What will Michelle’s guests do for the D? Find out in this very special episode with Ben Sinclair (HBO’s High Maintenance) and Danielle Brooks (Netflix’s Orange is the New Black). Plus, Rob reminisces about a roommate named John. 

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00:00:41programs that audible dot com slash whenever or text Whenever two five hundred five hundred to get started No Listener supported w n y studios Hey everyone this is michelle vito special guest on tudo queens and host of late night Whenever if you have a herman new podcast forget
00:01:14audits it's like a late night talk show but a podcast And you could listen to it Whatever Get it and i get to hang out with my really good friend My musical director My black doctor phil Rob louis Hi rob does me Yeah yeah So much fun This
00:01:31is hilarious Great And the guests and you and it's Just magic black girl by magic Sorry i just got a lady boner Anyhoo here's an episode for you tudo queens fans This one features me Of course My best friend rob louis Those the first time i ever culture
00:01:54my best friend I called you my bestie all the time Wait get one of those chains that like are like two hearts but like break you know like goto Ok cool You know anyways it's us and our foolishness also ben sinclair and daniel brooks How amazing So much
00:02:10wisdom so much with so much cool god they're so delightful I'm just saying give it a world and none of people use the word world now enjoy the motherfucking show and now the host of late night Whenever we give it up for me no Get i would never
00:03:13have your house Michelle May my musical sidekick might my black doctor phil rob louis everybody no cardio israel i am out of breath and i walked up to steps Stop it i can't I need a gatorade already You guys look cute as fuck I'm just saying so when
00:03:38i was getting ready for the show i was doing laundry which is always like a moment for me and i'm married and so i always like split my laundry between me husband and house and i was like oh my god i had this roommate for the rest of
00:03:53my life and i was like thinking about like the best divorce room i ever had Also i like to say is dick is my new roommate because up close and personal out I look at it a lot If you're in a relationship you look at the person's crotch
00:04:07more than their doctor It's insane Don't get soft on me bitches We're only getting started well here's A tip if you have to be in someone's crotch put on sunglasses is the whole new wild ride You're welcome So i went to college in miami I'm originally from jersey
00:04:28went to college in miami and i'm like i always want to live in new york city because my mom never wanted take me in new york city and i'm like i'm going to go to new york city and be puerto rican Because i'm not puerto rican but everyone
00:04:43thinks i am puerto ricans in new york city and they were like mommy mommy i'm like i ain't got kids but i like this shit like always want to live in new york city finally gone apartment and i was like i can't afford this shit And so i
00:04:58had to find a roommate and i meant this girl just like hanging out the bars and she was gorgeous She was like one of those people that everyone's always nice too and i'm like oh she should be my roommate because it'll be easier life So we live together
00:05:17And she was my first roommate in my last roommate because she was batshit crazy And she also was obsessed with olive oil So she always had on her hair and skin And all our door knobs were like slippery as fuck rob It was like the whole house smelled
00:05:40like olive garden The hand She had this all white cat named cocaine You can't make this shit up and this cat looked like the devil This cat had like one blue eye one red eye and i was like cat supposed to look like that and this cat was
00:06:05so fucking rude like my door would be closed This cat would figure out how to open the fucking door Then i would just be sleeping and wake up and the cat would be on my head I was like this cat doesn't know black girl hair rules You can't
00:06:22be touching my hair bitch but this is like in my early twenties i'm just like new york is so expensive i have to be with somebody I have to live with somebody and i just realized it was like so many do's and don'ts When you live with someone
00:06:34for instance she was quiet and i realize when you live with a quiet person they get comfortable and they don't shut the fuck up If you laugh when you're probably the quiet person because you got a edit girl you need to fuck her wrap it up and when
00:06:58the walls are so thin it's like you want talk shit about somebody so bad but you can't it's since oh my ass is clenched right now just thinking about that shit Those thai was those fucking times and i was like you know what I'm never gonna have a
00:07:14roommate again I'm good like i just work twice as hard to pay for my own ship I got a studio and i would sit in the room and look at the whole room The kitchen the bathroom the bedroom everything on one fucker room I was like all mine
00:07:26bitch here You ever had a roommate college Okay Yeah my first When i got to college i was seventeen from chicago from south side of chicago Yeah That's What You from chicago You just like the shy cool northside right O okay Tells you twenty eight Oh she too
