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Hi, my name is Birtha and I love to talk

The Golden Ghouls

By Alyssa Minnis, Emily Alston and Kyley Smiley
Lifelong paranormal lovers Alyssa Minnis, Emily Alston, and Kyley Smiley share their personal experiences, along with those of friends, family, guests and beyond.
Co-hosts Vito and Alan navigate the forefront of an essential comedy scene as two door guys working at a world famous comedy club in San Francisco (that shall not be named for legal reasons). Join them as they interview the local up-and-coming tal...
A variety show-turned-podcast, The BroadCast Podcast hosted by two likable unladylike ladies, Erica Tamposi and EmmaVP, covers the intersection of sports and pop culture by way of not-so-hard-hitting interviews with notable broads and bros in the ...
Lady Ish covers all the fun and ridiculous lady thangs your momma never told you about and most likely, never knew. I explore the psyche behind actions women take in their 30's vs 20's and the unexplored stories of women who have lived less than c...
Anne & Ruben sind Mitte zwanzig, Musiker, wohnen in einer Großstadt und schlafen, quatschen & trinken miteinander in einem Bett. Falls du ihnen dabei zuhören willst, kannst du dich hier gerne dazulegen. Also hereinspaziert, Schuhe aus, beq...
Welcome to it’s a special day .I will probably make you laugh or cry or completely annoyed . I’m a crazy Sagittarius living in my own little world and I want to share with you .The good and the bad news politics and the fun my opinions . Take a s...
Papi’s PopIn Topics, stories, emotional insight. Music , comedy. And interviews.
Welcome to Beli Dat! Anything and everything is accepted here as content, with a pinch of humour, sometimes a potful.
I want to be able to rant about whatever the hell I want without wearing pants... or a bra. Hell I probably won’t even look presentable 🙃
K-9 units, dogs, cartoons and cops
White and black conversations
In this podcast I'll talk to my little granddaughter and everyday life ~Comedy
The official Podversal Podcast! Hi! It's me, Tomversal, and I have started my own podcast, Podversal. Here we will talk about games, cartoons, YouTube and movies!
The Flexing Trinity is all about understanding your unique, God-given flexing ability and using it to its fullest potential.
Welcome to my stupid podcast where I talk about random stuff happening in the fandom!
Asking serious questions to funny people.
Alex and I talk about interesting topics.
Listen as sassy Millennial Kathy Dave “Kandidly” share her views and experiences with everyday life. Be prepared to laugh and gasp as she discuss a range of topics like dating, corporate America, social issues, family, and recent news. Dare to hav...
Welcome to our podcast! We’re just two dudes sittin’ on a futon, laughing about stupid things.
Bottled is a fun discussion between friends and sometimes​ special guests, where the discussion doesn't stop until the bottles are empty.
Book review of Washingtonil thirumanam
The People's Commish and the Pizza Baron are former college roommates looking for an excuse to virtually hangout and chat about anything interesting. Just dudes being dudes with no rehearsal.
This is Chillin FM, a podcast where good music and weird people collide.
Frequently updated with varied context, if you're easily offended feel free to listen.
Podcast by Irmãos Miranda
Welcome to the Brother Jervel podcast. I’m just gone shoot it to you straight.
A brief history of ill-fated employment
Welcome to L.M.P.C. radio! Here we like to have fun! We play guessing games, mystery boxes, and also strain reviews for the 420friendly listeners. Not to mention the independent artist interview segment “salad dressing”. We hope you enjoy our cont...
Welcome to Good Question, where Christopher, Ben, and Jonathan discuss things that interest them throughout the week.
Speaking what on our mind
Dan Debuf (Dan and Maz, The Bachelor Unpacked, Lords of Luxury) has realised that creative and interesting people have creative and interested brains that are easily obsessed. They're dying to talk about their latest or lifelong obsessions, if onl...
Ground Zero Don't die Podcast is show about two industry professionals discussing their experiences and opinions about Recovery, Drug and Alcohol use, the Opiate epidemic, and the Drug and Alcohol treatment industry in general. This Podcast is in...
College drunks, porn stars, strippers, little people, or transvestites...Bar-jutsu beer pong brings you a unique twist to this traditional drinking game. Watch people around the world compete for Championship gold hosted by Ash.
Nick and Ali get into it about the creation, plot, trivia, nudity, fan theories, script and ultimately what the kill count is of an actors most iconic roles.
Two best friends discuss football, current events and alcohol you should put in your body.
Hey guys this is my podcast! My name is Antonio Leyva and I'm homeless. So give me some money! Lol nah I'm working towards getting my shit together and this is my journey. I love comedy and I love life! Let me know what you think.
Just me being the open blunt person that I am! Just on podcast for you all to hear!✊🏽💪
Shakky D. 👩🏿‍💻Wednesdays! Join a host of friends share their struggles and challenges of millennial dating. True stories real advice, from a female perspective, that’s Strictly Chickly
We don't give a damn real names for privacy sake if you love offencive memes and communist jokes and such then keep listening to our newest episodes of podcasts where we talk about offencive memes and stupid things that are going on in the world w...
Just real talk and random thoughts
Hosted by Glen Cox
Interviews, features and clips from BIG 100, Washington's Classic Rock Radio Station
A weekly podcast about the strange and the random. Weekly news and conspiracy theories. Never a straight answer N.A.S.A. looks at the wired world or the web history and more. Find us twitter @answer_never Email [email protected]
Elizabethany plays Truth or Dare, Urban Dictionary, and picks the brains of the artists coming into the studio.
This is the Blue Couch Podcast! Me and my brother Ethan talk about all sorts of topics!
Chair Babble. Where I sit in a chair and air what's on my mind
Weekly updates and debates on Minnesota’s news from the cold north of the iron range to the farm fields of southern Minnesota, message us to be featured on the show!
A weekly LIT commentary on today's "for the culture"generation. Join me and my guest as we offer our unpopular opinions and somewhat helpful advice.
I talk about what’s the latest news hot topics music sports politician maybe and maybe gaming but my first episode wasn’t as good Lool but I will get better !!!
Random sounds made by a human that hits your ears in a manner you understand.
Passun Azhand – selbst Comedian – interviewt Stars und Talente der deutschen und internationalen Comedy-Szene. Beim gemeinsamen Drink in einer Berliner Bar kommen intime, witzige und einzigartige Geschichten zum Vorschein. Ein Must für alle Comedy...
It's just me talking about random stuff, I have no clue what I'm doing. Just going with the flow... ing
Three Friends compete to be the funniest and most knowledgeable. Short stories, personal embarrassments and hilarious trivia.
This is a podcast about me, Jesse, and how I have a hard time understanding simple things and a simple time understanding complex things. I’m docpalindrome on everywhere.
Nooruddean Choudry and Simon Clancy break down the best of the comedy at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.
Welcome to our very first podcast I hope u injoyed don't forget to follow Ashley and Rose FM (the official one).
Yes I'm Serious is the after show podcast of the Are You Serious podcast where Izak Ward exposes his true personality and egotistical self.
Welcome to Dil’s Place. Come on in!
My therapist made me do it. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Edi, Leonardo y Juan Manuel. Juntos hablan de películas, internet, noticias, series, música y temas. Siempre con su punto de vista y humor. Twitter ( Instagram (
Mit seiner Karriere in den 80er Jahren als top Tennistrainer der Weltspitze und unzähligen Beziehungen zu der High-Society, hat Erich seinen persönlichen Höhepunkt erreicht.Um in seiner 643m2 Villa nicht einzurosten hat sich Erich ein neues Ziel g...
Two cams and one Cole dive into the fine aspects of life
WELCOME TO “I’m DAD SERIOUS!!” a fun and realistic view through the eyes of a father of three, married to A BEAUTIFUL corp rockstar , all while trying to not lose himself everyday. Our page and podcasts meet and talk with fathers from all over t...
We like to complain and make jokes
My Podcast is just full of random stuff I think about and it's just for fun also my name on this podcast is YuhhBoii anyways thanks for reading
Each season, Love & Lust will tackle a different romance novel genre or trope, starting with season one “Jack & Maggie: Chick Lit” where we delve into the wonderful world of contemporary romance comedy. Will Jack, the gym loving, male nurs...
Sports talk show based around comedy, sports, and beer. We do weekly beer reviews while discussing the latest stories in the sports world as well as non sports related issues in the news that make us laugh.
Meme Dumpster with friends is a podcast where three edge lords who have no skills what so ever in podcasting come together to make trash hypotheticals and invite a slurry of guests to discuss random topics.
Drunk Women Solving Crime is a true crime podcast with a twist...of lime. Join writer/comedian hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn as they welcome top guests from comedians to crime writers to test out their drunk detective skills....
Roche is man of passion. There are a variety of subjects that inflame his passion. He invites you orbit his universe to better understand the world...and yourself.
Musings and nonsense from the brain of Mike Jones!
Hear interviews and brief segments aired on WMZQ on-demand here!
Music is played. Opinions are shared. What could go wrong?

