The One List of Podcasting Tools You Need In 2019

By Wenbin Fang · Feb. 26, 2019

Thinking of starting a podcast? Perhaps you already have one but want to take it to the next level? Regardless, you’re going to need a few helpful tools and services to get you there. The list below is comprised of tools that you’ll want to check out in order to set your podcast apart from the rest.


Audio File Hosting

Whether you’re storing your audio for later use, collaboration, or looking for a service to host and distribute your podcast, here are some of the most popular choices being used by Podcasters.

Upload your audio, music, sound effects, or any other assets you might have to to allow others to use your files, and have a free space to store them!


Safe space to store your digital files. Allows for syncing across all platforms so your files are accessible at any time of the day, from anywhere.


A comprehensive, secure, and compliant data storage system run on the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure.


While not a podcast-specific platform, SoundCloud is used by many podcasters as their hosting service of choice. Share your work with millions, learn which of your tracks fans are listening to most, and interact with them directly. You can also take your studio mobile with the app made for creators.


Free and premium podcast hosting platform on both web and mobile, offering unlimited bandwidth and storage.


A cloud-hosted podcast platform built by podcasters, for podcasters.


A podcast hosting platform equipped with playback analytics and WordPress integration via plugin.


Podcast hosting with a customizable website and your own chosen domain.


The web-based platform where talk shows, radio hosts, and podcasters can create live and on-demand shows for distribution on the web.

Google Drive

Save your files online using your own google account. Up to 15GB free, more space available at reasonable pricing.


You’ll need to convert your audio files to a format that will work for YouTube. You can also add images to go along with your audio upload as YouTube is not meant to host audio files exclusively. This does allow for monetization options if you get a large following and expands your podcast into a different market.


An easy one-click podcast publishing service for the independent creator. No upload cap, listener analytics, and a customizable website all for a $12 price tag.


Free hosting platform for creators looking to start a podcast and offers PRO services for those wanting to take it to the next level.


The industry standard for podcast hosting. They make distribution to multiple channels (youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.) very simple and automatic. They also have some sway in the determination of who gets on Spotify.


Have been around for 10 years and have grown rapidly in the last few. Free website included with hosting.


Clean UX and helpful content for beginning podcasters.


A complete podcast solution with a wide range of tools.


Podcast discovery, listening, hosting and distribution all in one place.


A one-stop podcast hosting service from Germany.


A one-stop podcasting service. It offers recording, editing, mixing, hosting and publishing. 


Website Hosting

Having a domain and website for your podcast is a great way to turn your 5 minute “here’s where to find us” speech into a single website. When you’re looking for hosting, here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular options.


The largest domain registrar that controls 30% of the domain market. Able to register domain names and find affordable website hosting quickly and easily.


Has its own integrative WordPress plugin for podcasts; Powerpress. All plans include podcast analytics and allow you to go over your limit data cap with no-fault hosting.


Easy to use drag and drop website builder. Offers a few free customizable templates with more features available for a monthly premium account.


Most-used website builder on the market. Offers backend customization for experts and a multitude of free templates for beginners.


The go-to option for those who prefer a quick website building solution without the need to code. Even offers to build the site for you based on specified criteria.


Has a few tailored hosting plans for those in need of a WordPress or Woocommerce site. 24/7 support and security is also a great feature.

Amazon EC2

The focus is clearly on developers. A cloud service that allows you to save a lot of time to boot up and obtain server instances to scale data capacity. You’re only ever charged for space used.


Award-winning hosting that compensates every hour that you experience downtime with an additional free day of service.


Great customer service and reliable, dedicated hosting with many features. A popular choice.


Fewer features at a more expensive price. What it lacks in features it makes up for in unmatched security, customer service, and user-friendly tutorials.

A2 Hosting

Incredibly stable and reliable uptimes at breakneck speed (up to 20x faster than the competition).


Great customer service support options and single login for both account and cPanel.


Decent year-long uptime, fast page loading, and plans that provide both a site and domain in one.

A Small Orange

Offering a number of options and services, they even give discounts to nonprofits and charities!


Actual 30 days free trial for their standard services and test-drive the VPS for only $1. Has a below average uptime and prices can be a bit misleading.


Extremely inexpensive pricing plans but subpar load times with expensive renewal fees.


No hidden fees and no pricing tricks. Has decent in page load times and free site relocation but the costs per plan may outweigh the benefits offered.


Social Media Management & Marketing

Running a podcast is very time consuming, but keeping up with social media and marketing can be even more so! If you’re looking for someone to take the burdens of pay-per-click, SEO, and social media marketing off your shoulders, here’s some options that may interest you.


