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Just a couple of guys with a love for all things movie, video game, anime, and comic book related! Join us as we discuss hot topics or throw down in a debate.
Video Game Improv is an improv comedy podcast set in the world of your favorite video games. Each episode a we discuss a game and then do skits within that game's world.
It’s a podcast about video games and the importance of play in a complicated world.
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Your Game. Your Path. Your Destiny. Return to Orbit is a Destiny podcast designed to bring you the latest in news, strategy, lore, in-depth interviews, and more! Join your host Sean Bartley (@seanbartley) while he covers a wide-ranging selection o...

Multiplier Bonus

By Colin Flanigan, Mercer Smith-Looper
A podcast about video games and parenting. New episodes published twice a month – find us on Twitter @multiplierbonus
The Madden podcast you've been waiting for.
Retro Reviews, Game Streaming, and Playing Together
Two brothers and their cousin talk about nothing and video games.
EU podcast about World of Warcraft
Join Geekdom101 aka Big D from Superfriends, KLB, and World of Geekdom as he delves into topics within Geek Culture BEYOND Youtube, featuring a rotating panel of special guests from all over the world and various fandoms. The Geekdom101 Podcast is...
Streamer’s Sanctuary is a new podcast about Twitch streaming, by Twitch streamers. The show is focused on bringing you tips, help, and suggestions on making your stream better. We will have interviews with streamers to share their tips as well. Al...
Sócrates VS Ninjas, el podcast donde tal vez se hable de filosofía u oscuras artes marciales japonesas, o no. Diego Fernández y Rodrigo García (Roch) tratan temás dispares que les gustan e interesan por el mero placer de la conversación.
The only podcast where gamers, not journalist, talk video games. Join Vega as he sits with other gamers to discuss all things video games. New episodes every Thursday so make sure to subscribe.
Game connoisseur Mike King reviews retro console games! Joined by Chef Brandon, and Intern Ivan, the retro goodness and food themes abound! We also start each morsel with a skit that ties the game with some food, and then dig into the game proper....
Join Brothers Mike and Eric, as they overcome the dreaded “pile of shame.” Each episode the titular hosts discuss games both old and new as well as a variety of other topics including parenting, home improvement, popular culture to name a few.
We are really looking forward to the release of The Division 2 (March 15th 2019) and would love you to join us as we ride the hype train, discuss all things Division related and sup a few beers
The M.A.G Nerd Podcast is a new show focused on bringing you quality content from the world of hip-hop Rap R&B and other music along with Anime news, reviews, discussions and previews. On the gaming side we focus on gamer news lets plays revie...
A podcast that will discuss films, everything marvel, review games and discuss news and rumors with everything our fellow nerds love!
Welcome to Press Start! I'm Brian Daniels and this is the place to get the most honest video game reviews around. Hope you enjoy!
Hello and welcome to the30 20 10 NowPodcast. In this show we discuss the films, games, music and books that were released this very month across the decades, right up to the present day.What was it like watchingDie Hardfor the first time in the ci...
Welcome to Game Related! This channel covers everything gaming and drawing! I like to keep my videos positive to encourage gamers and drawers alike to keep doing what you love! Hope to see you around until next time keep gaming!
I'm here to pick your brain while you game! Guests are interviewed while they play video games! What will their distracted minds reveal? Interview topics consist of - anything and everything... basically all the things.
Welcome to Every Way to Win: SSBM, a podcast that focuses on helping players reach the next level in Super Smash Bros. Melee. EWTW: SSBM spotlights the very best Melee players to ever do it, as well as eSports Industry leaders every week. Our miss...
A weekly podcast where we interview partnered and up-and-coming streamers about how to make your stream better. You can follow us on social media @TheAVYouth or at for more!

Designed Realities

By Brian Mullins, Mike French, Nick Sherman
Designed Realities explores how design will shape and empower the next wave of interactive immersive realities like AR, MR, VR and XR.
Video games don't exist in a vacuum. They reflect the world around us, and their success—or failure—has a strong effect on the people who make them. When it's an independent video game, one that a small team pours their hearts and souls into, it m...

