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Let’s face it, we were all born into life with scripts, labels, expectations, and set road maps but many just like we did, once upon a time ended up feeling unfulfilled. There had to be more just merely existing. More than routine, more than livin...
Welcome to Matthew Magsakay's Podcast. I just talk about stuff I wanna talk about and stuff you guys would listen to. If you like what I'm doing check me out on YouTube, Matthew Magsakay
The Expert Connection aims to have experts in the construction industry talk with your host Aggi K regarding their discipline. You will hear from contractors, salesperson, appraisers, inspectors and many others.
The ‘What I Love about Men’ podcast is here to improve communication between men and women, through the psychology of attraction and gender intelligence!
Welcome to Th3 Break podcast, where we talk about anything interesting.
This podcast is about living a healthy, fit, balanced life 365 days a year. Simone Maybin, MD, NSCA-CPT discusses common issues in the health & fitness industry to help make others aware of their choices.
Bienvenidos al Podcast de Global Community Networkers. Equipo de profesionales con 15 años de experiencia en la industria de Redes de Mercadeo.
Talking in this podcast about some deefstuff from aliens to the universe to the ancient times and more what comes to mind becuz life is a giant puzzle so lets talk about it 👌
The Fuller Story podcast has a singular purpose... we interview Thought Leaders to share their story and challenge the belief about what entrepreneurship looks like! #MyFullerStory Every thought leader has a story... tell yours!
This conversation is needed now more than ever - FINANCES!!! LIFE SUCCESS!!! AND Building actual WEALTH...How? Let’s talk!
We are two Teenagers that are interested in Cryptozoology, Paranormal, aliens and we talk about random things and Cryptozoology
Welcome to Audio podcasts by Abimbola Banu-Ogundere where amazing conversations happen to foster personal and professional growth in individuals and organisations.
Blissness® School's Tao of Business Law talks to exceptional entrepreneurs to discover how they combine their passion with their purpose in business.
Disruptive Adventism is about interrupting the interruptions of life. With principles, conversations, and lessons to live a better life.
Shop Talk aims to make real estate agents better at their jobs by featuring unique subjects and interviews with professionals working within the real estate industry.
This podcast is intended to be a fun tool to help you get and stay motivated to reach your desired goals! This podcast is anticipated to contain successful guest speakers, goal achievers, and obstacle surmounters! With motivational background musi...
Feeling stuck about where to begin as an entrepreneur? You’ve got a skill that can benefit others, one that will make your everyday life more purposeful. If you’re an emerging entrepreneur who wants to build a service-based business that will crea...
Podcast about expanding your Agile journey
Have you ever worked a job you hated or pursued a degree you weren't all too sure you'd enjoy only because you didn't know what else to do? Are you on a path that you thought would lead you to a bright future, but are now struggling to overcome th...
LinkedInForBusiness è il canale podcast creato da Leonardo Bellini, autore di "Come usare LinkedIn per il tuo Business" e di "LinkedIn Tips".". Iscrivendoti al canale riceverai spunti e suggerimenti per rendere più efficace e orientata al business...
Working While Homeschooling is all about making it possible - to work AND homeschool! Working While Homeschooling‘s mission is to help homeschooling parents make money and maybe even have a “career” while continuing to homeschool, without losing t...
Brett Szemple’s journey into the world of Beekeeping in north and mead making. Northeast Pennsylvania > Bradford County > Evergreen
Promoting Public Interest and Awareness of Christianity || Spiritual Formation || Socio-Cultural Awareness || Essential Leadership
Lectures, Sermons, and Q&A sessions by R.J. Rushdoony, founder of the Chalcedon Foundation, and the Christian Reconstruction Reformation.
Wellness, Speaking, Expeditions
Natural Nail Care, nail care products, educational information for techs and clients, upcoming classes and shows.....Everything Nails. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This podcast is designed for my students if they missed class or just want to re-hear a lesson.
Welcome to the After Office Hours podcast, a place for students in my English classes to find supplemental information, study tips, step-by-step guides to completing assignments, and extra credit opportunities. This podcast combats the challenge o...
Fridays with Lisa is a collective reflection of Lisa’s attempt to express her conscious streams of thoughts. Lisa was born and raised in Malaysia, studied and worked in Singapore at the turn of the century, and is now living in the United States.
I’m black I talk black and I’m here to raise our thoughts to a higher self. No I don’t hate anyone but I stand for my people and my people need me to stand. Knowledge is a must I speak only what I know what I don’t know I just don’t. Become a s...
Nous parlons de l’actualité des jeux concours, et divers sujets
Welcome to my sharing along my amazing journey with Self-Directed Soulful Education.
Archiv des täglich erscheinenden Anerzählt Podcasts
Giving You The Inspiration What I do
Interviews of young successful people from urban and diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things
Welcome to the fatherhood initiative community. A non judgmental community of Dads dedicated to #DAD=Doing Amazing Daily
Profiling the latest in galleries, libraries, archives and museums research.
#IJustFinishedUni is a podcast of 4 friends who met at uni and are experiencing the trials and tribulations life throws at them since finishing uni. Discussing the realities of work, relationships, money and goodness me - SO MUCH MORE!!! Joel
A tattooing podcast for those whom regert nothing.
Faded Podcast - Rory Sevajian (@fadedinc • Instagram) Happiness & Success in the Beauty & Barber Industry.
Vida de estagiário não é nada fácil, conheça um pouco mais sobre a vida desses jovens.

