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This is the 4hackrr podcast - A show that inspires you to be creative and motivates you to tinker with electronics. Are you ready?
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Daily news about Dogs,
A podcast for my random thoughts in life. ^^ 23 | Aspiring Speaker | College Student taking AB in Theology.
The My Hero Academia podcast discusses the manga and anime as well as news and more!
Blumhouse presents FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Game Master David Ian McKendry as he takes players Morgan Peter Brown, Cara Mandell, Jeff Seidman, Megan Duffy, Rob Schrab, Josh Forbes and Clarke Wolfe on a weekl...
Mills Has Friends is about friendship and the key component to any friendship, conversation. Each show features a guest that is a genuine friend of mine and we discuss our friendship and the things that bring us together. Come listen as we learn m...
An Exalted Actual Play Podcast from the Crew of The Deliberative
We get down and dirty with every corner of the nerdiverse. If you can nerd out over it, we cover it.
Join our cast of weebs : Rizki, Ares, Jonic and friends discussing anime, manga, convention drama and everything related to J-Culture in Indonesia.
On secret knowledge we will discuss topics just out side the normal. The occult, paranormal, conspiracy, strange mysteries, and anything else just out side of the safe and normal.
The Land & Legacy podcast revolves around the life of the whitetail deer. This podcast will cover a variety of topics including habitat management and food plot design as well as hunting strategy and insight from seasoned hunting professional...
My name is Jairo Gonzalez. I have many emotions and opinions. Let me share them with you. Then we can Pack our Lunch and Get to Work!
Christophe Noiseux et Jean-François Pujante. Et vous, la protection de l'environnement, vous la déclinez comment ? En Auvergne comme ailleurs, il y a les modes du moment et il y a ce qui s'inscrit dans la durée.
Erevos Podcast is the first spotlight on a newly created group that will inhabit the world of Erevos, a living campaign setting where multiple groups are playing in the same cities, meeting the same Non Player characters and facing the same devast...
A Scottish Bolt Action and K47 podcast. #BaRaw
He du! Wenn du das hier gerade liest, kannst du hoffentlich auch hören. In diesem Fall wären alle Voraussetzungen für unseren Podcast da. Lausch doch einmal rein!
Toda Quinta sozinho ou acompanhado eu Gabriel Tadeu, falo sobre algo que pode ser a evolução dos desenhos ou a final da NBA.
This is DCCollectors Radio, the official podcast for DCCollectors.com. We will explore the ins and outs of collecting toys and collectibles based on the characters from DC Comics, as well as talk about the big events going on in DC Comics film, TV...
Brian Lenz, Patrick Havert, and Allen Enyart Discuss trends and Board Gaming news.
Un programa de reseñas y críticas de los eventos estudiantiles, deportivos y culturales, tanto en Campus Monterrey como otros. Cada programa cuenta con invitados especiales, ya sean personas internas a los talleres/grupos representativos o externo...
제주 사사모가 운영하는 팟케스트입니다. 사회사업과 관련한 이야기들, 제주 사회복지 이야기 등을 나눌 예정입니다.
This is the Yarn Alchemist podcast with me, Francoise Danoy. And here, we examine the mindset and mechanism roadblocks that are holding you back from manifesting your full potential as a knitwear designer.
Welcome to the ‘Mastering The Game Of Life’ podcast. Something that’s never been attached to Paul is the label ‘normal’ – for which he is immensely proud. He definitely subscribes to being one of those mentioned – in the Steve Jobs quote: “Here...
This is Donald Ball Photography talking about everything Photography - Enjoy the Show
Hola amigos este programa va a ser de todo lo relacionado con la gastronomía ya sean recetas de cocina, entrevistas a grandes chef, entrevistas a cocineros, entrevistas a todo el mundo relacionado con la cocina, nuevos restaurantes, comida gourmet.
Interview d'organisateur de manifestation en bord de mer
Pour ne rien manquer des fêtes et festivals de l'été en Bretagne.
Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) Tabletop Roleplay adventures in the world of JRR Tolkien. With the guys from i-gameonline.
Two nerds telling nerd tales, talking nerd topics, reviewing nerd things, visiting nerd places...
Sit down with two sisters who talk about knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, & HPKCHC!
Two Dad Dudes Reviewing Comic Books in a Garage.
Bench Fodder, a comedy podcast about FPL, football, and life. Alex (Never outside the top 15K in the last three seasons), and Steve (Never inside the top 5 million, EVER) offer good/DREADFUL advice on teams, players, health and all that good stuff...
WatchBox traders Jason and Josh give weekly breakdowns of the pre-owned luxury watch market. As traders that spend their days buying and selling certified pre-owned luxury watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Pig...
The Amber Clave is an Actual Play Numenera podcast released biweekly.
Bob and Josh work A LOT at I Like To Make Stuff. The No Instructions podcast is a dedicated time for them to play with toys, build Lego sets and chat about life, kids and nerd culture. And of course, the show can often go in really random directio...
Every episode hosts Hugh Benson and Tim George take a deep dive into the world of everything Bond. Every episode is an hour-long discussion of something Bond-related, whether that be a book, film, video game, documentary. As far as guests on the ...
Knitting, crochet, spinning, and fiber podcast. Following the fiber adventures of the indie dyer behind Fairy Tale Knits.

