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Each week leading Buddhist teachers share life experiences and insights to help guide your meditation practice as well as your life off the cushion.
Welcome to Project 224 Podcast. Where we take the true wisdom found only in Christ and apply it to the world around us. We are a Christian worldview podcast that gives practical answers to the questions that face young Christians everywhere.
الحملة الفرنسية الاسبانية على المغرب - الدكتور محمد موسى الشريف
New Song Church is a non-denominational church formed to help meet the spiritual needs of Daniel Island and the Clements Ferry Road Community. Being a non-denominational church simply means we are a fellowship of ordinary people who come from many...
"Le révérend Rahula, a reçu, selon toutes les règles, la formation traditionnelle d'un moine bouddhiste à Ceylan (...) "Le Livre qu'il a bien voulu me demander de présenter au public occidental, est un exposé lumineux et accessible à tous, des pri...
All Chogyam Trungpa, a podcast focused on the teachings, writing, quotations, poems, of Chogyam Trunpga. Anything having to do with this most gifted and inspirational Buddhist teacher, and more.
新浪微博:xieanshuo ; 微信公众号: xieanshuochina ; 谢安朔,十九岁入道,经二十余年勤苦修行,于自然更迭中明辨阴阳奥妙,于众生沉浮中深谙因果定业。因渴望彻悟宇宙生命之实相,二十年来深研东、西方宗教文化,广泛涉猎佛、道、瑜珈、基督、吠檀多哲学,西方灵修、古文明及神秘学科,参究各宗派核心思想之短长,最终确认佛陀教法乃是最圆满究竟解脱道路。遂一门深入,潜心修习,融通大乘经典。于三十八岁寂静禅定中,逐步觉醒众生本来,在以后的修行中,不断的实证自性面目,法...
Saraswati Bhawan is a non-profit Buddhist organization founded by Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche and Khandro Kunzang. We offer an ongoing selection of archival audio teachings by the late Lama Dawa Rinpoche, as well as regular podcasts by Khandro K...
Bring Compassion - Peace - Mindfulness to the world
Ryan Cunningham (they/them) interviews humans on the day-to-day expression of their yoga practice.
Dhamma talks given by Ajahn Liem Thittadhammo during his visit to Buddha Bodhivana Monastery in 2006.
Forking Opinions is a podcast where Anushray Singh talks about things he finds interesting! This podcast loves discussing books, movies, tv shows, politics, philosophy, history etc. The end goal of Anushray is that this podcast becomes famous enou...
Poetry prescriptions for cracking open hearts & minds, bodies & souls
中国流传最广、家喻户晓的佛法经典《心经》虽只有260个字,却言简意赅,是佛法的核心中的核心,将佛法中的“心法”诠释得淋漓尽致。如果我们能够透过文字,真正领悟它的含义,并亲身实证,就可以让我们的内心得到平静,安住于真心,不再让外境所转,就像是掌握了一套优美的心灵体操,使我们的内心变得强大而优雅,进而抵达灵性(心性)的巅峰! 愿您在《心经》中体验心灵的体操,获得真实不虚的佛法智慧!
What does secular spirituality look like? Can we keep the best of traditions such as Buddhism, deep in knowledge and wisdom, fitting easily within a secular framework, while not adopting the religious and cultural aspects? And if it's...
Apostle Harry Musah Adams (AG1) is the senior Pastor and Founder of Rehoboth Covenant International (RCI) Ministries in Pretoria North , Pretoria , South Africa; multi-ethnic, non-denominational church which is part of a vision which was born in ...
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Kalyano, a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition and abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery near Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit www.buddhabodhivana.org
We are a non-monastic Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple, founded in 1981, with an ethnically and racially diverse fellowship offering services and education programs in English. Ekoji is a member of the Buddhist Churches of America and is partially end...