00:07:52young I mean not today just to know each other What if that's the right age to state That is right She going to h and r block by herself yes Yeah So you went to college Young Yeah yeah yeah what Berklee college of music in boston And yeah
00:08:23i don't have a roommate from hell story I've got a story that's amazing my dude john yes and this guy he was just you know and i'm i'm real comfortable in my man knew it but i couldn't really say that like this was a beautiful dude like he
00:08:40was He had baby blue eyes and long hair like all the girls would be like your hose Your roommate rob and it's due was cool He was really cool and when i remember the most is that he would get these care packages from his parents He was from
00:08:53virginia and i wasn't getting care pack My tuition was a care package so what i was and that was it huh Love me some federal funding your patio I got you i got us He gets these care packages from mom and dad They'd have these letters in there
00:09:17and canned goods and chips ahoy into beetles and all this shit and he'd be like and he looked over at me like yeah you know rob whatever's in this care package is yours too Yeah yeah and you know and i remember that and i've never really took advantage
00:09:33of that until he was gone One time i took some chips a void Did you talk That's Not had no milk Not much milk cost in college Not now yeah for my first year in college here john So i don't know where he is but i wish him
00:09:56well because i remember that story Oh my god that is so beautiful My right nipple got hard Listen Before we get on with the show on the count of three can we all say Thank you john on the kids Now i know who got high before coming to
00:10:14late night Whatever That's for sure wine Two Three uh yeah let's Get the horses Yeah Uh my first guess What can i say Oh he's So good he's bad he's a writer and actor and the co creator of the amazing siri's on hbo high maintenance Please give it
00:10:48up for best in class How you doing bo ah wow you know yes we were talking about some trippy shit backstage just about one per second yes i do how awesome music is and how it cuts straight to your soul whereas other art forms kind of engage your
00:11:33brain music just gets to who you are like right there i don't know it was nice time are we talking about a particular artist no no we're talking about the the idea of music as a whole yeah i love them i mean of course it's true it is
00:11:50yeah absolutely you genius we were also just got it we're discussing how i assigned like mystical properties to people who really get music on a fundamental level that's what's up yeah is that you you missed it technic matic enigmatic sure wait a minute come from jersey these words
00:12:13are big she is really trippy real fast with me i guess that's what we're learning no i love it every time i see you i feel like i'm in a very calm yoga retreat yeah well you have that fine yeah i didn't know you're from arizona i am
00:12:29what were you like grown up the youngest of four i really wanted to get attention because everyone's tired you know it was like the end of the things like the party the party and then they're like ah so i learned how to kind of make my own party
00:12:49growing up what i was a little provocative i would call myself I like to get reactions out of people because it was like they were paying attention that meant they were paying attention Wow that is what we do No i love it We're streaking where you like What
00:13:08were you doing Oh yeah i like i used to get naked I usedto like getting a kid like early and feeling like your flock like ten years old Yeah it's a different time for its interesting Yeah i used to be a like i made a party on a
00:13:25friday night I meet a party on a friday night The person whose party was the party be going out of control Their parents will be so mad at them And i want to clear this place out and i get i get completely naked And then i had a
00:13:39couple of friends who were getting naked and we would jump into the pool because i lived in arizona there was pool everywhere Didn't mean you are upper class but also did uh e jump into the pool and we play this game called junk where you had to put
00:13:56your penis on the other person in the pool for five seconds Esso's people grasping and writhing in the water you just need a fuck Yeah yeah that's the way we're guys and girls involved you know junk became somewhat popular in the american sandwich in a plastic bag to
00:14:22the movie theater girl what you got in there So your wife flowers is it your birthday Flowers Happy birthday Now shut the fuck up I love you and thank you so much for diverting attention away from that topic i didn't mean should start talking I think that's a
00:14:49burden now is pretty cool Thank you You're a miracle Do you remember Do you remember the first thing you ever created that you were proud of My goodness that's A nice question I used to write little tiny short stories in funny fonts on dh They used to be
00:15:09like two pages single spaced on a word processor I remember there was literally a story of like these creatures that shat grandfather clocks onto cities just flying over the city's just shitting grandfather clocks to the waste of time I should just call this pull my finger instead of
00:15:38late night whenever honestly loki I didn't get that job for like six seconds Hey Jeez Yeah Well maybe jump up it down now madam president He said you have siblings your sister's running for congress true in arizona she's running for the arizona sex six congressional district she's actually
