In Act 3 of the three-part podcast musical starring Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton, a couple attempts to bring their marriage back from the brink of divorce using 36 revealing questions designed to make strangers fall in love.

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00:01:08questions enjoy the show teo for the record it's now one o'clock in the pm on july twenty ninth i have the experimental generation of interpersonal closeness a k a the thirty six questions in my hand right now as i walk alongside interstate whatever it is very crumpled at
00:02:03this point and smells kind of like a duck same one step gonna try and hales are high hey i think you're going to wait it's now been about i honestly don't know how many hours since my last recording and in the time since runaway husband jace connelly ran
00:02:32away again i realized something i'd be lying if i said i wasn't furious with jace for leaving me at a motel with nothing on my person but a box a curios but how that we've emptied out the minibar and purchased every movie they had on demand i realized
00:02:51hey thank you you know what I just miss my mistake i didn't it's not that far oh my god i think those guys were murderers anyway i realized the time for revenge is over the time to finish the question and at the very least let jace know who
00:03:11he's walking away from is now it might take every ounce of my being but i'm going to see this through slept i've cried uh eat more told lauren that i knew i could stomach and i'm going to give him one last chance hey do this it's judas were
00:03:35walking up to jason childhood home as luck would have it we can see the wild runaway husband now this seems like the perfect time to calmly approached him and asked him the next question hi j oh my god what are you what did you walk here That's not
00:04:05the question the question is questioned twenty what does friendship mean to you You worked poignant The police is like ten miles from your hip hop party it's not what i asked you if you right now i don't care what you asked me and not answering it's all right
00:04:18it's actually not for you It's an even numbered question which means you're supposed to ask me i am not doing that i'm not doing it Okay then i asked myself and you can hear the answer but i am not doing this judith I feel like i made that
00:04:31clear We are done date over marriage over all rights just leave me alone a lot of things to do don't think you could take five minutes to do the right thing Do the right thing Okay well listen all right I'm gonna get in my car right now Me
00:04:44and henry and i'm going to the airport and i'm coming back here with my mom's All right take that in They just flew in this morning because you told them everything Yes of course i told them everything okay there my mom okay okay you know i'm not leaving
00:04:57until we get through the final sixteen days so i will explain that to your mom's amongst other things amongst other things you're going to explain that to my moms i really don't think that conversation is going to go the way you think it will do to trust me
00:05:11all right okay you know what you don't i'll just answer question twenty what does friendship mean to you It means dependability callback to question sixteen also about french you can't guilt me into the questions judith it's your turn to answer i have to get henry henry okay if
00:05:30you aren't gonna answer then i'm perfectly happy continuing them by myself on your porch until you can't say it down i'll take grace just talked yourself on my port that sounds really great Great question twenty one what roles do you love and affection playing in your life you're
00:05:48currently let's see my answer loving affection used to be quite prominent in my life memory guess that's over okay uh question twenty two alternate sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of you partner up a share a total of five items well that's easy memory i think you're
00:06:12very attractive ignore this braving lady on the horse i think i think you are very kind usually i think he will make a good parents someday really really good parents i think you have i think you have strong convictions i think you are literally running out the door
00:06:35ok come on jase don't look at her the director is carrying henry very swiftly towards the truck as if he was running from the space oh my god i'm not running from you i'm officially late now okay my parent you are the worst liar in the world Okay
00:06:48well you know what you're the one that's making me do this judith you are making me feel like a crazy person so i'm just gonna get in the truck now alright reaches for the record i'm not standing in his way I don't understand what point this became about
00:07:00me all right uh when the real nous of our situation got to be a little too much for you and instead of dealing with it you put on what i like to call your earmuffs of indignation my well you know what Take a lot of what i'm saying
00:07:13i listen to you all night all right Judith it's over e t case and now it's just me again i am not giving up i i am not giving question twenty three how close and warm is your family do you feel your childhood was happier than most people
00:07:56You just sit on the step for his catch my breath question twenty four how do you feel about your relationship with your mother this's rough this's this's really rough right now my relationship with my mother is non existent okay question twenty five make three true we statements each
00:08:24for instance we are both in this room feeling not that well i am on this porch feeling exhausted i want this porch secretly thinking jace is going to turn around pick me up and say screw all my mom's drive off with me somewhere i am on this porch