Lost In The Multiverse: A D&D Podcast

By Dash Kwiatkowski, Sam Haft, Cathy Humes, Brandi Ball, Jesse Nowack
Four adventurers are forced to right cosmic wrongs across the multiverse.
Porque aqui você PodBrisar!
A podcast featuring reviews and news on yarn, fiber and spinning also gin drinks. Your host is Erin James the head fiber artist of Crafty Housewife yarns and the crafty housewife YouTube Channel. There will also be guest spinners and crafters. co...

Gardens, weeds and words

By Andrew O'Brien: gardener, blogger, podcaster
A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing. With Andrew O'Brien.
Finally, a place where your voices can be heard. No longer will you have to explain yourselves at social gatherings, or to family members and friends who don't know how 20 sided dice saved you from near death. Here at the "Ghetto Geek Squad" we kn...
Four friends united by a shared love of beer and a lack of knowledge, on a mission to educate themselves to at least a pre-school standard. This is the podcast to listen to if you have curiosity for beer but don't know your hop from your elbow! Jo...
...and podcasts about them
This is a podcast dedicated to Dust 1947 and newer gamers coming into the table top scene.
Eric and Puca will be talking about life in Long Island and giving you their personal opinion on different kind of life experiences. We'll be mentioning everything that has inspired us from getting a haircut to dealing with a break-up! Hope you al...
A gente fala de tudo e não fala de nada. Tudo do ponto de vista de quatro jovens adultos que buscam viver a vida numa boa.
Nic and Joe are business partners and co-founders of Infinity Aquarium Design in Los Angeles, CA. They create the most amazing, high-end custom aquariums that money can buy with their wonderful blends of Art and Science. Their journey along the ...
A play by post superhero game that unintentionally became a podcast. Serialized "pseudo-hero" stories told by a coupla nerds. The 'Berg is a sprawling Rust Belt city that all manner of costumed adventurers, time-travelers, space aliens, demi-gods,...
Thoughts On Comics is a weekly podcast featuring two friends and comic book creators, Julius Thompson and Damien Cornejo, discussing a new comic book or graphic novel every week. Each episode they are joined by a featured guest as they discuss t...
If you have a passion for animals, then you are going to love the Animals at Home Podcast! This show brings all members of the animal community, from pet hobbyists to wildlife experts, together under one roof to discuss anything and everything ani...
The Gaming Disquisition with Sam Kramer and Mark Boutet. Sam and Mark take their natural propensity for arguing and go co-op and versus on all topics gaming and geekery.
Join Fibre Muses Frenchie, Claire and Chelsea for bi-monthly discussions about our passion and love for fiber. We’re on a mission to start a movement. We believe that our art and work as knitters can make a difference. More than ever, this craft, ...
This is the 1st podcast entirely about the Electric Skateboarding Community! Hosted by Paul Wilson, founder of Esk8Shop.com, the show covers everything to do with Esk8.
Do you hear the ocean beckoning you? Does your love of boats know no bounds? Are you a true crime devotee? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the podcast for you. Join me, Caroline and my co-host Stan as we discuss well-known a...
Your Station For All Things Geek
A podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities, with Kaylee and Alexis. New episodes the last Tuesday of every month!
Knitventure Awaits
Every two weeks, the Kickstarter Games Team will interview two games creators and try to force them to become friends in roughly 30 minutes.
A short format podcast, running 30-45 minutes, where we discuss a single train game we played in the preceding fortnight. Rich descriptions, zen reflections and meandering musings often feature. Empirical ratings (mostly) do not.
Ciclo de Podcast "Conversatorio sobre la reinvención de la radio en la Convergencia Digital". La mirada y el análisis de los especialistas, docentes, profesionales y los investigadores del mundo radiofónico en la Convergencia Digital.
Squad Tactica is a Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team podcast focused on Kill Teams and the narritaves they forge. We will talk about the Kill Team rules, fluff, squad building, customization, personal narritave and battle reps. This is a show all about K...
Especialistas em nada, falando sobre tudo
Every other week two friends get together on TeamSpeak to talk about whatever randomness pops in their heads.
An actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast following the misadventures of high-fantasy secret agents
¡Bienvenido! Malditos Games es el podcast semanal de Malditos Nerds donde debatimos a fondo todo lo que estamos jugando en la redacción: novedades, juegos clásicos o incluso alguno que haya quedado de backlog. ¡Malditos Games es un podcast dedicad...