00:16:13incredible she's gone like a phd and she's really into health care And she loves me your family's faster Yeah they're fun People were all like intense overachievers I don't know that we would ever like be friends in the normal world That's family isn't were an interesting family were
00:16:37also pretty jui with my mother became a cancer when i was twelve So wade would goto finite services and i am going to posit that the jewish summer camps are i think they turned their heads the other way When it comes to sexuality because they want everyone to
00:16:59be like jews sex you do the math i think that they want i'm trying to do the math but i'm bad at math Did you lose your virginity at jewish summer camp Yeah And guess what i got married at the summer camp where i lost my virginity also
00:17:19that is like that and that was not even planned mary i was just like i was just like we can get married at this place and we could do it for free and is beautiful so let's do it and then i'm like oh and i lost my virginity
00:17:33that is a very full circle moment yeah quite nice i thought yeah i want to get i want to get into high maintenance but you know i don't know because i really love you and i really love you guys and i don't know exactly how to talk about
00:17:49it oh yeah so i've talked about getting divorced to my co creator a lot i feel like so much has been said about it and i'm so happy with what has been said because it feels nice and warm but i wrote a haiku about it just to set
00:18:05it straight wait can i set it up for a second yeah so obviously you guys are fans of high maintenance on each bego which he co created with his then wife at the time and then before season two or something like that they got divorced and i've seen
00:18:23a lot of your interviews and you know i it must be so hard to talk about it over and over again it seems like you're picking the scab i don't know or if maybe it's A healing process So anyways i'm setting up for you and you wrote a
00:18:34haiku about it Yeah she likes women Oops But we made this thing Oh my god that's So fucking cool Don't go yeah and that's pretty much all there is to say that yeah can you talk about the show like there's So many storyline so many people I love
00:19:02that you guys really kind of showcase the nitty gritty of brooklyn You're not even from brooklyn how you don't happen You know what i mean if you ever have an outsider describe your neighborhood you like shut the fuck of but i feel like you get it what is
00:19:22it true that you send your writers out to go people watch yeah well we've been kind of doing a little bit of ah we have these buckets that were setting up and it's just like places characteristics anecdotes like moments like i'm really trying to zoom in on a
00:19:39moment and physical action accompanying the moment that i can where we can put on camera that looks cool yeah you know what i mean and also we're tryingto right starting with the song like be like oh man this song gets what feeling i want to get across way
00:19:57just like get the rights that song and write an episode to it okay the first episode how did you pick music to that threesome dude so with so every moment every moment we dialed every moment we just go through this crazy search of of music of music that
00:20:15we can afford and what we'll have access to our fans of the show cooperate with us all this all these variables but it really just has to be the best song with that threesome i just put on and i love shawn nicholas savage i think he's so wonderful
00:20:28his voice is just so angelic and he's kind of cheesy and i look i mean i like him so much she's great on we put that song and i'm like oh man it seems like these people are best friends like i wantto i want to fuck these people
00:20:41claire I didn't think i would want to when they started But look how much fun they're having I was right there with you it's like sure another okay hold hold hold the fucking front door You're going to do a dance movie about the philippines prison flash mob Ah
00:21:01yeah How did you find them Are you gonna be like the johnny cash of manila Well I can't i can't you can't speak too much about it I got because we just announced it But i'm working with this writer abdullah saeed who was a high maintenance He played
00:21:27ah client uber driver And then yeah he and were rating this prison break slash dance movie it's amazing I was talking you on instagram and i saw that you went to hanoi and you bought a blow piano So i've played a lot there It was like my passport
00:21:51to friendship just walking around the fucking streets like a goddamn pied piper What he wants just instagramming crazily everybody like came across with no regard to whether they wanted to be photographed or not Well i played them and serenaded them so nobody was annoyed Do it Thank you
00:22:17If that sucks e i e i would say i would said something that's not expensive Yeah i'll play some makeup So this this song is kind of like if i were to make an american tail the movie in american tail Yeah some sort of ellis island journeys some
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00:25:51into your mic but there you go Don't lose that it's expensive she's a tony nominated singer and actress She stars and owned orange is the new black ways Welcome daddy So much for my free got us The eyes so you may want something boots a popping Okay if