00:08:59trying to think of what's next quick in twenty six complete the sentence i wish i had someone with whom i could share my actual feelings my actual deep dark self hating both have feelings the stuff that natalie didn't have but judith definitely does question twenty seven if you
00:09:28were going to become a close friend with your partner please share what would be important for him or her to know okay sometimes i make a joke because the truth is literally too scary to think about close to twenty eight tell your partner what you like about them
00:09:45be very honest this time saying things that you might not say to someone you just met i like you care like i know you said you wish you didn't but i think that's your real soon for power twenty nine share with your partner and embarrassing moment in your
00:10:10life um well let's think there was this one time i drove out to my ex husband's house with an experiment and thought that it would magically solve our problems question thirty when did you last cry in front of another person by yourself i cried in front of you
00:10:34when we watched the iron giant on my birthday by myself right now question thirty one tell your partner something that you like about them already your smile off the bat i was hooked superficial but uh i'm sorry there was a noise in the woods and i thought maybe
00:11:03it was jace because yes i honestly think he might come back you need to do something besides this uh no no i need to do this okay okay i'm answering them question thirty two what if anything is too serious to be joked about nothing everything is a joke
00:11:30everything everything deserves to be laughed at especially me question thirty three if you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone what would you most regret not having told someone why haven't you told them yet record record i'd want to tell you but the
00:11:58way i love you a break it's me and you might think that i've done something so terribly wrong or that i i am wrong but i don't get how i could be so wrong if what i did let me have you so maybe that's yeah yeah answered right
00:12:24answer that question thirty four your house containing everything you own catches fire um after saving your loved ones and pets you have time to safely make a final dash to save anyone item what would it be i would save the journal i have hidden in the garage i've
00:12:46had it since i was twelve question thirty five of all the people in your family who's jeff would you find most disturbing why i don't know my dad question three six share personal problem no and ask your partner's advice on how he or she might handle it also
00:13:19ask your partner to reflect back to you how you seem to be feeling about the problem you've chosen how do i let you go how's that for problem how do i let you go no one wants to let go you gotta fight against your every instinct that's hard
00:14:00to do no one wants to quit no one wants to admit to themselves what's actually true who hold you can be the one to pay the first booth push through with tio can be though sam dunn and walk away it's gonna hurt but it's what i have to
00:14:48do hi e no way from e o i served teo build a bear version on my home some better already orly stupid lighter just by deciding that there's room in my head now that getting you back isn't taking up ever it's strange to imagine my every waking next
00:16:00to your face it's strange that i don't have a rule what'll happen when you need to know for sure it's what i have to do i'm leaving now i'm putting one foot in front of the service to let you go teo version way i'm just pacing so i'm
00:16:51i'm gonna leave record in your mailbox okay maybe your mom's will find it maybe i don't care what the point is i don't need it anymore but i think you might and if you're listening i love you i think i always will yeah hi hello this is jase
00:18:09conley and i'd like to go on the record to say that i know what you're trying to do leaving your phone here and all that but it's not going to work i am throwing it away in the garbage so thiss chase again going on the record to say
00:18:29that i have not throwing the phone in the garbage but i do look forward to mailing it to you so that you can have it i know how important it was for you too you know report everything we said all night so yeah i'm just gonna i'm gonna
00:18:41mail it to you tomorrow morning you're welcome goodbye this's no no no i'm not doing this this's jace connelly and the honest reason i'm going on the record right now is because i really want to talk to judith but i can't as you can talk to my mom's
00:19:14about judith threw obvious reasons i don't know who to talk to that could possibly understand so i guess and four a m this will have to do look who loves the record now huh what's wrong with me it's now officially just an insane person talking to himself okay
00:19:37theo and goodbye hello there this's jace thie dates is twenty ten uh june sixteenth twenty ten it's the afternoon almost one year since you since judith showed up on my doorstep i'm not really serums just address this thing but i guess the point is that i wanted to
00:20:07put on the record that i was thinking of you of us of our oh god why is this so hard um e i guess what i wanted to say was i ok so i watched this documentary last night about animals who fall in love outside their species okay
00:20:30and there was a goat and a horse and the horse was blind so every day the goat had to guide him to the watering hole and after they both drank guide him back it's really sad because they go it eventually died in the horse didn't know how to
00:20:46get to the well so i could turn it off but i guess that's not the point i just i guess what i'm trying to say is that i met someone every met someone lisa coleman i think you will probably remember her at least a woman she's kind she's
00:21:02really i don't know just not on my level of that makes sense and er it's going great and i am help me recording right now his hold myself accountable for the feelings i still feel i thought it was over i thought i was moving forward i guess that's