By Diana Zen, ZenMoon and ZenEnergy
The unification of the theoretical knowledge of Zen with real life application through compassion and wisdom.
Practice Makes Presence is a podcast that focuses on healthy spirituality with deep roots in Christianity as well as the wisdom of other faith traditions. There are no sacred cows here; Matt values open dialogue across a wide understanding of fait...
Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, career and mindfulness coach shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!
Life and how the Buddhism practice helps to elevate the human existence through today's constant challenges and ever-changing racial, ethical, and political landscape. Two women living in America with very different backgrounds talk about all type...
Zen lectures presented by Roshi Rick Hart at the Clear Mountain Zen Center
Zen Center in Mountain View California
Your home for all things related to Indic Culture, Tradition, History, Philosophy & Religion
The Road Home podcast with Ethan Nichtern is a contemporary exploration of Buddhist teachings. Ethan Nichtern is a Shastri, a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He is currently a Senior Teacher in Residence f...
Zen-Lehrer und Life Coach Sven Mahr spricht zu verschiedenen Aspekten im Bereich Achtsamkeit, Klarheit, Mitgefühl und Resilienz. Sven verbindet die meditativen Einsichten des Zen Buddhismus mit leicht zugänglicher urbaner Alltagsphilosophie. Zen f...
Translated by Western monastics who have come to him in search of Dhamma, these reflections on practice by Venerable Ajahn Anan Akincaño provide practical meditation instructions as well as descriptions of the higher stages of the path. For more i...
Sharing the Dharma, one pod at a time
Mindfulness, minimalism, and tech. Beep beep boop.
Word Life Family Church is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, full gospel teaching ministry.
We all flew into this world when we were born. What happened that caused us to believe that we must struggle in this world? Let's examine struggle in light of our innate ability to fly.
The podcast that will help you see your life from a whole new perspective. So, you can prepare yourself for life’s curveballs that knock you on your butt without warning. Or flip a current struggle and relight that flair for life hidden within so ...
Dharma Talks from Robert Beatty and the Portland Insight Meditation Community. PIMC is an experiment in American Buddhism. The purpose of PIMC is to improve the lives of participants, their families and the greater community through meditative ...
Watching the The Big Lebowski once a month with diffrent people to see how many takes I can get on the film
《金刚经》全名《金刚般若波罗蜜经》或《能断金刚般若波罗蜜经》,鸠摩罗什的译文全文5176字,字字珠玑,被誉为“万经之王”。“金刚”是自然界中最坚硬的物品,能断万物,所向披靡。“般若”是梵语音译,意为“大智慧”。“波罗蜜”意为到达彼岸。《金刚般若波罗蜜经》的经名含义 就是以金刚般无坚不摧的大智慧。斩断人生的种种烦恼,到达清净的“涅槃”彼岸。 而这种“大智慧”之所以被称为“般若”,有别于一般的书籍教给你的知识。知识,只能让人变聪明,但智慧可以让人变得喜悦。 无论你是不是佛弟子,当你用敞开的心态...
命运,自古以来就是横亘在广大中国人心中一个巨大的疑问。真的有命运这回事吗?我们每个人生下来那一刻,我们命运的全部或一部分(比如个性、婚姻、财富和寿命等)是否已经有注定?如果是注定的,是由什么决定的? 江南易林的《周易解读人生命运的奥秘》专辑中将探讨以下内容: 1、命运是由什么决定的。 2、命运运作的规律是什么,江南易林会详细讲解自己原创的《命运方程式》和命运的《水桶理论》。 3、如何改变我们的命运?有哪些方法和技巧? 认识我们自己的命运,改变我们自己的命运,只需要一颗开放包容的心和两只聆听...
An exploration of life in the Spirit world
Dharma Time focuses on the spiritual side of life & how to use it to achieve long lasting happiness & enlightenment. Listen to The Dharma Guy as he shares the wisdom he's gained from his own journey in life & into the philosophy of Bud...
Who is Xian'er? Robot Monk? Little Monk? Subscribe to "Robot Monk Xian'er" to learn wisdom to deal with negative emotions and afflictions in our everyday life. You might find out that Xian'er is not different from us, and we are not different from...
I am Andy Hardy, I lived in a cult for 22 years this is my story about how I left and took two business with me.
The Hardcore Zen Show, Dharma talks, audio yoga classes, Zen literature & history discussions & more!
Spiritual Group Cultivation (SGC) - Short puja, short meditation and not so short Dharma sharings by Ven Chuan Guan that may make you laugh, cry or get enlightened and be crazy happy! ^.^
Weekly Cantonese program for North America 广州话 / 廣州話
Embodiment Matters is an ongoing, rich conversation about what it really means to be embodied, and why and how embodiment matters so much in our daily lives and in our world. Our guests include wise and insightful teachers from the realms of somat...
所谓“灯录”,乃是“传灯录”的简称。这是记载禅宗历代法师传法机缘的典籍.灯能照暗,禅宗代代相授,以法传人,用续接灯火来比喻代代以心传心的传承形式。 “灯录”是禅宗创造的一种史论并重的文体,它以本宗的前后师承关系为经,以历代祖师阐述的思想为纬,发端于唐代的禅宗史书:灯录文字语言透彻洒脱、新鲜活泼、简要精练,公案语录、问答对语趣味盎然、脱落世俗,所以深为僧俗所喜读——作为一种精神享受。 是法平等,无有高下。 -- 与百万人一起学习佛陀的智慧和慈悲。 主播:史壮宁,山西卫视主持人,文史专栏作者,...
佛教经典浩如烟海,集结为大藏经,分为三藏,即:经、律、论。 经为佛所说,是佛陀在各种场合所讲述的教义。(但有例外,如著名的《六祖坛经》乃六祖慧能大师所说)佛陀为了弘扬佛法,将这些教义善巧的加以解说,以适应各种不同的环境和不同性格或理解力的人。 律是佛所制定之律仪,能治众生之恶,调伏众生之心性;有关佛所制定教团之生活规则,皆属于律部类。戒律有出家律也有在家律。 论是对佛典经义加以论议,化精简为详明,以决择诸法性相;为佛陀教说之进一步发展,而后人以殊胜之智慧加以组织化、体系化的论议解释。如《瑜...
ธรรมใต้โบสถ์ วัดญาณเวศกวัน โดย พระครูธรรมธร ครรชิต คุณวโร
Founder of BrainLids, neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Lidia Obregon, M.S., explores how we can optimize our brain by overcoming cultural, societal, and mostly self-imposed obstacles in order to foster clear-mindedness and make happiness our defau...
A series of Buddhism-related talks given by various speakers at the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center in Northfield, Minnesota
I have this grand idea; to find new ways to communicate the gospel and inspire people to live their life in light of eternity! Join me on this journey in person, or on any social media platform! SUBSCRIBE
琵琶湖のほとりに暮らす鳩胸厚子が、比叡山延暦寺のお坊さんにいろいろとお話を伺います。 hatomuneatsuko.com
Mit Askese und Disziplin zur Selbstberrschung. Entsagung, Selbstgenügsamkeit, Einfachheit. Für bessere Gesundheit, Gelassenheit, Erfolg, Ökologie und spirituelle Entwicklung. Ein Podcast von und mit Sukadev Bretz, Gründer und Leiter von Yoga Vidya