00:26:42you are listening to a podcast her boots are like the patent leather black and white cookie like you've got this thing a level you're so fat you one of the busiest women i know girl so busy But this is what i love about you two You always find
00:26:57time to be social like you put on events together for like women to come together and like new year's and stuff like michelle came to my house or yeah you can have or the lady got to junk so i had to leave But we like to do this
00:27:10home makeup thing where it's like the hardest came over But it was like bring your own makeup bag and i'll teach you how to use your wet and wild shit Like i'll teach you how to beat your face with that dollar makeup the best you know like she
00:27:26left like purple green orange hard time making a decision So one guy was like jam Truly outrageous Yeah right And no one else is the same Jim is my name Forget it And then the other i was like business casual bank teller better at math Look it was
00:27:49incredible I've never seen anything like i talked about that for a very long Did you Yes that's no night because all your friends are like so cool and creative and they just like a walking afropunk episode So i was like i'm not worthy and plus like at the
00:28:02end everybody started singing in harmonizing and it was like an vogue and i started singing I was like i gotta go like i am not worthy no one's turning the chair around for this on the boys we're trying to check around for your makeup Yes we deal well
00:28:20that's so sweet Good yeah so tell me where your front I like all the pillows over here Lay it looks Oh so tell me where you're from i'll even know honey i'm from greenville south cack a lackey way yeah from greenville south carolina andi i moved here when
00:28:48i was seventeen for school what okay what what did your parents say they was scourged okay my mom well like they were scared but they also were like just go out and live your dream do you think right and i was like i'm growing on the job and
00:29:05like i remember my first thanksgiving i decided to stay in new york and i went to the central park because it was the only place that reminded me of home just like the trees and the ground just searching for green yo i sat under a tree and i
00:29:20just cried i cry with the journal colonel oh yeah no of course i called them knows i'm good on the job it is an experience right i mean because you know the net is always there for you to go home but it's so scary to even step out
00:29:40and you can't see it so you don't know i know but i think it's amazing that you guys both trust your talent to just keep going i had to say i felt like there was no other option like right you just got to do this anyway juilliard i
00:29:52went to the j r mother went to juilliard to you forever right Yeah Oh yeah i wrote a haiku about her today Way have to hear it But mom hearing and it connects to the tv Now we never talk So many original hits tonight they just keep coming
00:30:28I mean when you're seventeen coming to new york city did you walked through times square and you're like my face needs to be up there Oh girl i was walking to times square trying to find a man that's really what my mom was because i had just gotten
00:30:41out of south carolina and weigh nearly strict because they are in the church Yeah my mother's administer my father's a di kane yeah kids to clear these Look excuse me my uncles the archbishop but you make a oh that's why we're all here Those morals have luscious hair
00:31:05all of it on My mom used to strike in my hair and cover my freckles will be late Don't talk so loud What It's Interesting because they really do think it shapes you and i love him like literally shapes you but nobody obviously my parents are good people
00:31:27right there very religious It was a lot of like don't show your breasts don't cover your knees don't show your shoulder surely brisk like where the neck Okay that up Sonny and grant knows you that's my mom being like dramatic yeah my mom was doing all that she
00:31:49was she was like make sure that your pants over your stomach you need tight song you need to do this she always yeah medicated yeah so like what was the journey to becoming u hauling it up in times square way you got a sit and spin on something
00:32:07you know figure out what my fans what was it how did you come to because i feel like not on li are you a role model for for ethnic women everywhere that want to act it's like also the body positivity stuff it's amazing thanks yeah it's a maybe
00:32:25on for me it was a long road of no you're not going to shame because that's your shit you know what i mean Yeah i mean i still do it like yesterday so parson okay let's get into it but yes really so much for ransom this is so
00:32:39deep i'm not going to try to go that deep but my friends tell me about like doing this like ninety day journal anything and it's like like forgiving yourself for forgiving other people in boa So i was like you know what today which was yesterday so say i'm
00:32:55going to write down everything i like about my body Yes and everything that i think i don't like i'm going to find a way to like it because every day is really like when men and i'm good and the next moment oh my god and you have to
