TV & Film Podcasts

The Apter Chat is a professional wrestling podcast that provides one of a kind insight into the world of sports entertainment, media and more from legendary journalist Bill Apter and host Josh Shernoff. Focusing on personal interviews, memorable ...
A podcast dedicated to bringing you intense discussion about movies, tv shows and much more! Find us on at:
A deep but not too serious look at the Marx Brothers films and careers. Featuring Matthew Coniam (author: "The Annotated Marx Brothers", "That's Me, Groucho!"), Noah Diamond (author: "Gimme a Thrill: The Story of I'll Say She Is") and Bob Gassel ...
An entertainment podcast with Anthony Lario. Bravo and Beyond
Star Wars is a generational phenomenon, and therefore fans from different generations have a different view of all things Star Wars-related, whether it's the movies, games, books, comics, etc. Join Eric Vancil and Darryl Sanders in a podcast abou...
Dance Academy is back. We'll break down every episode of the show we love to hate and hate to love. And love to love. And hate to hate.
From the minds of 4 young, black, "professionals" comes Tipsy in the Breakroom. No topics are off limits. Join Maiya, Justin, Ajia, and Zion as they discuss the culture at large, from their love life to current events that will cover personal and ...
Join Sean Aitchison and Chelsea Cruz as they write a verbal love letter to their favorite pieces of pop culture
A podcast revisiting all things 90's - 2000's!
A spinoff of our Mind In the Gutter Podcast where we watch classic films, hidden gems, and new movies. We don't take it too seriously, we mostly drink beer and try to find something interesting to say.
In a world ravaged by an ancient monster race-war, a group of young tween supernatural friends from different backgrounds, codenamed “Spooky Troop”, come together to try and restore peace and harmony between monster kind. In this thrilling holida...
Kamran Khezri and Mikey Yunez host a podcast about Giallo Cinema.
Zach has never done a podcast. Brent has never seen Stargate SG-1! Sounds like a great combination.
Old and New Sci-Fi coming at you!
We Buddywatch shows/ movies/ webisodes/ whatever and overanalyse them! Because it's not just TV to us. Hosted by Australian TV writer Vaya Pashos and friends from the PirateNet Studios in Melbourne, Australia.
This is a show where I watch Space Jam every week and talk about it because I hate myself
Hosted by San Francisco based cousins, Han & Kel, “Hang on a Minute” lets you in on their bi-weekly catch up sessions.
Just a couple of guys with a love for all things movie, video game, anime, and comic book related! Join us as we discuss hot topics or throw down in a debate.
A discussion podcast of the AMC series “Better Call Saul.”
Mukesh Solanki narrates stories from urban legends, myths and real-life paranormal experiences.
How drunk do you have to be to see a movie?
Welcome to the Wolf Talk Podcast, hosted by Music Video director Tyler Casey. On this podcast you are going to find me interview other directors, editors, and other creatives in the music video and film world. We will talk about everything from ho...
O Podcast do Vamos Falar de Cinema, venha se divertir!
In this podcast every Mondays and Fridays we go over all the major TV and Movie news headlines. We break down the stories and discuss our opinions.
The top 'Better Call Saul' podcast for fans. Adam and Gil recap, review, and react to the latest episode of TV's 'Better Call Saul' every week. Listen now!
Timely Topics Podcast is a series hosted by executive leadership of RehabCare, part of Kindred Rehabilitation Services. The series is geared toward post-acute care providers and addresses a range of business issues and challenges these providers d...
A story podcast featuring published and unpublished works by Kristofer Velasquez.
all things karting can be found here on Kart T.V. check out new videos and radio podcasts from the karting world. And if your looking for our old video you can still find them where they have always been! welcome to Kart T.V.
Podcast by SoundStorm Productions
"Find The Lie" is a totally and unapologetically honest podcast about all things entertainment. Hosts Lauren Porter and Sydney Scott don't hold back with hilarious (and sometimes shady) commentary on movies, music, tv, and everything in between. F...
Hosted by Joseph Finnomen, Much Ado About Nothing lives up to its title in a moderately literal sense. Joe follows a sort of talk show/commentary format to address primarily the art of storytelling in literature, films, television, and other medi...
My friends and I play Star Trek: Adventures online, and I record it.
Zwei Typen reden über das, was ihnen in den Sinn kommt und sie beschäftigt. Dabei entscheidet ein Zufallsgenerator über welches der 12 Themen wir für 20 Minuten sprechen. Völlig Zufällig entsteht hier also ein Podcast, der sich mit Technologie, Fi...
Jack and Troy discuss all things comic book related
Join us every week as we discuss one Christmas movie, sitcom episode or the like from the 90's!
Dirty Harry Minute Podcast
Weekly podcast hosted by @camrynsidley and @kassidydesnoyer. We talk everything pop-culture, entertainment news, and celeb gossip of course!