Titans of Terminus – The Hive Mind Podcasts

By "The Hive Mind Podcasts" presents: "Titans of Terminus", a show about the upcoming MMO game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Podcasts on a variety of topics.
Here at Worth it or Worthless, we play and review retro games and decide if they're good by today's standards and whether they're worth the price of admission.
aLttPR fans timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy discuss aLttP Rando community news, updates & developments, as well as provide detailed strategy walkthroughs for various aspects of aLttPR.
The FIFA Analyst Pod is a podcast dedicated to talking all things FIFA, looking at improving , tactical advise and much more!
Podnite Fortcast a podcast about Fortnite
Cody and Eric explore the world of retro gaming across all generations.
The MOATF eSports Network brings you all of the latest news, reviews and information from the world of sim racing.
A weekly podcast featuring leading Video Game Industry Community Managers and other industry professionals. Hosts Rick "Sapience" Heaton and Katie "Khatie" Postma and their guests share their experiences and best practices for dealing with a wide ...
Bate papo sobre jogos e cultura pop, isso enquanto os usuários não abrem chamado!
Welcome to Mayuu in ears only, where amazing things happen.
The podcast that mashes all you video game news for the week for you to listen to at the press of a single button. Hosted by Roger Brasse and Chris Hansen.
It began with 5 nerds talking about nerdy things... How did we get so nerdy? We talk about the origins of our inner nerd and what makes us tick!
Welcome to Indie Game Hustle, where we talk about building video games with little to no experience using Unity, Blender and other awesome creative tools!
The OG Gaming Podcast is a collection of gamers who talk about mainstream video games such as Destiny 2. Listen to us if you want to have fun and laugh.
A group of guys talking about the world. From pop culture to e-sports, and everything in between. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Your weekly fix of Heroes of the Storm and HGC news!
Brian Lloyd, Dan Kelly Atkinson & Eoin Ronayne of are joined by Tony Cantwell to review the latest game releases, discuss the newest stories in gaming, and debate the greatest games of all time!
Loose Canon is a bi-weekly Sunday morning show where we talk loosely about the lore of Destiny. Come watch every other Sunday at 9am EST!
It's a comedy show about video games.
A Monthly Podcast where I sit down with the top developers in The Strategy Gaming industry.
This is, What Matters This Week? - A weekly podcast going over this weeks Game releases! Be in the know when the game you are looking for comes out this week! The podcast is hosted by Matters and may or may not feature his wife, so you have that t...
A weekly Fortnite Podcast Email: [email protected] Twitter: Patreon:
Each Week Toni & Bobby sit down to discuss the things they love and dont love so much about Animal Crossing!!
A podcast all about Madden Ultimate Team. Join your host Josh as he talks about gameplay, cards, interviews guests and answers yours questions about Madden Ultimate Team
Vous êtes incapable de toucher une manette ? Le mot MMORPG vous arrache la tronche ? Hideo Kojima ne vous dit rien ? Pas de soucis,avec le Podcast Noob, plus de problème, vous serez tout grâce à une piqûre de rattrapage un vendredi sur deux.Produc...
Just another RabblePress Podcast Network site
We're Just a couple of guys that love playing and talking about Video Games!
Four gamers, four topics - a board game discussion show hosted by Dan “Shoe” Hsu and his video game industry friends!
On a more or less weekly basis, the guys discuss gaming, film, and general news.
Join The Edge team as we go LIVE every Tuesday night at 8pm EST to discuss all things Warcraft! With constant viewer interaction, diverse discussions and a few laughs along the way; we are sure to have something for casual or the hardcore!