00:33:09go to costly check yourself like am i feeling this way Because society things they shouldn't or because i want to be a better version of myself you know that is like that Trust me like i used to run half marathons not full ones I'm not that african but
00:33:22i would run half marathons with these titties That's a big deal to busiest any yes thank you so much jell o but you know i'm like and i remember losing so much weight for my wedding Forty pounds I was like eating all fish and greens not drinking exercising
00:33:40twice a day to look good in a white dress because everybody else want me to look in this way And then when the wedding day came my dress was too big and kept sliding off of me I had a potato with some tequila and blacked out So i
00:33:57only remember my fucking wedding So my thing is eat and have fine Yeah Bridge so tell me about your fashion line so love your body I love this fashion line I'm working I worked with a company called universal standard I worked with them to design three looks one
00:34:27of which i'm wearing Right now i'm showing a house yeah Thank you This is jumpsuits not read today and this has two colors So this is the slate and then we have a black which i'm definitely gonna make sure that you get up here Love But i also
00:34:47love gray Not enough great things It's always like black or why i saw on pop up video once that gray mean if you like gray means you're mentally ill It was on top of video Melissa etheridge is come to my window Juliette lewis is like hitting yourself all
00:35:05around the room She's in there Oh my god i can't i can't i can and i will check it out and they're both stroking The filling is what when he does it this way it's all blew all the pillows Really Finally you could like spell something in the
00:35:28pillory me in I was trying to be one of mr this's a todo wait a day I do anything for the deal like the challenge the teacher teacher i'm so bad at wrapping so i did not do that and probably could do it What do you say Hey
00:35:49he's working on music now wait for the d o d yeah yeah yeah i feel like All right so anything for the deck a stroke for the day i go down for the d i have been done for the day I'm making this easier for the d like
00:36:13some light Come here Listen real hard for the team for you for the day i get yu gives for the deer I remember your buddy for the day Be always understanding do you How did i just have to know how you how did this happen This is so
00:36:47new york right here on my couch i love this show how to jump me we both know is it is it really like that episode where you would like smoke away Way had a fun time together teo i first of all i loved high maintenance before getting to
00:37:04know being like i've watched it religiously yeah and i was with one of my caste macy i yell and she was with one of the producers russel and i didn't know that russell was one of producers because like talking about how much i loved high maintenance and he
00:37:18was like oh i'm producing this show was that oh i don't like trying to be cool about it I don't really wanna be on the show but i want to be on the show and he was like well i think we might have but no i actually did
00:37:30person might look like so this is like my life any shot really living like well if you need a black warming on there i think the truth is i've just i'm like so into you and i have been into ever since i first saw you on that show
00:37:50on by you don't get one Yeah yeah i do know That's The truth Let me find out being take that job for the deed Yeah I have come a long way from times square Okay So you played a real estate agent hi minus yes i mean what is
00:38:18that that world is really because i don't know what your situation was like when you were looking for real estate in new york it's crazy but it really is like a second job and it really well is telling for people who are just like i'ma stay here and
00:38:29do this i'm doing it right now i'm looking for a home now to buy and it's actually been crazy because the real estate agent was like this is crazy i watched your episode of i may now i think you were a real estate agent yeah now find me
00:38:44home thank you today do you want to kept brownstone together it's a grand stone i'll take i'll take the time to take the tenant part and you can pay me you would let me be your ten ways to talk about it this is getting can i be your
00:39:05lawyer because we're getting awkward about it might not be a bad idea i'm just trying to be a rascal i don't know man wait can i ask you guys a question on the real tip yeah what i feel like you guys are very bold and very fierce eyes
00:39:20people who are not from new york and come to new york and decide to do something that is fucking wild what makes you say okay I'm gonna get up and do this what makes you say i'm going to leave the comforts of my home in south carolina What
00:39:32makes you say oh you know what I don't have a tv show But i'll just create one and put it on video and then have it be a really fucking popular show like what makes you fucking do that Well i said something before about liking to be naked
00:39:53so to speak And i think that i just it sounds is probably the most cliche thing to say but i don't I don't know what else to do Like the first job i ever got New york was like staffing solutions What he called temping And then i was
00:40:09like oh i should learn how to do power point that would probably be helpful for this job I was like when i was like i want to be the best temp i can be on then And then i made this power point presentation about just out of shitting
