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By Joey Held, Haleigh Campbell, Sean Hill
Joey and Haleigh have seen every episode of the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. Sean hasn't seen a single episode. That's a problem, because Sean works in the parks and recreation department. Luckily, we're here to fix things by tackling one epi...
Des films commentés à la sortie même de la séance par Thomas Hercouët et Aurélien Fernandez
微信公号:我是鸦先生 新浪微博:我是鸦先生 听众群号:151796710
Step 1: Listeners suggest a beloved Bollywood movie Step 2: Toss a coin to assign sides Step 3: Feud!
Mills Has Friends is about friendship and the key component to any friendship, conversation. Each show features a guest that is a genuine friend of mine and we discuss our friendship and the things that bring us together. Come listen as we learn m...
It began with 5 nerds talking about nerdy things... How did we get so nerdy? We talk about the origins of our inner nerd and what makes us tick!
Instant Junk is a podcast about movies hosted by Sam and Jill. We watch the films, we talk about the films and we give our opinions on the films. So stay a while, see what happens...
90 Day Fiancé Cray Cray is a podcast about the greatest reality tv show on earth: 90 Day Fiancé.
The Video Creators Guild is an audio broadcast series that is aimed at creating a community of video creators who learn from one another and help one another achieve each Creator's individual goals; which makes up the Guild's uniform goal. Postin...
Dueling Sabers is a podcast all about STAR WARS. Not just blindly loving every aspect of it, or finding any little thing to hate about it. The idea behind this show is to just discuss the franchise from a semi-neutral perspective. Each week I will...
Welcome! So I’m Cakey A Mentally Dying Person Who Like ETN In This Show We Talk Bout Ageing ETN And Much More Podcasts Every Monday And Saturday 8pm BST
Drunk Watching is a weekly podcast where we get a little tipsy and talk about film and TV shows.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
When 2 brothers who love movies get together, something Brotastic happens.
The podcast where two brothers fix each other’s pop culture blind spots.
The Computer Talk Radio team of Keith M. Sedor and Benjamin Rockwell host a varied group of people who are interested in Star Trek, from various avenues.
Podcast by Pusheckhi
FanboyNation your home for everything from Comic Books to Combat Sports and everything nerdy in between.
Chillin' With Villains podcast with the Comic Godz, come through and chill!
Anything and everything about cutting the cord and streaming all the video you could possibly stream.
The John Krol Show is a daily Facebook Live show with the most interesting people in the Northeast covering politics, food, pop-culture, business, sports, health, style and more! Now you can hear all the great content through our podcast as well!
The Earnest Kid is a monthly podcast hosted by producer and singer-songwriter Anthony Valdes. Featuring guests that the host may know, barely know, or know because someone told him that he should know them. Guests tell their stories, what they do ...
Joe Van's Secret Podcast is part of the Joe Van public experience. He writes poetry, thought pieces, is writing a series of novels, and likes to have personal conversations. The podcast is a way to give voice to the every person and their lives an...
Tune in to Kori J for analysis on the latest and greatest sports stories! Hear debates constantly had in the barbershop and a deep dive into the sports world!
Nick and Ali get into it about the creation, plot, trivia, nudity, fan theories, script and ultimately what the kill count is of an actors most iconic roles.
Rice for Breakfast is a podcast about Asian Americans in Pop Culture. Each week I, Ian de Borja, will have a conversation with an Asian American who helps create the unique landscape of popular culture.
Produção dos alunos da Faculdade de Comunicação e Artes da PUC Minas.
Join Us every week as we take you behind the velvet rope and inside all of Hollywood’s hottest and most exciting events and after parties. We share exclusive interviews and observations on all your favorite celebs. a...
Two Brothers who enjoy watching horror movies, and of course having some brewskis along the way. Tune in to hear about the film, join us for a discussion, and find your next beer to give a try! *SPOILERS PRESENT* Please join the discussion by...
Edi, Leonardo y Juan Manuel. Juntos hablan de películas, internet, noticias, series, música y temas. Siempre con su punto de vista y humor. Twitter ( Instagram (
Watch our visual radio shows, Watch all our shows exactly as they were originally broadcast, watch interviews with famous drivers and riders in motorsport.
Join Angie broadcasting accross the great state of Western Australia.
The podcast committed to bringing you streamlined news about Disney parks, films, and corporate.
서천FM 방송입니다. ^^ 지역 주민이 직접 만들어가는 서천FM 라디오
Podcast by The short and the tall of it!
Wir betrachten die Welt der Kriegsfilme
A general movie podcast hosted by 's Noah Blanchard featuring a rotating guest list of contributors and fellow fans discussing any and all things movie related.
Expert commentary on Memphis Tiger football and basketball, Memphis Grizzlies, St Louis Cardinals, music, movies and more…
Creating awesome videos is what we do, and we want to share our process and techniques with you. Learn how to shoot better, edit faster and produce eye-catching videos that will make marketing your brand simpler and more effective.
"How Many" the podcast that takes a public figure and debates how many significant contributions they've made to pop culture. Hosted by Jesse, Bob, and Junior.
Ociosear es la APP-genda Cultural de Valencia, descárgate esta APP totalmente gratuita, tanto en iOs como Android y descubre a simple vista y con un solo gesto todas las actividades culturales que hay cerca de ti. Aquí vas a tener también los podc...
Podcast by Bryan Seddon, Chad Vis, David Mann
Individual reviews of short subjects and feature films made by and starring the great silent film comic Charlie Chaplin.
Podcast by Lunch Table Lunatics
Episodios podcast sobre temas de emprendimiento, extraídos del podcast diario
The entertainment industry influencers sit down with the New York Film Academy to discuss the world of filmmaking to share their experience and knowledge. Hear from legends of the industry like Al Pacino, Bryan Cranston, Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen a...
A podcast tearing open the world of Film and TV and climbing inside like its Leonardo DiCaprio's horse.
Oh She Talks is a podcast about life and learning and the pursuit of happiness.
RBG: Beyond Notorious is a 6-part podcast series hosted by CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow and CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin that goes behind the scenes of the CNN Film "RBG." The series delves further into the life and times of Supreme Court Ass...
This is the show where you can binge with the hosts, learn facts, and even hear debates never discussed anywhere else.
A radio drama series, produced by the students and staff at St George's School in Shide, Isle of Wight.
Turning the microphone around on the #host. Inside the Actors Studio meets #MeetThePress + Hosting news/info daily!
Die Wundertüte für alles, das im Bahnhofskino keinen Platz findet. "Filmpodcast-Urgestein"(TM) Patrick Lohmeier spricht mit Menschen, die das Kino lieben. In ihren Wohnzimmern. Bei Festivals. Im Hobbykeller. Viel Spaß! Was willst du als nächstes ...
3 Movies. 2 Friends. 1 Podcast. Join Joe Daxberger and Rian Miller as they review and rank 3 thematically linked movies per episode of the Triple Threat Theater Podcast.
Seit 2016 Clickbait-freie Film- und Seriennews auf Facebook. Alles im Einklang mit der Community. Von Filmfans, für Filmfans :)
Rainbows to the Rescue is a podcast that focuses on LGBTQ comics, characters, and creators.Join Mary and Bats, two broke lesbians who read way too many comics, as they journey through the great unknown that is The Queerosphere.
From Busselton to Broome, Matt Layton drives you home across Western Australia on The Spirit Radio Network.
Power Playthrough Is a Power Rangers and Super Sentai Retrospective Hosted by Freddy Gabaldon and Dann McNerney these two have been lifelong Power Rangers fans and Decicded it was time that they needed to spend the next 30 years talking about thei...

