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Un podcast de jeux de rôles Made In Québec
Cornfields & Kobolds is a bi-weekly Dungeons and Dragons adventure/comedy podcast. Five friends from the American heartland, the flat expanse of the midwest, get together and play through the 5th-edition Tyranny of Dragons adventure module. Jo...
Ecos del HexaDome es el podcast en español donde nos hacemos eco de todo lo relacionado con el juego de mesa Aristeia! de la editorial Corvus Belli. Presentado por Cartesius y Khax.
Retro Reviews, Game Streaming, and Playing Together
Your Fantastic Adventure Awaits
The Squirrel Speaks is not so much a formal podcast as much as the ramblings of James M. Spahn, RPG freelance author and designer. He'll talk about whatever comes to mind.
The Fantasy Football Funhouse Podcast is your one stop for all things fantasy football with a fun twist. Sal Leto, Steven Marcuz and Kevin Cutillo will give you news, highlights and insight in a laid back and fun atmosphere. So enter the funhous...
Episódios diários (ou quase) do programa Estádio 97 da Energia97 FM de SP
Welcome to Asians Represent! Daniel Kawn and Agatha Cheng host a series of unfiltered conversations that celebrate the contributions of Asian creators to analog gaming.
LOW is a Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast set in the Neon-soaked world of Esovalon. Starring: Andrew Bentley as Aelen Logan Dean as The DM Jen Ducharme as Greta Raphael Espinoza as Ome and Kevin Gerrity as Quinn Original Music by M...

Titans of Terminus – The Hive Mind Podcasts

By "The Hive Mind Podcasts" presents: "Titans of Terminus", a show about the upcoming MMO game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Podcasts on a variety of topics.
Teasing brains, thinking laterally and solving fictional crimes. From the minds of Nika Harper and Tom Jordan!
A podcast about Hearthstone with hosts Jake Elliott and Matt Kirby.
Welcome to Renegade Fleet Command. we are an armada podcast from Brisbane, Australia. we review our own games, tournaments and new waves
Blumhouse presents FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Game Master David Ian McKendry as he takes players Morgan Peter Brown, Cara Mandell, Jeff Seidman, Megan Duffy, Rob Schrab, Josh Forbes and Clarke Wolfe on a weekl...
This is a D&D homebrew campaign that I DM with some online friends. The world, lore, races, and deities are ones that I have completely made up. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tales-of-urural/support
Pod Monstres Trésors, c'est le podcast dont vous êtes l'auditeur et où nous sommes le héros ! Tout les mois Gaewen, Fonz & Winston vont jouer des coudes pour ne pas mourir au détour d'une page. 1 Heure, 1 Héros, 3 joueurs !
An Exalted Actual Play Podcast from the Crew of The Deliberative
Just your typical band of shitty adventurers pretending we know how to podcast
Welcome to The Wild Wormhole, a podcast all about the card game KeyForge!
Ziggy iz da troll what plays da musics, tells da big thoughts, and helps all da shadow type peoples wit da weather. #shadowrun #incharacter
This is Welcome To The Crucible, a podcast all about the new card game from FFG - KeyForge!
Welcome to Bell's Run. It's a troubled town cut off from civilization. We follow the adventures of a farmer named Waylon Virur, an apprentice Druid called Day, and a student of the College of Avarn, Ichabod Pike. These unassuming folk find themsel...
Your weekly fix of Heroes of the Storm and HGC news!
A series of recorded roleplaying games played on a Monday night in Birmingham in the UK.
cEDH is not a 4 letter word. We are here to bring players together in the Vancouver/Portland/Salem metro area. We're just 2 idiots who love EDH.
A Scottish Bolt Action and K47 podcast. #BaRaw
Each Week Toni & Bobby sit down to discuss the things they love and dont love so much about Animal Crossing!!
Tales from the Lich is a retired actual-play podcast.
Four gamers, four topics - a board game discussion show hosted by Dan “Shoe” Hsu and his video game industry friends!
In this Podcast, team Gameosity talking about everything board game related.
The Industry Insider Interview show of Misdirected Mark Productions
Ever wanted to create your own tabletop RPG? Imagine it: a gleaming, glorious system combining everything you love about gaming and dropping the crap you can’t stand. Embark on a D.I.Y. docu-quest for tabletop roleplaying perfection as we design,...
Brian Lenz, Patrick Havert, and Allen Enyart Discuss trends and Board Gaming news.
Groundpunch’s Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG podcast
Welcome to Lack of Focus, a podcast focused on discussing Fantasy Flight Games's X-Wing: Miniatures Game
Sacrosanct is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play Podcast set in a Forgotten Realms alternate reality featuring a cast of three elven women and one large, grumpy dragonborn.
This Game Is Stupid (And I Hate It) is yet another podcast about board games, tabletop gaming and the community surrounding. Stemming from having our favorite modern strategy board games turn us into grown man babies. we hope to add to the discus...
Join our hosts as they dive into the story behind the board games we love with the people who created them. Through quick and meaningful interviews with board game creators, Rebecca and Lauren will highlight different perspectives and focus on top...
Discordant Dungeons is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e) campaign played for our enjoyment and recorded for yours! Updates Fridays.
Two nerds telling nerd tales, talking nerd topics, reviewing nerd things, visiting nerd places...
Welcome to DM Dad, a podcast about running Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs for kids. A great way to spend time with your family, now that your friends are too old and have all moved away.
Welcome to 'The Dunhallow Mystery', a tabletop live play of psychological horror using the ENnie award-winning Best Game & Product Of The Year Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG.
A regular discussion in Q and A format about table top board games and gaming. Hosted By Sean Stephens and featuring the Tabletop Bellhop himself, Moe Tousignant, board game connoisseur and aficionado.
Welcome to the Bonehead Podcast where we talk All Things Blood Bowl.
The Amber Clave is an Actual Play Numenera podcast released biweekly.