Just a couple of guys discussing random subjects. Yup, that's pretty much it. Enjoy
Welcome to Boy Bands & Game Shows with Brandon Parnes, where everything you need to know is in the title.
Content relating to the TV series “Sharp Objects” and all other shows we feel like discussing.
Welcome to Pilots! Where William and a guest watch 2 random TV pilots for every episode. Will they be good, or will they be bad? Knowing William's luck, they both will suck. So jump on in and take a listen!
We're engaging in that proud Millennial tradition of nostalgia podcasting by taking an in-depth look at Daria, the iconic MTV cartoon that aired from 1997 to 2002. Whether you're a long-time fan of the show (like host Rob Press) or a relative newc...
El podcast de los clásicos de la Ciencia-Ficción. De Luciano de Samosata a la Batalla de Yavin.
Podcast by Movie Dearest
In this podcast, hosts from the Gilded Films website will discuss the Best Picture nominees from a particular year to decide if the Academy picked the best film for the big prize. We will also discuss other films from the given year that were not ...
La cultura pop con anteojos feministas. Geri Panno Burs y Mar Helman haciendo lo que mejor saben: hablar sobre libros, películas y series.
Wayne Manor Memoirs is a Batman podcast dedicated to exploring all the crevasses of the Caped Crusader’s mythos. Join Joe & Kendall every other Friday as they research everything you need to know about a new Bat-Topic: first appearances, orig...
One Mic. Two 80's kids. Spielberg's entire back catalogue.
Superheroes! Movies! TV! Comics! Pop culture! Ones man's weekly deep dive into the multiverse of geek stuff, from Windy Warrnambool! All the news with a specific point of view. What fun!
TWRS es un podcast sobre cine de terror. Es un proyecto en paralelo a, portal web sobre cine de terror. Tenemos noticias, entrevistas, reviews, debates, música... Todo lo que tenga que ver con este género que nos apasiona tiene ...
Welcome to the Moment to Moment podcast, where we explore human behavior and relationships from all your favorite TV shows and movies!
Movies with Will: Film Reviews
Chris Mac and Sarah Gandy delve deep into the iconic '95 film Empire Records one minute at a time. This podcast humbly joins the ranks of many great movie minute podcasts based on Star Wars Minute by Alex Robinson and Pete The Retailer. Damn The M...
A weekly podcast by Drew Levine and Erik Manditch bringing you all the latest in sports, gambling, and more! Presented by Check Down Sports.
The Unholy Triumvirate will tackle a myriad of topics from society/culture, relationships, race, pop culture, and every thing that used to be serious until Donald Trump was elected. The Crew will provide interesting takes on issues, as well as ban...
IT Rockstars helps connected business with the right technology. We are an IT company based in Aberdeen, UK and operate within the whole of the north east of Scotland. Our youtube channel is aimed at business owners, decision makers and IT profe...
A podcast that talks all things Neighbours from Characters to Storylines to Weekly Recaps
Cinema Cereal Podcast explores all things video production. From writing and acting, to sound design and distribution. We cover it all! Tune in for our video podcast online, or download the podcast for on the go listening. Thanks for tuning in!
In this new podcast, high school student Bennett Scheer interviews friends and mentors who he sees as Changers and Creators. People who change the world by spreading awareness of important issues and start real conversations about life. People who...
Sister Cinema is a podcast hosted by two sisters hoping to share their affinity for over analyzing movies with anyone who will listen. Recreational movie nerds Mollie and Lindsay take your favorite film genres, tropes, actors and story lines and d...
The podcast for all your animal attack needs! Nilo & Jen share harrowing tales of real-life animal attacks, discuss how to keep your animal encounters positive, and recommend the best animal horror movies for your viewing pleasure.
Darren Paltrowitz is a New York-based writer and editor who has interviewed hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. On the Paltrocast, he explores about how and why innovators they do what they do.
Join Geekdom101 aka Big D from Superfriends, KLB, and World of Geekdom as he delves into topics within Geek Culture BEYOND Youtube, featuring a rotating panel of special guests from all over the world and various fandoms. The Geekdom101 Podcast is...
We Love the OC is a podcast dedicated to the un-ironic love of the 2003 Fox series The OC. We do a deep dive into one episode per week where we discuss everything from the music and fashion of the episode to the historical and cultural contexts of...
The M.A.G Nerd Podcast is a new show focused on bringing you quality content from the world of hip-hop Rap R&B and other music along with Anime news, reviews, discussions and previews. On the gaming side we focus on gamer news lets plays revie...
A podcast that will discuss films, everything marvel, review games and discuss news and rumors with everything our fellow nerds love!