Recently integrated with Bynder. Decent sized management and analytical tools for free. Necessary extras could become a bit costly.

LYFE Marketing

Consistent results at reasonable prices. Really good at doing exactly what you ask for in social media management from traffic conversion to advertising.

Disruptive Advertising

Equal parts pay-per-click and social media marketing. Will shift strategies to ensure cost-efficient results. Amazing communication and follow-ups by the team.


Primarily focused on SEO, aiding online leverage, audience reach, and the bringing in of more qualified leads.

Viral In Nature

One of the top social media agencies in the world. The team adheres to deadlines and will usually produce content early to allow for any needed edits.

Bad Rhino Inc.

A full-service, results-driven SMM that provides helpful guidance on posting and analytics. Very proactive company with stellar customer service.

Social Media 55

Provides invaluable recommendations for clients’ campaigns while respecting what the client has envisioned. They’re both affordable and efficient making them ideal for small business owners.

eBoost Consulting

Mobile friendly and well optimized. Uses the latest technology for innovation in the field.


Capable of increasing organic traffic almost immediately. Team is incredibly responsive, efficient, and competent.

Blue Bear Creative

Highly collaborative and efficient. Expect quick turnarounds and clear and concise communication.


Near instant resolution of a reported problem. Incredibly polite and approachable staff.

Social Vantage

All around superb, low-error, high quality service. Truly experts in their field.

Scheer Social

Marketed toward Instagram. If using this service, expect a large boost to Instagram followers in a short period of time.


Social sharing on autopilot. Manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard.


Get immediate notifications when someone shares your content on Twitter.

Click To Tweet

Make it easy for guests to share their interview via Twitter.

Meet Edgar

Build a massive content library that never goes away, ever.


See who follows your favorite influencer and hijack their audience. In a nice way of course.

Social Oomph

If Meet Edgar was an iPhone, Social Ooomph would be an Android.


Bloggers loves it, podcasters should too. Schedule social media posts and messages ahead of time.


Automatically converts podcasts to videos and publishes to YouTube.


Facebook messenger marketing platform. Allows you to build a messenger chatbot without writing code. It has a free plan to start with.


Audio Recording / Editing Programs

When choosing a program to record and/or edit your podcast with, it can get overwhelming. There are free options, cheap options, and of course expensive options. Which one is right for you is for you to decide but, with this in mind, we’ve pulled together frequently used software tools into a nice list ready for you to explore those options.

Studio One

Contains powerful tools in its free version including a drag and drop interface and swift workflow for music composition.

Pro Tools

High-end hardware and support policies are the best in the industry. Has the cleanest audio editing workflow period but at a significant cost to your wallet.


Clean modern interface without unnecessary baggage and clutter. Very focused on radio and podcast content editing.


Incredibly useful and intuitive for beginner radio editors. Highly compatible with most audio files but lacks a built-in sound library.

Logic Pro

Comes with a wide array of instruments and sound effects built-in. Unlike competitors, doesn’t require copy protection.


Superlative editing capabilities with a large assortment of audio effects and filters. Top-notch voice-recording software.

FL Studio

Attractive interface that supports 4K. Easily manipulated automation clips but forces instrument tracks to be assigned manually.


Arguably the only complete Open Source DAW solution for Linux users.


Decent audio option for those without the time or expertise for professional post production. Lacks built-in editing tools.


Linux based. Set up is easy and posting content is even easier.


Record video and audio calls with your Mac.


The free internet based calling program you’ve known and loved for years. Bundle with ECamm to record calls.


A video and audio conferencing tool that can be used to record podcast interviews.


Designed for use while gaming so there’s minimal impact on your CPU.


Connect with your guest, record your interview, and have a file ready to download in minutes.


Free editing software. Available for both Mac or PC, arguably the most commonly used recording/editing software for podcasters.

Garage Band

Free Mac based editing software that comes with most Mac computers.

Adobe Audition

A suite of professional recording and editing tools.


Clean up your audio without having to spend a fortune on mixing and mastering.


A free alternative to Auphonic.

Audio Hijack

Record audio from any Mac apps. Some podcasters in our interviews said they use Audio Hijack. 


Remote Interview Tools

We all know recording in person will give the best audio quality, but sometimes that’s just not possible for one or more members of the conversation. When you need to record remotely, here are some tools to help you get the job done right.


The free internet based calling program you’ve known and loved for years. Bundle with ECamm to record calls.