Lost In The Multiverse: A D&D Podcast

By Dash Kwiatkowski, Sam Haft, Cathy Humes, Brandi Ball, Jesse Nowack
Four adventurers are forced to right cosmic wrongs across the multiverse.
A real-play RPG podcast where the characters shift between universes, AND rules systems, chasing the killer of their friends.
A band of unlikely ruffians, with a doomed fate at the hands of an oppressive empire, take to the seas in this high-risk, high-reward, storytelling adventure. Let's see what their future holds.
I try to start each episode with three questions. What was your first Nintendo Console? Which is the first Nintendo Console you've bought with your own money? Which is your favorite Nintendo Console? Then we are off to the races...
Red Shell Radio is a biweekly show where Bobby the Nintendo Guru and Pat of NintenTalk take your calls LIVE on the air via Discord.
A podcast all about the world wide hit Magic: The Gathering! Join Nick and Lucas a couple times a week as they discuss their love, recent experiences, and knowledge (or lack there of) of the game! Enjoy!!
Adventurers! Are you hungry for fame? Fortune? Justice? Well, we don’t have any of that here—just pizza and good times. Stop in for a taste of Slice and Dice, an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring two cats and a gnome delivering pi...
Dungeons Sans Dragons - Season 1: "...But Dragons" Welcome to Sigil, domain of the Lady of Pain, center of the multiverse, and home to everyone anyone needs to know to survive. Join Natalie Barillaro as Clangorous, V Silverman as Tal, Bex Taylor-K...
If we ran Nintendo is a podcast where Bobby, Sean, & Jason take current Nintendo topics and give their point of view how they would do things if they ran Nintendo.
Welcome to the SERIES PREMIERE of EXTREME DROWESS: An All-Girl All-Drow Adventure Through the Underdark! IN THIS PODCAST we play D&D with writers, cosplayers, actresses, and the occasional guest star. Starring: VictoriBelle as Akroma Oros, D...
This is a podcast dedicated to Dust 1947 and newer gamers coming into the table top scene.
Two avid gamers discuss their favorite games, streaming, and more. With special guests! The Overachievers are Charlie Anderson (@Vvash) and Dominic Galeano (@ashipastrami). Follow us on IG & Twitter (@overachievers.podcast & @overachiev...
Official site for Saving Throw! The web show that teaches you not only how to play RPGs, but why.
Podden från Brädspelens Sjunde Cirkel
Follow the idiotic hi-jinks of the internet's two most lovable fantasy football personalities, Derek Frei and Sam Twoburritos.
Follow us on Twitter: @Gentlemen_geek
If you're here reading this then you've probably heard the term "Puro Ka Laro!" from someone. If that's the case, Welcome! Our podcast is all about video games, board games and all kinds of geekery in this small part of geekology we call Gaming! E...
Calculated Risks: An Eberron Adventure is an actual play podcast set in the world of Eberron using D&D 5th Edition. Starring R P Davis, Alina Popescu, Mike Suteu, and featuring Dungeon Master Travis Legge. Watch LIVE on Twitch Fridays 10 am CS...
Aidan and Ilan talk about the issues that really matter... Comics & Toys!
Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest
The Gaming Disquisition with Sam Kramer and Mark Boutet. Sam and Mark take their natural propensity for arguing and go co-op and versus on all topics gaming and geekery.
The boys at Eldorado studio talk about all things gaming.
Join longtime tokusatsu fan Alba and his friend Tad (completely fresh to the genre) as they watch various shows under the tokusatsu banner. First up on the list is Kamen Rider W! [Part of http://www.lmtya.com ]