I'm Awake! Now What?

By Krista Xiomara Podcastinista + Buddhist
I'm Awake! Now What? A podcast about Life, Love, Laughter and Enlightenment. Hosted by Krista Xiomara. #kristaxiomara #ianwpodcast
Podcast mit Tipps für bessere Konzentration und mehr Focus. Für bessere Gesundheit, mehr Erfolg, Lebensfreude. Und es gilt: Konzentration ist der erste Schritt zur Meditation. Und über Meditation erfährst du dein wahres Selbst. Ein Podcast von und...
Strategies for peaceful living, creativity and emotional balance
【佛学必读】最全面的佛教哲学笔记 佛言:“吾有正法眼付嘱摩诃迦叶” 玄沙师备言:“但识取金刚眼睛,定世界,盖乾坤,不漏丝发” “但识自身.....不逐五蕴境界,自得超脱” 为什么要继续加字。非得加满100个字才算完善了标签。 程序员的脑子是怎么想的,非要写这么多介绍吗? 踏莎行·山居 朝锁烟霏,暮凝空翠 千峰迥立层霄外。 阴晴变化百千般,丹青难写天然态。 人住山中,年华频改。 山花落尽山长在。 浮生一梦几多时,有谁得似青山耐。 山居诗八首 柴门虽设未尝关, 闲看幽禽自往还。 白璧易埋千载憾...

พระอาจารย์วิชัย กัมมสุทโธ

By พระอาจารย์วิชัย กัมมสุทโธ
พระธรรมเทศนา โดยพระอาจารย์วิชัย กัมมสุทโธ สถานปฏิบัติธรรมป่าวิเวกสิกขาราม อำเภอพล จังหวัดขอนแก่น
ธรรมบรรยายโดยอาจารย์สุภีร์ ทุมทอง http://www.ajsupee.com
Brother Michael Malley - Storyteller, Wordsmith, & Parson of the Buddhist Christian Mother-Earth Church (the BCMC) - shares Weekly Musings on Spirituality, Culture, Tradition, Ecology, & Lore.
Enseñanzas Budistas en castellano.
Равиль хазрат Бикбаев вагазларе
شرح الأصول الثلاثه للعلامة محمد أمان الجامي
Series of Podcasts from our Staff at School of Ministry
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation from Luang Por Sumedho, the most senior Western disciple of the late Ajahn Chah, given at Buddha Bodhivana Monastery in Australia. For more information, visit www.buddhabodhivana.org
A collection of Dhamma talks given by Luang Por Plien Panyapadipo and translated by Ajhan Kalyano on a number of occasions during Luang Por's visits to Australia. 
Till Ahrens spricht über Ursachen für Glück und wie du dein Leben und Bewusstsein durch buddhistisches Geistestraining und Meditation transformierst, Probleme und Karma auflöst und Schwierigkeiten in den Weg des Erwachens umwandelst .
Dhamma Talk From Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu in English and Translation in Thai
Unclouded is your pocket wellbeing companion. This podcast is for those times when you need to cope with stress, sort out the clutter of your mind and find focus and happiness in the challenges of everyday life. Offering tips and techniques for mi...
Loving God. Loving People. Serving the World.
Regular content produced on anything that can help you move towards becoming healthier, happier, fitter and stronger, mentally and physically. Expect a unique blend of CrossFit, Buddhism and alternative nutrition.
今天要向各位介绍《心要法门》。希望大家能藉此真正抓到佛法的重点。 唐朝顺宗皇帝曾经问清凉国师说:“佛法那么浩瀚,内容那么广博,我们要从哪里下手,才能够抓到佛法的重心”怎样修学才能产生事半功倍的效果?”当时清凉国师在皇帝面前讲出了一段话,我们称之为《心要法门》,它的全名是《清凉国师答顺宗皇帝心要法门》。我们将跟各位介绍这段内容,在开讲之前先跟各位谈什么叫做“心”。。。
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Kalyano, a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition and abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery near Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit www.buddhabodhivana.org
A place where we can talk about diversity, relationships, sex, yoga, business, and more!
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Kalyano, a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition and abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery near Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit www.buddhabodhivana.org


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