Google Hangouts

Far superior to Google Talk and basic SMS with a lot of future potential, many people use Google Hangouts for their remote recordings.


Is a really good app for interview recordings and archiving conversations.

Decent audio and video quality. Best used for webinars but technical issues may cause disconnects and broken audio during conference calls.


Great quality and a host of features like stickers, emoticons, and audio clips. Best for international calls or those wanting to avoid long-distance fees.


Lightning fast video calls with incredibly basic features.


Simplistic VoIP app for Android and iOS devices. Easy to use UI and phone rates can oftentimes be cheaper than standard mobile phone rates.


Encrypted messaging and a large global user base make it so an instant messaging plan is not needed. No video or group call option as of yet.

Google Voice

Permanent number makes it easy to use from any phone. VoiP can be tricky for quality, so be aware.


Online meeting software with screen share and webcam capabilities. Offers a 14-day trial if interested in giving them a shot!


Image Editing/Art

Whether you’re posting to social media, your website, or anywhere else, you may need to edit those photos or create some art. Here are some of the best programs and web-based options for getting the job done.


Ideal content creation tool for those who may not be so graphically inclined. Has settings to place watermark or logo on your design.


Add pictures directly from URLs as well as your desktop. Uses Flash which may make it obsolete once Flash is no longer supported.


Easy to use and learn but may lag a bit when uploading images of a larger size.


Free, open source image editing option with a nice assortment of basic and advanced tools. A more novice-friendly alternative to Photoshop.


The new subscription model can be seen as an inconvenience but this photo manipulation tool is packed full of exemplary features.

PaintShop Pro

Features a powerful photo editor and realistic media painting tools. Resource heavy and can cause the processor to run at a snail’s pace.


Excellent touch tool makes for sharp and smooth designs. As an Adobe product, you can bet the quality in functionality is there.


A lot of relatively qualified experts at prices as low as $5 a gig. Stick to those gigs that offer unlimited revisions and edits to ensure you get what you pay for, and don’t forget to read and leave reviews so others can know who the best artists are.


Packed with plenty of color and filter options, available on all major OS.


Open source and still in the works, not for those who aren’t looking to do some serious tech work to get this up and running.


Transcription Services

Getting your spoken words typed up may seem like a waste of time at first, but when it comes to SEO it is easily the best money you can spend. Every word you’ve ever spoken on your podcast will become searchable keywords if posted in your descriptions or on your website, and it will give those without the ability to listen to your podcast a chance to share in your amazing creations!


A cheaper option for transcription if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for completion. More accurate transcription can be had at an additional cost per minute of audio.


Completely US based company that has done work for some big name companies.


Remarkable accuracy and turnaround time at a fair price.


Complex files tend to be less accurate leaving it more suitable to simple transcription tasks.


Affordable and quick, they have a lot to offer at a very low rate.


Fairly well-rounded transcription service. Accuracy can be hit or miss but often worth the price of the service.


Can translate content from one language to another. Keep content for free using cloud storage on their website.

GMR Transcription

Fast and accurate at a good price.


Possibly the most accurate transcription service available. Will even refund the service if the transcription is of too poor quality to transcribe. Cost effective and quick.


Has premium pricing for faster delivery, up to 1 day, or fair pricing per minute at 15 days.

Way With Words

Pricing and delivery speed options available, options such as time-coding every 30 seconds, or every speaker change, are available. All first-language english experts.


Offering transcription, captions, and subtitles. 99% accuracy guarantee, 5-minute timestamps, speaker identification all included.


Uses Google Speech to generate transcripts.


Email List Building Tools

Building a “list” of emails is essential when creating an engaged and interested audience. Here are some helpful companies and tools to set you off on the right foot when it comes to finding that audience.


Easily implemented on website. Offers email alerts for traffic spikes with valued features available behind a paywall.


All-in-one lead generation email plugin that fills the gap left by email marketing services. Attracts subscribers with features such as: popup lightbox, two-step opt-ins, slide-in forms, and notification bars.


Offers a statistics page and a large number of integration options.


A one time payment of $21 nets you a nice bargain for content promotion features and email list building. If you can’t find a template you like out of the 100s offered, you can create your own.

SumoMe List Builder

An all-in-one suite of apps for list building, on-site analytics, social sharing, traffic boosting, communication and ecommerce.


A highly popular plugin that allows you to place opt-in forms on your website.


Only displays customer volunteered data and relies on third party plugins for call to action.


An affordable solution for collecting emails via text message.


Robust mobile messaging beast with interactive landing pages and integration with InfusionSoft.