Loving Wayward Souls

By IBCD - Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship
What do you do when someone you love leaves? And how do you pursue someone who has hurt you, who has sinned against you? Whether you are dealing with an unfaithful marriage partner, a rebellious child, or a wayward friend, the counsel you offer n...
Allah para subir el ánimo del Profeta (saw) y mostrarle la importancia de su mensaje y misión, le concedió un milagro grandioso: el viaje nocturno y la ascensión a los cielos. Dice Allah en el Corán rememorando este milagro: “Glorificado sea Quie...
В этом подкасте вы узнаете, как зарабатывать в интернете, как создать источники пассивного дохода и освободиться от офисной работы раз и навсегда! Освоим онлайн-бизнес вместе:)
Kolmiosainen podcast käsittelee teknologian kehityksen vaikutusta tulevaisuuden työelämään, koulutukseen ja oppimiseen. Sarja kuuluu Teknologiateollisuus ry:n MyTech-ohjelmaan, joka on kouluille suunnattu luonnontieteellisten alojen ja teknologiak...
Bite-sized bursts of inspiration and ideas for instrumental and vocal music teachers.
A podcast from Sno-Isle Libraries for lifelong learners with inquiring minds. Check It Out! introduces the amazing people who work at, use and collaborate with the library district – and all of the services it offers to residents of Washington Sta...
A podcast about people doing something positive to make the world a better place.
Bnei Noach Brasil with Rav Yacov Gerenstadt
Girls' LEAP's monthly podcast.
A podcast about art institutions from the perspective of people of color. We talk to artists, museum workers, and people of color about the past, present, and future of art institutions.
The Expert Connection with Trish Leto talks about business trends in regard to the digital world as well as provides tips and tricks to find success online and be seen.
A podcast about the lies we tell ourselves and the truths we need to know. Mishal Moore and Meghan Tonjes use their personal stories and life lessons to give you the no-filter-no-bs advice your friends should be giving you.
Binaural three-dimensional atmospheric recordings of locations and spaces. Great for relaxation, study, or meditation. Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound the way human ears hear it. In fact, the word “binaural” literally just means...
With this show, we want to help you get better acquainted with and connected to Smoketown Elementary School. This show is for all members of the Smoketown community including students, parents, families, and staff. In each episode, you'll hear a...