Books & Booze

By Books and Booze: A Bookish Podcast
Welcome to Books and Booze, a bookish and wine induced podcast where two book lovers who have never met talk about books! Support our podcast by donating as little as $2 by clicking here:
WE LOVE DISNEY! Like..... REALLY LOVE DISNEY. We're a group of hardcore Disney-philes from the Front Row Network and we're bringing you monthly episodes where we go through the news of the month and highlight a movie from the Disney catalog for ou...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Welcome to the Mouse & Castle, a gathering place for lovers of all things Disney.
Music, Art, & Culture Blog of the Rio Grande Valley
On this podcast, Abel gives his weekly wrap up on all of his favorite reality TV shows. Some of the shows he'll be talking about are: The Real Housewives Franchises (almost all Bravo TV Shows), Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives, and many more! This ...
喜欢走出非洲的电影。通过电影,了解一下作者描述的非洲是怎么样的。让我们一起开启非洲世界的新篇章。 《走出非洲》是丹麦女作家凯伦·布里克森(笔名伊萨克·迪内森)创作的长篇自传体小说,发表于1937年。故事情节很简单,讲述的是一个丹麦女子在非洲的一段生活经历。 在小说中,作者以一个殖民者和基督徒的身份走进了美丽的非洲一肯尼亚。作者以在非洲经营咖啡农场的经历为典型,用细腻的笔触描绘了1914年到1931年间发生在自己身边的真人真事,从字里行间表达了对非洲人民的热爱、同情和眷恋以及非洲土著人对主人...
@TheEndPod We all like a great film and we get sad when it ends. What happens to the characters we've grown to love and hate. Sure there's probably a sequel, but what if there isn't? Some films just get left, floating in space, their characters un...
The All Things Melanin podcast focuses on honest, open, and transparent conversations about life, love, career, faith and more. As your certified hype women, you can count on us to keep it real with a side of pettiness on occasions. (:
A pop culture news and information show mixing comedy and commentary to some of the biggest news affecting the pop culture. From television to movies, comics to toys, actors to directors, we mess it all up! for everything we know there are three w...
A podcast about So You Think You Can Dance, hosted by two Canadian friends, one named Danica, one not.
Manuel Pérez y Janet Rodríguez discuten Doctor Who.