00:40:24my life was at the time just like just like graphs of like like there was like one i was like when i arrived I had like thiss house like no housing and a job and listen like in like hpv And that was like one hundred percent hpv And
00:40:42then you saw this And then this product you saw this progress chart where like everything went down with the hpv stood right up and one hundred percent And and i just couldn't help but turn this like stupid ass office job into like a way to just be like
00:41:03oh i hurt or i like bloomy i don't know man it's just like you don't know what else to do for me it's always really been about being that girl that i wanted to see growing up and how can i do that so how can i be everything
00:41:23that i wanted to see How can i create everything i wanted tohave how can i do that in several models like would it because i was in vogue and janet jackson um i had some role models who remember moshe the their best friend countess vine yeah i love
00:41:45to count istvan granite wasn't she yeah she was amazing she was free she was free she was she was so talented she was think you know dark skinned woman could saying was funny and was just killing a sheet of the parkers militia like she was dope you know
00:42:04I mean everybody has their struggles so you know but but i just really admired her growing up and there wasn't meant many that were like me that we're closer to my age like you had queen latifah and things were like there's still like twenty years older than me
00:42:18so somebody that was like a teenager to look up to you i'm supergirl teo i got it that always gets me in trouble Oh but no i get that so it's like be the role model for yourself that's so important to me because i just wanted to like
00:42:36very like young girls I want them to look at me like damn yeah like danny's so much she's being herself she's living in her body fully she's not ashamed of who she is I can do that I want to live free like that I don't wantto be anything
00:42:50other than that you know after that that is beautiful Oh my god i'm fucking boys Time audience members who have some questions But they are asking for a friend dot dot dot But we all know what that really means What Can we do that one more time Yeah
00:43:21what Yeah Where's tanya f tanya effort Yes honey don't be scared hyper bull you got the mike what's your question tanya F my question I'm asking for a friend wear eagerly awaiting summer and we're wondering where in the city is the best place to be topless like with
00:43:55no top like with no top your house well out of the bathroom the kitchen any place you won't tom you have I would tell your friend when going oh if your friend how's brown titties there's power in that you know technically the rule in new york you can
00:44:20be topless anywhere so dealer's choice i guess Where is sal es what's up my boo hey what is self short for salah tl all right nice to meet you so lot a lot so i'm asking for a fred what are the best place public places to smoke weed
00:44:47in new york city i don't rob you live in jersey with discretion and because i think marijuana is becoming a social norm so i'm not afraid to smoke on the street i know that there's a thing for minorities in this world right now i can't get coffee at
00:45:08starbucks one thing and shut out all my black brothers that's in jail as this thing is becoming a social norm um but because of that i say fuck you to the system and i actually rolled my joint and i smoke on the streets and i actually yeah and
00:45:25yeah i gotta clap for that it's all good it's a personal choice is a personal choice but for me i'm pushing the agenda for it to become a social norm that if you walked past me while i'm sitting on the stoop and you smelled that cologne you smell
00:45:40that cologne and that's just what it is you know i'm saying so i think that you should be discreet just stay away from the cops what do you say I feel like i it's it's always that question because like i'm like known for smoking weed and i do
00:45:57smoke on the street and i sometimes i'm like do this feels like not fair This is like fucked up you know what i mean But then i'm like do what What we just wanna like play by the rules and just let more people go to jail and then
00:46:09or do i want to be part of making the culture so people don't go to jail for this thing And i mean my objective has been normalization and the fur a little bit of it because it fucking sucks it's Terrible yeah and the and the thing is it's
00:46:24just like gay marriage or anything else like you know Now we have a lot of sitcoms and movies about gay relationships and when it bleeds into pop culture it'll bleed into the homes for conversation and that's Why it's so important that we're all here today supporting the fucking
00:46:38arts Because i do believe it starts with the fucking art it's certainly just answer your question Kips bay It's The best place to smoke weed in new york city you guys thank you so much Wait Yeah Way learned so much tonight I mean yes Ben get it honey
00:47:19then get it Yes yes i love having friends that do stuff I realized so much tonight you can feel free naked You should smoke wherever you want And at some point in your life you just need to sit and spin on attic It caused some sunglasses on it
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