Big and White: Life as a Foreigner

By Big and White Productions, Expats living in Nepal
You don't need to sell all your stuff and jump on an airplane to find out what it's like to live as a foreigner in Asia! Join the oddly and aptly named Big and White, two ladies who have already taken the plunge, as they chat about the joys and so...
Raw. Honest. Real. All things "Riley" from single mom life, to fashion, to fitness and of course reluctant adulting. If you're thinking about it, she's talking about it.


By Holly Laurent, Greg Hess & Ross Kimball | Campfire Media
Mega - coming soon from Campfire Media.
Komiker Dag Sørås snakker med seg selv (og andre) om skikkelig nært og relativt fjernt.
Welcome to Chilling with Steven. Just a guy who wants to talk about a lot of different topics because this is what millennial suppose to do right?
Life is pretty rough, laugh through it with us. Two girls, similar enough to be best friends, but different enough to learn from each other. Join us as we talk about funny stuff, sad stuff, weird stuff, and everything in between. Be nice to each o...
In my podcast “Thats really not ok” I list some terrible experiences that have happened to me as I walk through life. Most are pretty laughable.
I’m just your local weird girl.
A couple of guys talking about the shit that matters.
Welcome to the Manfred Azy podcast, where amazing things happen.
¡Bienvenidos! Antes que nada, les quiero dar las gracias por tomarse el tiempo de buscar y escuchar mi podcast. La Parka, Historias de Terror es basado en actos reales, voy a cubrir varios temas pero me voy a enfocar en asesinos en serie. Este pod...
This podcast takes a young upcoming fan of stand-up comedy and discusses everything about the topic ranging from living comedy legends such as Dave Chapelle, all the way to the techniques and, topics used.
Weekly podcast hosted by Keneke The Great and Cheyenne Lawes posted every Wednesday!
We look and review old, new, documentary movies. To have insight to real life. Good, bad, and funny!
Welcome to the An Ordinary Life podcast, where Anne goes into her life in Southeast Florida, her mother, and her colorful classmates at cosmotology school
The Best-Worst Podcast You've Ever Heard
Podcasts with Ricky Da Prince, Plus Pierre & Bennessy. What you see is what you get: 3 men, 3 opinions. Listener discretion IS advised. Vulgar language and adult/explicit content. Send questions to: [email protected]
The Football Farm's Brian and Dave discuss the week that was at Swansea City AFC


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