Technology Podcasts

Technical talks, tech reviews and personality interviews from people on their software development or design journey in Africa and across the globe
We're having a #Goodchat about how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the way. So, we surveyed more than 2,200 New Zealanders to find out how we are interacting with the im...
Pushing the limits of Innovation and productivity in business and Daily Life. The Host - Marek Matuszewski - is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Startup, Product, Growth, Sales & Strategy Insights for Entrepreneurs.

Media Channels Podcast

By Multee Media Corp: Tech Podcaster & Media News
Media Channels is a Multee Media Corp Production bringing you information about the latest media trends, helpful tutorials, and commentary on the digital world around you. Digital Media Reviews, Technology Reviews, Tutorials, News and Commentary....
Gear Addicts Anonymous is a podcast created by Simon The Magpie to bring you conversations with gear builders, users and enthusiasts! All together with his Magpie Pirates community in order to control our GAS


By Bethany Daugherty & Eli Walters
We read and discuss Wikipedia articles
Tech banter for your day.
The latest tech news and reviews
Podcast pessoal de Rui Miguel Melo
We are a Dungeons and Dragons/story telling podcast that homebrew everything.
Simply Kennedy is the podcast where quirky millennial Kennedy Castillo discusses everything on her mind including: current events, movies, music, television shows, comics, beauty, fashion, news and much more!
here at the HACKS Initiative we ask the questions everyone else is too shook to: what is technology? why is everything so bad? what's my passphrase again? how do I get the header image to work? is the NSA agent watching me through my webcam my fri...
Somos apaixonados por Tecnologia com o desejo constante de simplificar o dia a dia de Desenvolvedores oferecendo soluções Eficientes e um Atendimento de Qualidade a nossos parceiros. Missão Desenvolver Sistemas de Integração para Documentos Fisca...
Breaking into the tech industry isn’t easy. Join us as we discuss the tools and strategies needed to build a successful tech startup.
Podcast voltado para fã de tecnologia trazendo discussões sobre o assunto seja inovações tecnológicas, temas sociais e inclusão digital.
Just 3 guys who drink and talk with microphones in our faces. Mostly drink.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain podcast aimed at newbies! Covering all things Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto
The Underwater Astronauts Podcast is a comedic voyage through space and time... and water.
EmTechCast hosted by the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community.
Der Podcast zu Print & Publishing aus Berlin
Cory and Clara are millennials who happen to live at home! They talk about everything from parental boundaries to home decor.
The Filabot Filacast tackles topics related to the world of 3D Printing, Recycling and filament extrusion.
Bienvenue à ce podcast de ProEfficaces en Mode Inspiration, présenté par Kim Mantha en quête sur le sujet de l’efficacité professionnelle sans presser le citron! Inscrivez-vous à l’infolettre du podcast pour plus d’information et d’extraits exclu...
Zwei Typen reden über das, was ihnen in den Sinn kommt und sie beschäftigt. Dabei entscheidet ein Zufallsgenerator über welches der 12 Themen wir für 20 Minuten sprechen. Völlig Zufällig entsteht hier also ein Podcast, der sich mit Technologie, Fi...
The development team at Codesmith sits down to discuss development topics, trends and a brief run-down on current technical news. Guests occasionally make an appearance to deep-dive into topics.
Interviews with the faces behind your books. Authors, editors, narrators, and book professionals discuss a life telling stories.