Pitch and Pint, a weekly podcast that combines Fantasy Premier League football and beer. Show airs in conjunction with the FPL season, providing information for your FPL team, while reviewing beer and talking about home brewing and beer related news.
From deep within the fallout shelter, you are listening to Roundtable Radio!
A short format podcast, running 30-45 minutes, where we discuss a single train game we played in the preceding fortnight. Rich descriptions, zen reflections and meandering musings often feature. Empirical ratings (mostly) do not.
The Game Haus Staff writers talk about all the latest League Championship Series Action
Some nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons
Podcasts changones para el adulto contemporaneo, hablamos de series de televisión, videojuegos, tecnología, entretenimiento y de muchas tonterías.
Get the latest gaming news and updates. From new releases to patch notes for your multiplayer games. Direct from the Silver Tryhards.
Around the Aether Cooler is a Magic: The Gathering podcast centered around 4 Magic content creators: SeibenLore of the Aether Hub, NizzahonMagic, BadwolfMTG and Mike from Mythic Tales. Each week they chat about current community topics, strategy f...
¡Bienvenido! Malditos Games es el podcast semanal de Malditos Nerds donde debatimos a fondo todo lo que estamos jugando en la redacción: novedades, juegos clásicos o incluso alguno que haya quedado de backlog. ¡Malditos Games es un podcast dedicad...
It's what you get all the time, our unsolicited opinions!
The premise of the podcast is to take outrageous hypothetical situations and discuss how we would respond. Each week, one or more guests join Michael to dive deep into the world of outrageousness.
An Actual Play Podcast following Jacque and Charlene as they go through their new strange lives in the heart-warming town of Heartbeats.
Ihr wollt lachen, dann haben wir etwas für euch. In unserer Show "Brettspiele schön vertönt" werden Brettspiele aus einem anderen Blickwinkel betrachtet. Wenn ihr aber lieber Kritik und Lob über Brettspiele hören möchtet, dann sei euch unsere Show...
Follow the Leader is an actual play podcast with a focus on telling character-driven stories through the use of GMless tabletop games where we can all take the lead.

Free Roll 5 Podcast

By Free Roll 5 Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A five player D&D 3.5 podcast taking on a new adventure in an all original world.
JB Publishing the creator of One-Page Adventures for Swords & Wizardry and other OSR systems.
Board Games Are For Losers is a podcast where two friends with the same name talk about everything board game related and introduce new players to the hobby in an entertaining attempt to dispel the notion that board games are for losers. On each ...
A look behind the curtain of an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
Our story takes place in Naristal, where a dark force has been spreading throughout the land, infecting people's hearts and minds. In secret, an organization has been formed with the sole purpose of hunting the cause of this darkness and bringing ...
Tom Clancys The Division
SFTP is where the star of the Super Fun Network gather around to play some tabletop games and have fun! Currently, the group of Tanner, Duncan, Lindsay, and Ryan are going though Pokemon Tabletop United, in a story know as "Adventures in the Mill...
Balls Up is a podcast made by footy fans, for footy fans. If it's in-depth expert analysis you're looking for, you won't get it here. Hosted by Pedestrian.TV's Head of Editorial / GWS Giants fan Josie Rozenberg-Clarke and Music & Culture Edito...
A repository of Greater Than Games audio - streaming events, convention panels, and more!


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