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Paul William Bradley, chairman and founder of the Caprica International joined us in a conversation to discuss business leadership, working with Asian family businesses, the future of logistics and supply chain in Asia and his role to guide and mentor entrepreneurs. In the first of a two part conversation, Paul shared his story on how he moved from the United States to Asia and become an established business leader working with the leading Asian family businesses in logistics & supply chain and the interesting lessons learnt from culture to people management in his journey across Asia. Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included): Paul William Bradley (@paulwbradley, LinkedIn), Chairman of Caprica International (Facebook, @capricaint) [0:46] I want to start from your current role and then move backwards. What is your role and coverage as the Chairman of Caprica International? [1:30] How did you start your career? [3:16] Before you are involved in international business, you served as a congressional assistant to US Senator Paul Laxalt in the US Senate and then parliamentary assistant to Geoff Lawler in British House of Commons. What has he learned from inspiring political leaders. Hear Paul share his stories with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Lee Kuan Yew [5:16] How has that experience in politics shaped your way of thinking about business? [7:36] Operating with Family Businesses in Asia You moved to Asia and become a business operator in creating new business entities, re-organizing across different industries, and your focus is in shipping, logistics and supply chain management arenas. How was that experience like and how you navigate businesses in Asia? [9:38] Paul share his story with NYK Line with Mitshibushi Group in Japan, HAVI Group/BDP Asia in Singapore, IDS Logistics with Li and Fung in Hong Kong, Arshiya International with the Mittal family (known for the Mittal builders) in India. As an experienced business leader working with Victor Fung and the Mittal family, what are the interesting lessons working with the movers and shakers in the country? [10:15] From working with these Asian family business leaders who are movers and shakers, what is the most surprising things you learn about working within Asian culture? Paul discuss the Japanese and Chinese business culture in how they develop strategy and implementation. [14:05] What is the Singapore culture like? [17:33] One thing that I really liked about your story is how you manage people to work with you during the YEN event, can you talk about how you motivate people to work with you? [19:13] Paul talking about how he stays in touch with the people who he worked with and how far they evolve. [22:50] What advice will you give to younger people in hiring and managing people, for example, in extreme situations where you have to make people redundant or in normal situations when you inherit your teams? Paul discuss how Victor Fung and Ar will bring in experts and thought leaders to educate the team. [22:30] Biography of Paul Bradley: Paul W. Bradley has been involved in international business throughout his career, primarily in Asia. He has established new business entities in China, South East Asia, India and the United States and managed businesses across 14 countries. Mr. Bradley is the Chairman and CEO of Caprica International; Vice Chairman and Board Member of Supply Chain Asia; Asian Advisory Board Member for Avista-Houlihan Lokey Investment Bank; serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the S.P.


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