Three Jabronis Wrestling Podcast

By Tim Arnold, Derec Clark, Russell David Stearns
A Podcast centered around pro wrestling from the past up till now..and everything in between
Karen Lindsay and Charles Skaggs are your hosts to the world of comic books on television, combining all your favorite comic book TV shows into one super-sized podcast!
Considered and Conceited is a irreverant and fun podcast with 2 Australian Reviewers who in the style of a Filmclub happily tear apart your favorite films and go dredging through the obscures and classics looking for that hidden gem. Beware as thi...
Peter Walsh, Elliott Crossley and Chris Walker-Thomson present a podcast of impressions, sketches and insanity!
After 50 years, Star Trek continues on film and TV, and we are here to do reviews of all the new episodes while taking a look back. Join us as we Discover Star Trek!
Front Row Flashbacks is the podcast for all those 80s and 90s kids who want to jump in the Delorean and look back at the movies that made us. For many, they are classics, for everyone, they are flashbacks!
Normal Folks, some experience, lots and lots of movies.
There are some movies that simply traverse the limits of time. Movies that never age and always speak sublime truths to us all. These are the movies that will last forever. These are the movies we long to discuss. These are the Classics.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
If it's pop culture, it's at the factory! This is the Nerd News Factory Update, a podcast that gives you all the pop culture news, reviews and interviews we couldn't get to!
Virginia and Shane take on the task of watching and reviewing movies that you've probably seen before but at least one of them have not.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Emitiendo desde Radio Woodsboro, llega The Scream, el podcast exclusivo y definitivo sobre la saga del asesino con cara de fantasma... rajamos sobre la saga, la serie de Mtv, entrevistas a entendidos de la saga, Sidney Prescott, Gale Wheathers, De...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Fire Bear Republic is a weekly (ish) discussion about pop culture and media including but not limited to video games, movies, tv, insulting people and not doing our damned home work,...
Hallo hier meine Podcast Premiere mit meiner Meinung zu Tomb Raider. Falls ihr mir Feedback geben möchtet an [email protected] Viel Spaß beim zuhören.
No one ever said that being a Christian had to be boring! Comic-cons, video games, movies and more! We love our geek-doms and love to talk about them!
The Drive-In Speakerbox is a weekly radio program with sarcastic and witty reviews of film and TV, film scores and more that airs live Mondays at 8pm CST on KXUA 88.3 FM. Join The Boom Operator & The Gaffer as they play film scores, rip apart ...
Welcome to the Smut Hutt Podcast, where a group of friends makes it their mission to consume as much fanfiction as possible. There’s love, angst, fluff, drama, action, but most importantly, there’s smut. Join us as we discuss which story got us ho...
In this weekly podcast, Jordan and Catlin recap highlights of their week in hopes of making a decent podcast. Sometimes they will have specific topics they want to talk about and other times it will be whatever comes to their mind. New episodes ev...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
A show dedicated to the love of collecting toys! Each week, Jose and Danniel will discuss news, collecting, and other topics that centers around the world of toys.
I dish on tv shows, movies and life
Mein Name ist Markus Selders und ich betreibe eine kleine und feine Werbeagentur für B2B-Marketing am Technologie-Standort Aachen. Spezialisiert habe ich mich darauf, Hochwertiges, Komplexes und Erklärungsbedürftiges einfacher zu verkaufen. Von mi...
A frank discussion of religion and beliefs. We talk about religion, all religions. Our guests have different backgrounds and childhood memories of beliefs. We dive deep and search for the weird, the funny, the intriguing behaviors, stories, bel...
Join Pour Over hosts Joe and Dill as they discuss coffee, TV, and more!


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