when a can't Rectify or can't justify what it seen it'll jump some gaps to make that connection it'll jump things to do to make sense out of what it's what it's receiving this was the early morning of the hours it was very cold very few people are outside the witness says he's walking down the street
00:12:33he is a gunshot
00:12:35then turns the corner and sees what he what he thinks he sees his mine says there's a gunshot that means somebody some reason trouble he turns the corner see somebody laying on the sidewalk and realizes up we know what that tells me this guy this guy must have been the guy that shot and the person next to him since he's standing must be the guy that shot him so that's where the Mind makes those connections I really do believe that this witness was was honest and that he was trying to help you stuck around for as long as he could Which is far more than anyone would have in this situation and again it just goes back to the human mind jumping those gaps and trying to make sense of it sensory perceptions of what it's receding at that moment I think that that you don't even realize you doing when you're when you're trying to make sense of something that something is specially traumatic is this when something at like that happens you don't realize to the degree of the embellishment that you that you were actually creating
00:13:35and that's why I wrote that's what I think happened I think you know him he's an honest guy who wants to help and he has his gunshot it turns the corner sees what he sees he sees the aftermath of this and his mind immediately puts a connection together realistic do you think it is that we could actually find the killer I remain hopeful in something like this you just need really never know it takes it all it takes is one person to listen to this podcast and just just that one person can change everything and it's getting that information to that person and having that person with the right motivation to come forward and so when you look at the Realms the realm of possibilities you know I still have I still hold on to a lot of lot of hope that this can really develop into something where where we might be able to get closure all of us and
00:14:30I remain hopeful I'm a little disappointed that we haven't received
00:14:37as many leads as we have and that we haven't really received anything solid at this point but you know my Hope Solo still holds fast
00:14:47so what now what can people do now to help solve this case obviously I would love for somebody to to give us some really even as benign of information as they think that they might have I would encourage anyone with information to call
00:15:06if not for this case then I hope that some good comes out of somebody listening to this or watching docu-series that knows information maybe about another case that they can call up and it doesn't have to be NYPD Central could be anywhere but if but if you have information that can really impact people's lives then I would employ YouTube to call weather at your local police department of the NYPD and really make a difference if nothing comes from this series and we don't find the killer will you have regret agreeing to do it and reopening Old Wounds Rory for me know I won't cuz I mean to be honest with you like that as you know I've been gone for 15 years in January and so that reality the reality that we might not ever find his Killers has been one that we've been living with for a really long time
00:16:06and to some extent we've we've made some piece of course with that possibility and while we hope that will be able to push the keys forward it's also very very possible that we won't and let me know that we're really realistic about that but there's something that for me it really counts to be able to fight for to continue to fight for Burke and to continue to try in a lot of lot of murders go unsolved and we know that we're not alone and in that experience which is you know horrifying what about you Carly one thing that is really stood out to me about having the series come out and your question about whether or not I would regret doing this
00:16:56Burke was the start of a lot of Lost in our family and his death really was the the start of that and in some ways this many years later I find my own self that I kind of group that into the losses in some ways and so I think one thing that's been most impactful for me as far as the series coming out right now is really just coming back to having to just sit with the loss of Berk
00:17:30one last question Rory what is something that you haven't shared before that you would like us to know about Berg to be honest with you that such a tall order because to this day I I really don't know that I could ever love somebody is fully and deeply as I did my brother Burke and I miss him terribly and you know he was so strong and so compassionate and have cared so deeply for her his family and was such a an adventurous wild amazing so touched lives wherever he went like I went to the playground one time with him and he was playing with all the kids and he was like the Pied Piper everybody like chasing him around and I went the next day and I ran into the one of the dads have been there the day before that he was like he is your brother going to come back like where's your brother and you know that it was just kind of like being
00:18:30innocent of a day in the life of being with him he really was such a huge figure and and we just miss him so so much and continue to be so proud of him and we have to honor his spirit always and forever and
00:18:50and we will
00:19:07we follow their story over the past 7 episodes in the past 15 years but it doesn't have to end there with your help this won't be the final episode of a murder on Orchard Street if you have any information or know anyone who might have any information about this case please call 800-5770 IPS thank you so much for listening a murder on Orchard Street is based on a video series I produced with Nightline the podcast is written and produced by me Jake lefferman and Susie view senior producer Jenna Millman music by David J Miller special thanks to the series editors Carl Dawson and Diana voza and to Josh Cohen at ABC radio executive producer Roxanna Sherwood you can find our other podcast at ABC radio.com
00:20:07podcast I'm Christina Kylie

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