Chatbots are the future. Do yourself a favor and start integrating them into marketing.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services such as MailChimp and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through Add-Ons.

Comment Redirect

Redirect commenters who just made their first comment to a page of your choice. On this page, you could thank them for commenting and ask them to subscribe to your blog, like you on Facebook, whatever you want!


Allows you to build a viral contest with a leaderboard and payouts/prizes for those who give referrals, create a product waitlist, and offers social media integration to generate tons of inbound emails and shares.


Email Marketing Options

Now that you have your “List”, keep them up-to-date on announcements, get them excited about upcoming guests/topics, and get real-time feedback from listeners… and it all starts with these companies.


Easy to use, smooth workflow for campaigns. Great tool with third-party integration.


Simple plugin for WordPress that allows you to send out email newsletters right from the dashboard.


Imports contacts from Gmail and Outlook, integrates google analytics, and relatively easy-to-use. Can get a little pricey and occasionally exhibits a slow loading dashboard.


A lot of autoresponder email options included in the free version. Doesn’t allow contact uploads from third parties.


Pretty generic but offers an unlimited number of emails per month.


Offers plenty of personalization to your emails. Lacks metrics.


If you send less than 2000 emails a month, it’s free. Great customer support helps you get everything up and running.


Built for time-strapped content creators.Features automation tools to launch automated email sequences, tag and segment subscribers based on their behavior, send remarkable one-time promotional emails or newsletters, and track your success.


The marketing program that learns your listener’s habits and tailers based on them. You can send personalized messages that align perfectly with their interests — whether they’re on your website, browsing their inbox, or out-and-about on a mobile device.


Offers distinct customization, personalization, and data on the campaign’s effectiveness.


Guest Scheduling

We all have busy schedules, especially those running a podcast! Keeping everything in one place and organized is definitely key to making sure that your guest interviews go off without a hitch. There is nothing worse than forgetting you’re having a guest on until it’s too late.

Google Calendar

Highly intuitive and beautifully designed interface. Heavily integrated with most any application or phone and very easy to use.

Acuity Scheduling

Helpful that one can set up different appointment types which all have different availability. As a busy entrepreneur, this helps one batch meetings more effectively so you have more free time.


Used by Farber and company they have a nice free offering with paid upgrades to unlock new features that automate administrative tasks.

Doodle Scheduling

Their pool feature allows you to pick a time for a group meeting in a much more efficient way. Premium option allows for custom branding.


Nice integrations with Stripe and over 700 other tools via Zapier.


Focuses on niche specific use cases in education, medicine, fitness, along with Salon owners and beauty houses.


SMS support on this is nice. If you’re a brick and mortar location you can also charge for no shows.


Built for sales people to help them schedule and close demos. Integrates with Google Calendars and 365. Customizable and very user friendly.


Nice touch that they have free onboarding, coaching, and training. Over 300m appointments booked to date.


Focuses on classes and courses along with tours and activities. Based in Sydney. 24m bookings processed.


Two way calendar sync and the ability to export to excel are two pluses.


Bonus that it comes with a mobile app to make appointment management easier.


Reminders reduce no-shows. Have a nice web interface that makes it easier to batch all of your appointments.

30-day trial allows you to get in and play around. Analytics on the back end are a nice touch to track things like no-show rate.


Public company with an enterprise focus. Appointment scheduling is one of their embedded point solutions. Focused on Wellness industry exclusively.


Built for the services industry. 30-day money back guarantee is a nice touch.


Built for marketing, sales, and customer support. Online appointment scheduling option.

Cirrus Insight

Built for salespeople this appointment scheduler is built-in to a full product suite meant for closing more deals.

Verlocal Pro

CRM and free appointment booking software in one.

Acquired by Cirrus Insight, book meetings inside of Gmail.

Set a Time

Built for sports, medical, education, and beauty industries. SMS reminders decrease no show rates.

Get your own personal link so you’re always ready to book an appointment. Analytics backend will help you do it more efficiently.


Marketplace to get listed in if you’re a service provider tied to a location. They’ll drive you appointments and revenue.

Boomerang Calendar

Built specifically for gmail users to save time from going between your email inbox and your google calendar.


Adds your calendar to the sidebar of your gmail inbox for quicker scheduling.


Nice language support across 30 different dialects. Reports and statistics on backend help with scheduling efficiency and if you charge for appointments they’ve got deep integration to multiple payment gateways.


Many different tools for entrepreneurs with team sizes under 10 people. Online scheduling is one of their core offerings.