Horror Tales

By Max Ablitzer narrating scary stories from today's horror authors
Horror tales is a podcast in which you can sit back and listen to a scary story written by one of today's horror authors. Narrated and produced by Max Ablitzer with original music and custom sound effects for an immersive listening experience.

Sixth Scale Scavengers

By Sixth Scale Scavengers Hot Toys Podcast
The Sixth Scale Scavengers is a Hot Toys collecting podcast with a focus on Star Wars and Marvel. Hosts Bryan Fontaine (The Jedi Scavenger) and Christopher James Leddy (Vintage Viewport) will cover news, collecting tips, and figure reviews in each...
Hello and welcome to the30 20 10 NowPodcast. In this show we discuss the films, games, music and books that were released this very month across the decades, right up to the present day.What was it like watchingDie Hardfor the first time in the ci...
There's nothing better than watching a horror flick with your favorite ghoul so settle in your crypt, curl up in a coffin, and enjoy. A flamboyant guy bringing you all the best of the worst in horror/sci-fi.
Welcome to Game Related! This channel covers everything gaming and drawing! I like to keep my videos positive to encourage gamers and drawers alike to keep doing what you love! Hope to see you around until next time keep gaming!
1300 miles on the highway of the damned! A bedraggled courier bearing secrets in leather case. A vigilante farm boy hell bent on justice. A rowdy agitator, fearless in words and fists. Racing across the Dust Bowl ravaged American Southwest in purs...
Adepte du bricolage maison, du Do It Yourself, et des montages "because I can", Neliger vous présente les nouvelles péripéties de sa quête de l'électron libre.
Listen to the Shuffle Online team talk movies, TV, music and more! #ShufflethePod Visit
Sven Pape aka 'This Guy Edits' gets together every week with his friend Tyler Danna to discuss the editing of a scene. Join the discussion on Patreon.
Conflict Of Interests is a podcast about comics and pop culture. In each episode, co-hosts Greg Nell and Nas Hoosen go head-to-head on superhero comics news, reviews and take a deep dive into the bizarre history of the Marvel Universe.

GiveMeBackMySon! Podcast

By Clayton Prete, Magnus Svensson, and William Robertson
'The GiveMeBackMySon! Podcast' is a movie club for major cinephiles like Michael Bolton brought to you by Clayton, Magnus, and William. We talk movies but often get sidetracked.

Foreign Aces

By Paul Crockett, Christopher Boyce, Matt Camp
Paul Crockett (Voice of Beyond Wrestling), "The Choice" Christopher Cornwell Boyce, and Matt Camp (Host of Busted Open/Voice of House of Hardcore) primarily cover NJPW from both the industry and fan perspective. The absurdity of fantasy booking is...
WUH is a podcast about my memories of classic horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s.
Cody and Madeline re-watch all 121 episodes of LOST and analyze them one-by-one with special guests, experts, and the music of The Constants.
Taking a Deep Dive into the Wild and Wacky World of Star Wars Lore!
We discuss all the fun and misery within the general video entertainment landscape, from movies to TV. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Generation X is back to whine about their lost youth and the movies they loved in the 80s that turn out to be surprisingly problematic by today's standards.
A Podcast highlighting amazing people who deal with difficult obstacles in their lives and have found hope and inspiration through Star Wars.
This is the first podcast dedicated to the return of World of Sport Wrestling to ITV. Every week super fan Iain Chambers and British wrestling veteran Stixx give insight and analysis on the latest episode. Join the conversation on Twitter and Inst...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Jokes by Jo Show follows the path of two comics on their comedic pilgrimmage as they journey through comedy clubs. Join comedians Josiah James and Ryan Rossell as they discuss comedy, prepare new material, share live performances, and tell cl...
So I started a podcast about the TV show Letterkenny the other day. Pitter-patter and listen if you want to.
John W. O'Neill's vidoes
Inside Your Head podcast hosted by Nasty Neal. Interview series covering various themes in pop culture.


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