Koopa Crew Podcast

By Joseph Cristina, Ray Budworth, Zachary Lee Kynaston
Gaming motivated, arts-inspired podcast based out of the Pacific Northwest.
"it's real good" - roxanne "there is a whole ocean of content under our feet, and nobody can have it except for me" - daniel plainview "i am being held against my will" - jordan
The Fire Bear Republic is a weekly (ish) discussion about pop culture and media including but not limited to video games, movies, tv, insulting people and not doing our damned home work,...
Podcast by gamers for the gamers. Level up.
A Heroes of the Storm Learning Lab
Rich talks about games. It's what he does now.
Hello and welcome to 'One Happy Otaku'! My name is Steph and I'm a 23 year old living in Sydney with my three cats. Yes, three cats. Since I can't chat to my cats about my otaku endeavours, I thought I might throw them out onto the internet. Every...
You can feel it. Pumping. Surging. Pounding. Music flowing through your veins. In this podcast series from Sword Chomp, Morgan interviews the minds behind the video game music you love.
The show for Xbox Gamerscore hunting and the amazing community that surrounds it, we discuss the latest gaming news with a keen eye on the Xbox achievement system.
Tom, Bea, and Ernie share their gift of Video Game Divination! Witness glimpses into the future from their crystal ball! Hear veritable verdicts from the Special 7 Sphere! And revel in the triumphs and follies of their past predictions in the R...
This is Wouldn't You Know It, a podcast dedicated to Tom Clancy's The Division, specifically The Dark Zone. TomCruzMomShoes and FateFromFiction discuss PvP in the Dark Zone, metas, experiences, and anything else.
A podcast based out of a Twitch channel - we discuss Mental Health through the lens of our own testimony and hope that by doing so, we can break down the negative stigma surrounding Mental Health. With Dyllon (Gooperatives) as your host, we have...
Leaderboard is OK Beast’s bi-weekly video game ranking show. Every episode the Leaderboard podcast crew sits down to discuss and rank games based on a variety of categories and criteria. What are the Top 25 PS2 games? How about the Top 10 Nintendo...
Artigos, vídeos e podcasts sobre o mundo do games
A show about sports and money. Topics include team ownership, sports team valuations, gambling, investing, and playing Team Game.
Frikipills Radio es un POPcast, es decir, el podcast dedicado a charlas de café sobre cultura popular de Frikipills. Comics, videojuegos, rol, literatura, cine... toda la subcultura que tus neuronas puedan soportar en pequeñas y distendidas dosis :D
Ever wondered which American President has the greatest beard? What is the greatest 80's movie beginning with the letter 'R'? Maybe you are more interested in knowing what is the greatest vehicle ever used in movie, television and video game histo...
Wilmgaard and Miniado talk about the latest updates in FFBE. Come hang out with us as we talk about everything FFBE (Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius) from the good old days to what we're looking forward to in the future. Our struggles with hard tria...
A podcast for and by the North Carolina Melee community. Hosted by HiFi, Zent, and Sharkz.
Two beer-drinkin', cheese-eatin' nerds talking all things games, movies, comics and geek!
Real Play RPG with the Street Fighter system and players from all over the world
I try to start each episode with three questions. What was your first Nintendo Console? Which is the first Nintendo Console you've bought with your own money? Which is your favorite Nintendo Console? Then we are off to the races...
Red Shell Radio is a biweekly show where Bobby the Nintendo Guru and Pat of NintenTalk take your calls LIVE on the air via Discord.
In Giant Killer besprechen der Heroes of the Storm Youtuber Skovald und der HGC caster B4ithoven alles relevante rund um Heroes of the Storm. Es wird viel über aktuelle Ereignisse, Patchnotes und auch ein bisschen über die Heroes Global Champions...
Director & Trumpetmonkey tackle Madden Ultimate Team news with STYLE! The Kiwi Charger & Aussie Raider are here to Entertain & Educate the MUT Community!
Nós somos a Prateleira Gamer. Um canal no Youtube e podcast sobre games e cultura pop em geral.
World of Warcraft Podcast from Tess, Militus and Boom. We (The Alliance) didn’t start the fire … but you can be certain we will END IT! Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!
The Tenets is an Elder Scrolls Online podcast from the Kyle Dempster Studios network. The show is hosted by Kyle and X giving new players goals and suggestions for their travels across Tamriel.
Converstations about games, movies, tv, tech, life, and really anything else I can think of. New episodes posted every Friday!
Join Austin Lawhorn and Aubrey Massey as they give you the GameFAQs strategy guide to beating your real life mortal enemy! Whether it’s Sir Ian Mckellen, Sasquatch, or three tigers stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat, they have the answer...
El enésimo podcast de mierda sobre Nintendo. Aquí se habla de todo lo relacionado con Nintendo, para bien o para mal; sin pelos en la lengua. No soy calvo, ni retrasado (creo) así que ¡pasa y disfruta!


By Jack Raine, Andrew Bedoy, Sydney Bailey
A show about all things Pop Culture, we have opinions, arguments and lists about Games, Movies, TV, Books, Music and anything else that catches our interest.
Spoonersloth and HBFox discuss important issues arising in the broadcasting and content creation world.
If we ran Nintendo is a podcast where Bobby, Sean, & Jason take current Nintendo topics and give their point of view how they would do things if they ran Nintendo.
Beyond The Ink is a one on one interview show where Jordan takes his guest of the week beyond the nitty gritty of Splatoon to talk about who they are as people. Each set of questions is tailored to the specific interviewee for that episode, with o...
We started up The Nerd Arcade because we couldn't think of doing anything better with our time. We think and say stupid stuff all the time and figured there must be enough people in the world like us. Even if there isn't, we could care less. We a...
Lee Tyrrell looks in-depth into video game audio and music, along with the very people who crafted it. Features exclusive insight from fifteen of gaming's very best composers and musicians!
Two avid gamers discuss their favorite games, streaming, and more. With special guests! The Overachievers are Charlie Anderson (@Vvash) and Dominic Galeano (@ashipastrami). Follow us on IG & Twitter (@overachievers.podcast & @overachiev...
The ULTIMATE podcast for nerd culture. Join your hosts Mike and Ryan as we join forces to discuss anime and video game madness!
A new entertainment show that’s sure to be your new travel companion. Join Rik Morgan every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday for a new episode covering movie news, and segments like The Trailer Park, Remake Roundup, quick movie reviews, and 80s song ...


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