WordPress in :90 Seconds

By RegiSphere: High Speed & Secure Cloud Web Hosting
High Speed And Secure Cloud Web Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting
Podcast by This Should Work
An exploration of the social impact of blockchain technologies.
Meet Tom, and Tom. The Toms LOVE tech. The Toms love teaching consumers about tech in a down to earth kinda way. You'll laugh, cry, and learn from two of the best in this informative podcast.
"Half Stack Data Science" is a podcast by David Asboth and dr. Shaun McGirr about the realities of Data Science in the enterprise business world.
I’ve seen a bunch of movies this year, all thanks to Moviepass and its easy-to-abuse program. Now I wanna talk about ‘em!
inspirational and story writing, toy photography, and information technology
Your way to stay up to date on the latest in digital marketing.
Welcome to Hunt For Triple: The Podcast! This is a podcast where me and my friends will come on and talk about pretty much anything. Hope you enjoy
Where Too Much Technology Would Be Barely Enough
Künstliche Intelligenz zum Mitnehmen
La cultura pop con anteojos feministas. Geri Panno Burs y Mar Helman haciendo lo que mejor saben: hablar sobre libros, películas y series.
Smarthome Academy regroupe les différents acteurs du milieu du logement connecté afin de recevoir des informations pertinents à ce sujet.
The most up-to-date weekly Podcast show discussing the latest Marketing Innovations and giving Top-industry insights for every brand wanting to take their "game" to the next level. Our topics include Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Tools, Ma...
It’s a podcast about video games and the importance of play in a complicated world.
Clark Narvas tells you all the latest Tech News.
A weekly pro wrestling podcast discussing the current topics of WWE, NJPW, Ring of Honor and more.
Social Media Detox is all about how to gain back time in your life. This podcast will focus on the steps needed to use social media to your benefit and not let it consume your life and free time. But it all starts with a detox that can be challe...
Every week we pick a couple new things we've read on the internet or learned about our beloved gadgets and break them down to their simplist form so that the the average person can understand.
Kamla ka Hamla 2.0
This is a podcast by two dudes who are crypto enthusiasts. Flatline and Hashrater. Flatline brings the Technical Analysis perspective and Hashrater brings the technical perspective. This is going to surprise you, but none of this is financial a...
How artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies are transforming the law and legal profession.
Each episode will bring you the very best Trance & Progressive available on Choon. The next generation music streaming platform, co-founded by Gareth Emery and run on blockchain technology to solve the music industries most fundamental problems.
Listen to Web Creators creating amazing things on the web for website design, development, SEO, marketing, online courses, social media, WordPress.
The Ten Year Enterprise "The Podcast" is a weekly pod session series featuring entrepreneurs, creatives and go-getters as they travel along the journey from 0-1. This is part of the 10 Year Enterprise.
The mother who made a community garden, the professor who dedicated his life to parking, the architect who studied the nuances of a public bench - these are the people who make our places, well, human. Through the words of leaders, thinkers, des...
Ye olde Macintosh stuffe read to thee. Junk food for old time (pre-1999) Apple Macintosh zealots.
InnerFidelity is a headphone lifestyle site that reviews everything from the latest in ultra high-end and affordable headphones to headphone amplifiers, DACs, cables and personal audio products.
Welcome to Moon Brain Podcast the podcast where the moon is always full and our brains are absolutely scrambled.
Running on Blockchain ist der Podcast, der spannende Blockchain-Anwendungen und die Köpfe dahinter vorstellt. Die Hosts Gregor Pawlowski und Albert Heim interviewen dazu regelmäßig Experten und Unternehmer aus der deutschsprachigen Blockchain-Szen...
Something to take up some 0s and 1s on a server and hopefully make a commute go by a little faster.
Creativity, Learning, Comedy, Anecdotes.
Harrison Painter spotlights the top business leaders, startup innovators, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are moving Indiana forward!
A weekly podcast about all the latest JavaScript and web news.
Nand Kishor Bairagi
Triggered with Meg and Steph is a weekly comedy podcast that shares stories about trauma, self-care, and activism.
Streamer’s Sanctuary is a new podcast about Twitch streaming, by Twitch streamers. The show is focused on bringing you tips, help, and suggestions on making your stream better. We will have interviews with streamers to share their tips as well. Al...
RELAUNCHING ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 Discussing Stupid tackles ‘stupid’ in digital customer experience through tongue-in-cheek discussions and practical, real world examples. Hosted by Virgil Carroll, this podcast features discussions with industry...
The only podcast where gamers, not journalist, talk video games. Join Vega as he sits with other gamers to discuss all things video games. New episodes every Thursday so make sure to subscribe.
Are you thinking about implementing your own SmartHome? Not sure of what you want to control or how to start? Do you want your SmartHome to respond to your voice like it does in the movies or television? Well you’ve found the right podcast, Tech...
We are building an open data library and curation tools for the crypto asset class. Promoting transparency and smarter decision-making. Every week, we delve into current topics and issues that is happening in the crypto space. Hot takes only.
Join Brothers Mike and Eric, as they overcome the dreaded “pile of shame.” Each episode the titular hosts discuss games both old and new as well as a variety of other topics including parenting, home improvement, popular culture to name a few.
Where Neuroscience and AI Converge. Neuroscience and artificial intelligence work better together. I interview experts about their work at the interface of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The symbiosis of the two fields, how they overlap...
The M.A.G Nerd Podcast is a new show focused on bringing you quality content from the world of hip-hop Rap R&B and other music along with Anime news, reviews, discussions and previews. On the gaming side we focus on gamer news lets plays revie...
A podcast dedicated to bringing the latest news on information security and the industry - from those that work in the industry.
Welcome to the Tenta podcast, where we round up Tenta updates, technology, and privacy issues around the world. Brought to you by Jen McEwen, COO and co-founder of Tenta, your private encrypted browser.
ThunderDumps is your weekly podcast for movie reviews, comic books, video games and of course potty jokes.
There's nothing better than watching a horror flick with your favorite ghoul so settle in your crypt, curl up in a coffin, and enjoy. A flamboyant guy bringing you all the best of the worst in horror/sci-fi.

Searching for Salai

By SAP, Masters of the Technological Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci. A master of his time. A timeless icon. But everything we thought we knew about him is being called into question. A mysterious scholar has emerged, surfacing eerily specific accounts of the great master's life. He claims that he...
Do you bleed pinstripes? If so, this podcast is for you! The Pinstripe Talk Podcast is a show dedicated to the New York Yankees. Host Nick Delahanty breaks down all the latest news and updates surrounding the Bronx Bombers.
Are you stumped by an IT question? Get answers during 'askSMEanything' - the show from ITProTV where IT pros have live office hours to answer your questions submitted on Twitter. Watch live on ITProTV when you join as a free member (no credit card...
Welcome to RidicuLiz! A podcast based in Houston where we discuss all things Scandelous, Bizarre, and Downright Ridiculous! Visit us at
I'm here to pick your brain while you game! Guests are interviewed while they play video games! What will their distracted minds reveal? Interview topics consist of - anything and everything... basically all the things.
E Vehic is a Brand trying to generate awareness about Electric Vehicles in our World. Visit and enjoy the Electric Ride
Featuring Influencers who are creating a ripple effect with their gifts, wisdom, and life experiences helping people make a lasting change for a more fulfilling life thus help make this world a better place.
A podcast that explores the way technology and media shape our thoughts about God and our neighbor. In Season One, we explore how changes in technology and media - from the printing press, to television, to the Internet, and beyond - have changed...
Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers
A weekly podcast where we interview partnered and up-and-coming streamers about how to make your stream better. You can follow us on social media @TheAVYouth or at for more!

Designed Realities

By Brian Mullins, Mike French, Nick Sherman
Designed Realities explores how design will shape and empower the next wave of interactive immersive realities like AR, MR, VR and XR.
Adepte du bricolage maison, du Do It Yourself, et des montages "because I can", Neliger vous présente les nouvelles péripéties de sa quête de l'électron libre.


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