By American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS)
The LTC DON Chat is a podcast brought to you by the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services. Our experts and guest speakers cover the hottest topics and breaking news in long-term care nurse leadership.
Coffee with an Indian, is a tribal-social-podcast-platform for all things uniquely indigenous. Basically, we get ridiculously caffeinated—then, from a (raw) tribal perspective, intelligently assess everything! Our mission, is to stimulate constr...
RE Verb - Real Estate Wholesale Industry Talk and Discussion. Learn about being a property dealer and how to work in the real estate wholesale industry
This is BIJTG, a podcast where two black woman doctoral students discuss the trials and tribulations that one must go through on the path to putting Dr. in front of their names.
Conoce sobre los recursos mentales y emocionales que existen dentro de ti para llevarte a elevar el potencial de tu vida y desarróllalos.
The Marketing Revolution Podcast is more than just a Podcast; it’s a different way of thinking. It’s a movement of ingenuity; a paradigm shift from the outdated conventional way of marketing your company. If you are reading this, chances are you...
The collection of David Wood's public academic debates
Roberto Tranjan é empresário, educador, conferencista e escritor que atua na área dos negócios, das empresas e do trabalho. Dentre as suas diversas áreas de conhecimento, destacam-se as relacionadas com o exercício da liderança, da gestão por val...
Walkabout in Arnhem Land, education, nature connection, place, culture and community. Most of these episodes will be audio recordings based on pieces of my blog at
Conversations about the tips, tricks, and taboos of emergency nursing. A peek behind the hospital curtain at issues and ideas that seldom get discussed.
A Creativity, Music Production and Drumming Podcast. Hi Everyone! Thank You for listening. If you are creative, make music or play an instrument, this podcast is for you. I'll be covering Creativity from many angles, Music Production and TONS of ...
The Learning Geeks podcast is dedicated to those that passionately support the world in experiencing better learning. The podcast is hosted by three learning professionals - Bob Gerard, Dana Koch, and Jake Gittleson. In each monthly episode, we de...
Home to a rich collection of more than 30,000 works of art, and just as many stories, the Milwaukee Art Museum is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Whether we're focusing on works in the Collection, traveling exhibitions, or the history of t...
Podcast inc. est un podcast hebdomadaire qui s’adresse aux entrepreneurs, travailleurs autonomes et dirigeants francophones qui désirent promouvoir leur activité professionnelle en utilisant le podcast comme moyen de créer du contenu. Par le biais...
A podcast about getting authentic, being yourself, and not being afraid who you are, with Mark LeBusque and Kate Boorer
La première loi de la géographie s'énonce clairement par cette boutade : « Tout interagit avec tout mais deux choses voisines ont plus de chances d'entrer en interaction que deux choses lointaines ». Dans ce cours, on explicitera la...
We welcome all people regardless race, gender, political party, sexual orientation or background to learn about your 2nd Amendment civil rights and many facets of firearms ownership. We discuss legislation, gear, guns, training and gun culture whi...
每天一段情景对话,助你告别「哑巴法语」 Bonjour,我是妹姐,有5年法语教学经验,曾任教于北京新东方。2016年从巴黎索邦大学毕业,并以95分近满分的成绩获得了DALF C2,也就是法语学习最高语言文凭。 1.多数人说不好法语的原因都不过这三点: ①发音不准确 ②缺乏实用语料 ③重复遍数不够 2.这个专栏能帮你做什么? ① 提升你的发音准确性 ② 积累真正实用的语料 ③ 循序渐进地说好法语 更有【法语开口说】微信小程序, 配套打卡练习和一对一点评。 加妹姐微信:meijie_fr 参与...
Through this platform, I will be sharing things that I have learned and experienced which will hopefully emulate some light and joy into your lives.
This is a show where we have scholarly conversations with anyone about anything because we can. We appreciate the importance of conversations and opinions because as Plato says “Opinion is the medium between Ignorance and Knowledge”. Join Yinka an...
Welcome to Podcasting 99.3, where we make podcasting 1.7 easier than Podcasting 101. And we're at 99.3 WBTV-LP and the Media Factory in Burlington, VT.
Welcome to iGnite Spark. Today in our first brief podcast we'll be talking about why one should prefer books over audio/visual content. Help us know how can we improve.
Alright, we’re all a bit ignorant and self absorbed. Making sure we realize what the facts of any given situation are, allows us to create informed opinions and views. Decision making is a lot easier when you understand what the quandary or topic ...
This podcast is all about Life in general and also about Addiction and being in recovery
Everyone dreams about how they want their life to look, but not everyone has the same level of opportunity to fulfill these dreams. Some of us grow up in loving families with solid support systems, while some of us are born into hardship and trau...
This is the Time Machine Talk Show where we go back in time to discuss topics from the AP World History Book "Ways of the World" by Robert W. Strayer and Eric W. Nelson. Students in AP classes nationwide can tune in and listen as we unpack importa...
見た目も中身も魅力的で、女性として輝いている人へのインタビュー番組。台本なし、脚色もなしでリアルな彼女たちの人生ストーリーにステップイン。「どうしてそんな人生が送れるの?」「みんなと何が違うの?」の何気ない疑問を紐解きます。 ”本当はこんなことがやってみたい!でも具体的にどうしたら良いか分からない” "やりたいこと?そんなの良く分からない。どうやって見つければいいの?" "私は〇〇じゃないから、そんなの無理" 一見特別に見える人たちにも、みんなと同じように悩んだ日々がありました。 10...
Welcome to real talk radio where interesting topic will sure grab your attention
Bothsides, a podcast about singleness, relationships, and every day life...


By Success Academy Podcast - Nick Sharma
Success Academy podcast is packed with lessons, tips, tricks, testimonials and interviews on building a Successful Mindset to achieve Wealth, Good Health & Abundance.
Welcome to Building an Empire ! This podcast is my step by step process of building my first business from scratch . I’ll be taking you every of the way to close the gap of the over nite success . Join me while I Build An Empire.
Here I talk about education, hiking, exercise or whatever else I’m thinking about.
Podcast das aulas do Seminário Teológico Jethro International. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ground Zero Don't die Podcast is show about two industry professionals discussing their experiences and opinions about Recovery, Drug and Alcohol use, the Opiate epidemic, and the Drug and Alcohol treatment industry in general. This Podcast is in...
This is Black Ed Talk! We cover everything education centering black students from perspectives of black educators. #BlackEdTalk #BlackKids #BlackEducators #BlackPerspectives #JustBE Become a supporter of this podcast:
A podcast with North Bay CUE teachers and administrators.


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