00:21:34why i have this to show me what's really perils of keeping your ex wife's phone in your possession you're only really saying you've put the past to rest it is all too easy to feed your old obsession you wanna prove you moved on let's put it to the
00:21:58test so i turned on my speakers plugged him in to the jack but i wasn't pretty prepare for how i would feel listen back it was a painful little this ah listen my first and last listen and her minutes of unfiltered honesty i realized i still s so
00:22:42now we wait s so it's january twenty fifteen four years since i've touched in this holy relic sitting in my downstairs office doing this because last week lisa was online reading this article about this thing called thirty six questions you can believe that oh uh i guess context
00:23:24i'm with lisa still way have a son his name is cooper and he didn't care if you're not gonna listen to this what we're doing anyway uh lisa read the article and a few nights later after putting the kids to bed she sprung the questions on me which
00:23:46i guess i should have anticipated because we're basically the same person and she knew about you obviously but i hadn't told her the whole story a dizzy so i did on dh a look came over her face when i told her that i'd run away from you three
00:24:05times in a row i mean she got it obviously thinks she's got it but um at the end of it she asked me in the most generous lisa non confrontational tone do you wish you hadn't i said that's not the question lisa but yes of course i'm glad
00:24:29i ran away because if i hadn't i never would have escaped it and i never would have met you and we never would have cooper and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah off that butt never tonight her three distant for you soon's ah ah trio of myself
00:24:58saying good bye turned over in bed torn apart by past choices time to check the record the record wouldn't lie so i saw out of bed made myself a snow snap and i put on my head phone it had another listen by it was a painful little this
00:25:26i had a little that was my last listen and i heard a fight but i waas a coward and i ran away again that wasn't right and i can't afford to be a coward any more okay back in the box with you welcome to twenty seventeen generation one
00:26:11iphone you've been on a wild journey frankly i'm surprised you still work and maybe a little disappointed it make things much easier if you just die you aren't dead and while you're still ticking you'll be the place i go to when i really want to talk to your
00:26:29former owner which you can't actually do what i want or not Okay so lisa and i are no longer living together that kind of blew up i think maybe the problem was for two similar way fight in the same way so just fighting in circles and then i
00:26:50think it's resolved got resolved anyway have cooper on week days and he's good he's five and uh because he's dealing with displayed as best he can he asked a lot of questions and i find myself either not knowing the answer to them or just making answers up so
00:27:11that i don't feel like a total idiot Thea other day he asked if i still loved his mom i said yeah of course i do i always will he also asked where air comes from that one was harder to fuel face the police when he has these questions
00:27:29these impossible questions a little part of my brain shoots right to you everything that's pathetic that i'm hung up on you so much after all this time but it's like you said brain damage point is i lie every day now every day i make up stuff to make
00:27:51things move and that's fine that's being an adult another part of the dalton is admitting when you're wrong doing the hard thing you need to do for yourself for eight years i tried to tell myself stay strong a cz the guilt of what i've done destroyed my mental
00:28:20health way all know what i'm holding in what i just completed the hearing my own voice has never felt this strange you were right to leave the record you were right to give me distance something deep inside of me is ready now to change this time when i
00:28:45listened i only made it through half because with sixteen answers amount missing i can't just listen that it's not enough to do this i can't just listen back teo wait i'll be right back okay This's james connolly and i'm going on the record because it's go time i
00:29:45wrote down my answers twenty three thirty six as honest as i could possibly be i have this document on my desktop title jace is answers dot pdf my intention despite how utterly terrifying it sounds is to get this document to you judith so i'm sending you an email
00:30:02your e mail address i hope i think is jadot ford at ford solutions dot net forget how many google searches it took to get that little nugget but if i email this address i'm pretty sure you'll see it and i hope okay okay Okay so here goes i'm
00:30:20doing this okay I'm doing this Okay Um judas i owe you some answers sixteen to be exact i took a moment to write these answers you'll find them all attached okay Attaching thinking on it and attaching i don't expect a response from you in fact it's probably best
00:31:07you don't know i'm not looking for forgiveness i'm only giving you what you are indeed a testament it's homeric attachment all that's left now you still get send and the weight of the choice will be gone thing i needed to say left unsaid those sixteen questions did their
00:31:41job and now this kid and with petey and full of feelings and deepest regrets i just have to give sen oh god Is it weird that i am writing my ex wife out of the blue father Any answer She could misconstrue off course she could and of course
00:32:01she will scrutinize my answers Think up full of shits wonder why it took me years to get this over with that's fine cool cares it sent scented you even with my answers attached on now i've sent my final message wait and now i've had the final word this'll
