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How To Make Money With Your Car Without Driving:

Owning a car is notoriously expensive, but did you know you can actually make money with your car? Turo (formerly RelayRides) bills themselves as the Airbnb for cars is a service that allows you to rent out your car for cash!

That’s right, when you’re not using your vehicle, you can rent it out to other Turo members. It’s estimated the average owner makes an additional $540 a month letting others use their car, but that depends on how often you make it available.

Alternatively, if you need a vehicle when you’re on vacation, Turo is a good and often cheaper alternative to your traditional car rental company. Read below for my Turo review.

Founded in 2009, Turo is a car rental marketplace where you can rent any car you want, wherever you want it, and when you want it. Owners of the cars can earn extra money when they’re not using their car which can then be used for anything they want. Let’s look at some of Turo’s main features.



  • Available in 3500+ Cities

  • Pick up at 300+ airports

  • More than 800 makes and models of cars available

  • $2 million insurance policy for users

Turo has seen rapid growth in the last few years. Originally it was available just in the U.S. but it’s now expanded to Canada, and the U.K. The appeal of the service should be obvious, rent out your car to make some extra money, or rent a car to save money.


Some people may find it weird to be renting cars directly from others, but we all had similar thoughts about Airbnb when it launched. The sharing economy applies to just about everything these days, so it’s only natural that a major service came to car rentals. Plus, as an owner, it’s a lot easier to make money this way than driving for Uber.

Using Turo?

It’s pretty straight forward. You put in your requirements and Toro will show you what’s available.

I did a quick search online for cars in Scottsdale and Orlando through various car rental agencies. I then ran the same search through Turo and confirmed that prices were anywhere from 25% – 50% cheaper even after taxes.

Of course the other advantage is that you can bypass the pickup counter at some airports. While I was searching vehicles in Orlando, Turo had 10 cars available right at the airport while many others could be delivered directly for free.



00:00:00welcome to the five mogul show rose Royce cast about money business entrepreneurship and hustling success use there's an locals in the go show if you're bored brawls %HESITATION wanted checking which are real quick like I do Johnson jams real quick man because the you know some people be
00:00:36out there struggling manages in the little bit of motivation and you know get a little ahead of the curve is you know just that that little jump manning things Disney little push so as one check in and and you know if you need a little motivation though you
00:00:49need a way to make a little extra bread it all come hit show some tips and tricks men and hopefully you notice it puts you in a little bit of a better position in life %HESITATION and of not that Elise motivate you to want to do something better
00:01:04to start moving forward so %HESITATION toward that direction to to be have a positive life anyway %HESITATION we're going to do is quickly dropped the gem on how to make some quick side Cashman what your car on I don't know why I had talked about this a long
00:01:22time ago because it's so simple should it is men dropped in on me but you know they they got this thing called this app called Touro you know TI you are a in which you could do is you can list your car on there for people to rent
00:01:39that **** out so that we don't have to go to enterprise and budget or hertz Sir whatever other rental car company that's gonna charge your arm and a leg in all do all this this and I got to go out of your way to find the place and
00:01:56some of his paperwork and whatever else they made a very simple these days and %HESITATION again you know you can do one of two things if you want to rent a car you can rent a car from from Toro %HESITATION but this isn't about running cars is about
00:02:10making money %HESITATION you make your money man in a suit this works extremely well if you have more than one car because then if someone's running your car you're never without a car basically service someone as more than one car I highly recommend %HESITATION listing your cars on
00:02:26Toro and say for example you're someone that has a you know a decent car a little here in LA where %HESITATION bins in a Mercedes is is very common it's like a Honda out here so you're someone if you're out here in LA and you you know you're
00:02:42driving one of these Hondas achei bins is our BMWs %HESITATION being funny about that but that's how it really is on this %HESITATION anyway if you have a decent car whatever you can easily make you know seventy five two hundred Bucks a day %HESITATION just from running out
00:03:00running out your car just went to the people will mention car I know because I do this %HESITATION and makes millions is another stream of income so don't sleep on it do not sleep on it at all vanishes more money in your pocket so why not a good
00:03:16thing about it is they had come to insurance and **** like that so you're worried about %HESITATION Wilson had visions of a crashed my car within the stomach or one of the street a car then whatever all they see this cover within the app I think the U.
00:03:29liberty mutual or whoever %HESITATION so again and this is this is covered if you or someone at home wait two three cars Satan in your driveway right now you grow your wife and years of I don't know your old grandma who never drive for her whatever car insistence
00:03:48in there for the last two years collecting dust let me tell you something and now in in your sin their house thinking how can you make some money that's exactly how you can make some quick money among so many other ways but **** man download the app take
00:04:01a couple pages of your car put it on there and people will start contacting you saying Hey I want your car for three days at a hundred Bucks today %HESITATION next week bone he just made three hundred books on a card I was going to collect dust anyway
00:04:20so they're gonna again Toro to you are all hope that helped five minimal we talk about business career finance money sports all kind of **** like that man %HESITATION if you like it subscribe rated leave five stars if you want to contact me get at me on IG
00:04:40at rose Royce adjusted me upset me a private message a direct message and the I do my best to get it back at everybody artist

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