Ваш дом

By Радио "Комсомольская правда"
Все, что относится к дому и его содержимому, станет интересной темой для разговора. Наш дом (Издательский дом "Комсомольская правда") — ваш дом! Будем дружить домами!
公众号:粤语先生 功能介绍: 每天学一句粤语:包括“日常生活”、“旅行粤语”、“餐厅用语”、“歌曲影视”等等。 适宜人群: 任何水平的粤语学习爱好者,零基础也适合; 学习目标: 每天只花五分钟时间“包括听、说、练”,跟着学一些实用语句,应用在工作、旅行、娱乐等方面。
公众号:粤语先生 功能介绍: 学习最有趣的粤语粤语VS普通话(Cantonese VS Mandarin) 粤语VS英语(Cantonese VS English) 适宜人群: 任何水平的粤语学习爱好者,零基础也适合; 学习目标: 能用粤语旅行、工作、听歌、看影视剧等;了解粤语、普通话及英语间的关系。
Vous connaissez le Zoo Parc de Beauval mais vous ne connaissez pas tous les animaux que vous pouvez y voir. Marc Yvan vous emmène dans les enclos avec les soigneurs et vous propose de les « voir » de près.
The premise of the podcast is to take outrageous hypothetical situations and discuss how we would respond. Each week, one or more guests join Michael to dive deep into the world of outrageousness.
L'histoire des stations thermales en Auvergne, les secrets de leur architecture, les métiers qui animent aujourd'hui ces lieux de bien-être expliqués dans Les Accros du Peignoir
Toutes les manifestations pour vous permettre de passer un bel été à Orléans
Life’s crazy, why not get away and listen in to what others have to say. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry or you’ll just plain ask yourself WTH have I gotten myself into. But one thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored with our shenanigans.
Les Bases De Loisirs Normandes FBN (Rouen)
Du lundi au vendredi, un baladeur vous fait découvrir les plus beaux lieux de la région pour profiter de l'été sans bouger de chez vous
An Actual Play Podcast following Jacque and Charlene as they go through their new strange lives in the heart-warming town of Heartbeats.
Get the best in Comic, Cosplay and other Nerd News, based in Baltimore
We go over the latest geeky topics of the week while being nerdy!
No experience necessary. Some assembly required. We aren't experts. We are just excited to learn, build, fail, and repeat. Come learn and make with us.
Yoann Kerpedron vous propose l'objet indispensable à posséder pour passer un bel été branché.
Les bons plans week-end de l'été FB Bourgogne
Les sorties week-end de l'été FB Bourgogne
Les bons plans de l'été FB Bourgogne
Les sorties de l'été FB Bourgogne
A bookish podcast encouraging you to read what you want, not what you "should". Book reviews, ramblings, recommendations, and rants. Your comments are also read on the air, sparking insightful and fun book discussions!
You like comic books and all things comic book related? Then this the podcast for you, my friend!


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