00:32:36love affair ends with a three page pdf twenty seventeen how absurd but i can finally move on now weigh no more living in the past with reporting on my answers asia and every single one of them i left way back way back and they just keep repeating it
00:33:24that it's not gonna happen way not the inbox have already sent it i've already sent it Okay thanks feels great This feels really great sent it back to the way they were looking back my answers are attached great way Okay it's over my god it's really over okay
00:34:09don't e never figure it out my name is james connolly and i am going on the record now because i just got an email from you judith from you my hands are shaking and my hands okay cooper do not put sticks in there because you could hurt his
00:34:35here Sorry about that Okay Okay so i'm sitting in my desk message says it's from j judith okay responding to my e mail from two days ago and it says right here we go hello jase it's judith thank you for attaching your answers to questions twenty three thirty
00:35:02six i reviewed them and i'm looking forward to hearing them in person Okay Oh my god Okay Still reading way are supposed to stare into each other's eyes for four minutes at the end a late addition to the questions that i think is particularly cute i don't live
00:35:26in austin anymore but frequently travelled through for business I can make myself free for an hour So thiss thursday afternoon oh my god Before i head to the airport house five for you there's an applebee's nearby I know how much you love applebee's smiley face emoji winky face
00:35:42emoji your ex wife judith open quote nathalie close quote ford Oh my god Okay five o'clock thursday Okay okay I'll need to get uh suitor for cooper I should probably go too And pick up my dry cleaning Hi there chris nolan here to let you know that this
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00:37:52thirty dollars off your first week thanks for listening ice cream cooper yeah i told you that what are you playing with don't take stuff out of his backpack and festive i know only daddy does that put it back in the park with way very busy today thank you
00:38:33Thank you wake up and echo is the sound you make reflecting off something and coming back here it's kind of weird you all thinking and yes technically except for a duck's quack i don't know that's actually not true so class me uh yeah going for a person we're
00:39:10meeting here you you're obsessed with orange juice e no yeah sure we'll see if they have fresh squeezed that way where you politely shake my hand uh scooper did you get my memo is trying to get a sitter but it fell through its fine sure It's nice to
00:39:47meet you Cooper cooper this is natalie Natalie can you say hi to natalie i mean weirdly shine with you he's very cute Thank you Cooper did you want to give natalie the thing where you say this is my phone you giving me back my phone This thing is
00:40:08a relic did you know it was on what Oh no god cooper must have turned it on i'm so sorry i wasn't trying to record you or anything though i guess in a weird way that kind of makes sense huh sure we'll leave it on for old time's
00:40:25sake okay so how are you busy what do you what do you do know i'm a travel agent but for trips outer space really no look i don't want to be rudy mcgruder seen here but we're not really here to talk about me we're here to finish what
00:40:49we started okay yes let's uh let's do that then i went ahead and printed out your answers here so you can just read them to me for the record i'm handing jason print out of the answers he e mailed me five days ago thie way to still be
00:41:07here in a second cooper if your answers have changed in the past five days uh feel free to go off book uh okay um okay uh question twenty what does friendship mean to you Friendship means someone understands that you are a flawed person and they love you anyway
00:41:29What's the paper quite cover question twenty one what roles to love and affection play in your life they're everything to me sometimes to a fault what's the paper question twenty two alternate sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of your partner share a total of five items okay
00:41:50i'm gonna go uh well you're here you you look great you're forgiving even when you shouldn't be your interesting complicated paper daddy it's an exercise cooper kind of like a game of a grown up game coop okay just let daddy really question twenty three how close and warm
00:42:17is your family do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people's my family is everything i think i can safely say my childhood was happier than most people i know and i'm very grateful for that question twenty four how do you feel about your relationship with
00:42:32your mother My relationship is good complicated i feel like i understand them more now that i'm a parent and also somehow less question twenty five make three true we statements each for instance we're both in this room feeling dot dot dot okay point using printed answers for this
00:42:53one way we're both in this room feeling i don't know i can't really read you give the old college try okay well um i'm guessing we're both feeling a little anxious and maybe a little sad maybe a little glad something like that doesn't work and it was a
00:43:23true sure okay question twenty six complete this sentence i wish i had someone with whom i could share docked at that place uh question twenty seven if you're going to become a close friend with your partner please share what it would be important for him or her to
00:43:43know ok ok this is a big one and i meant what i wrote here sometimes i get so hell bent on making my point heard that i don't listen to what people have to say and i need to be called out on that should be called out of
00:44:02cooper for me would you like my coconut water cooper it's a little warm but it's very yummy what do you say cooper Thank you almost there right Yes Yes Cooper had the phone Yes cooper it's right there Uh question twenty eight tell your partner what you like about
00:44:28them be very honest this time saying things that you might not say to someone you've just met i like that you don't think the world so seriously that it doesn't seem to weigh you down the way it weighs on me at least that's how it used to be
00:44:44question twenty nine share with your partner and embarrassing moments in your life time i tripped on a line drawn on the soccer field when i was eight which you know about um question thirty when did you last cry in front of another person by yourself I cried when
00:45:00coop and i watched the sound of music remember that coop remember the sound of music was the part when the captain finally sings to his kids and uh by myself i cried okay i cried this morning over a bowl of cheerios just your usual cheerios cry uh okay
00:45:19question thirty one tell your partner is something that you like about them already i've always loved your laugh i meant to write this too i sometimes here your laugh in my own life i don't know if that makes any sense um question thirty two what if anything is
00:45:36too serious to be joked about right this is kind of a long list and it might terrify my kid just do the first one people people d why high and g another spells that i feel like i just made a kind of a joke about anyway uh question
00:45:59thirty three if you were to death you would be e this evening was no opportunity to communicate with anyone what would you most regret not having told someone why haven't you told them yet Okay i would want to tell you i was sorry i'm sorry for not doing
00:46:23this when i should have i sometimes think about what would happened if i hadn't showed it down where we'd be instead of here do you ever think about that it's not the question just wait question thirty four your house containing everything you own catches fire after saving your
00:46:57loved ones and pets you have time to safely make a final dash to save one item what would it be Why um i would save the parody i wrote about my family when i was twelve fussed budgets you know that um question thirty five of all the people
00:47:19in your family who's death okay i'm not gonna spell it out who's yes Would you find most disturbing why uh present company for obvious reasons okay and the last one question thirty six sierra personal problem and ask your partner's advice on how he or she might handle it
00:47:45also ask your partner to reflect back to you how you seem to be feeling about the problem you have chosen how do i let you go higher that sounds very familiar what's your toys i think you just live i think you could get all wrapped up in what
00:48:31could have been and what could be happening and what still could be but all those air based on assumptions and expectations truth is you have no idea what the future holds you don't know what you don't know so stop fretting about it i think now you're supposed to
00:49:08reflect back how i feel about it i think you feel ready for what's staring part wait you want to do the staring part off course i want to do this daring part do you know from pretty much eons since we've had a long hard look into each other's
00:49:37eyes this is a precious commodity now kid is sitting right here we're gonna do this tear apart um okay uh sure i guess how long is it four minutes four minutes um yeah okay i can do it on my phone i guess now i got it on my
00:49:59watch ready it's at a blinking contest we're in a complete yeah yeah i guess um yeah i'm ready go Yes cooper i'm going to play the game it's a grown up game cooper it's useless to explain i contact him jace his generation will have no need for it
00:50:31that is really unfunny play look at me i can't coop not right now that's the point i have to look at judith natalie natalie i have to look at natalie well you're looking at here for were doing the last part of an experiment it's i have to look
00:50:51her in the eyes for four minutes and she has to do the same it's a thing that grownups do sometimes why Um we thought you'd sneak one past him why why why Well because coop when you look in someone's eyes you can see what they're thinking you can
00:51:11see what you're thinking well well you can see if they're telling the truth you wish you'd see that in their eyes sometimes you need killed it's just something we're doing like you were telling julie wow he really is your kid Yes most of the time i tell the
00:51:36truth almost all the time waiting kill juice uh welcome Um well tio truth is truth is hard to explain because the truth isthe the truth can shift and change theo truth is the truth is all about you in your honest point of you and what true for you
00:52:43it doesn't have to be true forever and sometimes the truth isn't always for the way aspired to or maybe that's something you say until it gets in the way and you're just putting words on a feeling we're not talking about cold hard facts like science the alphabet or
00:53:32math but the truth you you used to keep track of who you are and why you wait a dozen eggs back in a way sometimes to size can wait The truth is you you never really know for sure is that you only think you know what's true doesn't
00:54:31have tio cash sometimes wait for better day something Wayne teo wait until it gets in the until it gets in the way Wait is that way Wait can't change The truth is that includes thirty six questions Thanks again for listening to the show if you enjoyed the music
00:56:51you heard it's available everywhere My view on itunes we're back upstate at thirty six Questions stop and camp dot com you can also stream on spotify apple music and wherever else you listen to music And now for some credit questions start Jonathan graph and jesse shelton is jason
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