Free online scheduler for the service industry. Easy to get started.

Super clean design with offerings on web and iphone app. Nice set of features including group meetings and 1-on-1 options.

Very similar to Acuity Scheduling. Over 700k bookings per month happen through this platform.


Nice embeddable scheduling widget for your website. Best fit for those selling hour long sessions that require payment. Desktop, mobile, and tablet apps.


Similar to Schedulicity this is a marketplace for service providers to list what they offer. When consumers travel, they’ll use MyTime to then find and book your service.


Deep integrations across many different niche language markets. Also free online scheduler option for paid appointments.


Built for consultants and coaches with booking pages that are highly customizable.


Super click Web, iOS, and Android options. Focused and built for the service industry like makeup artists and salons.


Really nice API for partners to plug into. Comes with standard set of features like payment integration.


Full suite of SMB online business tools. Maybe more than what you’re looking for but scheduling tool is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into other core product offerings.


Booking software used by over 10,000 business professionals. Easy ways to also collect reviews, immediately book follow up appointments.


Booking software for salons, spas, barbers, massage therapists, and nail technicians.


Had to throw in a HIPAA compliant option as we round out our list. Reduce no-shows with automatic reminders and leverage their mobile app for scheduling on the go.


Loads of 3rd party integrations. Premium features like customized booking pages start at $7/mo.

Drift Meetings

A $15/year alternative to Calendly.


Finding Guests And Follow-Up

Sometimes it can be difficult to find qualified guests that want to be a part of the podcasting process. Fear not, there are many services out there for you to find exactly who you’re looking for!

Interview Connections

Fairly priced packages make this guestbook option rather popular.


Weekly emails for podcast guest opportunities makes exposure easier. Each email newsletter lists podcasts seeking guests and qualifications needed.


Provides unlimited searches of guests for your own podcasts as well as the option to premiere on other hosted podcasts.

Interview Guests Directory

Free search directory broken down into categories makes finding the perfect podcast guest a breeze.


Allows industry leaders and experts to advertise through their emails. Provide free how-to tips and paid media training courses.

Interview Valet

Offers a full-service podcast guest and promotion service that helps turn listeners into marketable leads.

Be My Guest

Focuses more on B2B brands and entrepreneurs, offering podcast tours to help sell your product or business.

Lead Fuze

Find and connect with other professionals on LinkedIn.


Perfect your email outreach and follow up with these killer templates.


Automate outbound email and follow-ups.

Find email addresses with any website URL.

Follow Up Then

Setup automated email reminders so you never forget to follow up.


Our favorite podcast CRM tool.

Hubspot CRM

A free alternative to Contactually that’s robust and reliable.

Acuity, ScheduleOnce, Calandly

No more back and forth email between you and your guests.


Matches up guests with podcasts that will work best for them and the audience they are looking to reach.

Find Radio Guests

Free guest request booking service. Just submit your show and they will find you guests.

Listen Notes Forum

What better place to find podcast guests than a forum all about podcasting? Find fellow podcasters looking to cross promote, people interested in podcasting, or others interested in the podcasting world.


The front page of the internet, and always a great place to find guests. Check out the subreddits for (Podcast, podcasting, podcasts), or any specific topic you may be interested in talking about.


Graphic Design

Having the perfect logo for your podcast can sometimes be a make-or-break decision. Before potential listeners ever even click on your podcast, they’re looking at that image. You get to decide what that image tells them, but needless to say, whoever makes that image a reality is a very important decision. Hopefully this list will make it a bit easier to find the right match for you.

Podcast Logos

Get sweet podcast cover art designed for your show.


Done-For-You design at a fair price.


Create podcast episode art on the fly without hiring a designer.

Design Pickle

Unlimited graphic design for a low monthly price.

99 Designs

Need to hire a designer? Why not have them compete to earn your business?


A bootstrappers dream. Get everything you need from design to copywriting.


Freelance services, pay just $5 for some services, or pay a bit more for higher quality, faster turnaround, etc. Not all sellers are verified, so check reviews and don’t be afraid to ask for your money back if the deal falls through. Customer service is very helpful.


Link Sharing / Shortening

Those iTunes links are massive, especially in a time of character limitations. There are a lot of options on how to shorten those links, so we’ve gone ahead and lined them up with nice descriptions of what makes each one unique. See, shortening things is a GREAT thing!


Incredibly useful tool to reduce the clutter that a full URL would create.

Hootsuite’s own version of TinyURL is free and measures traffic through counting clicks.

Browser-based URL compressor that’s as simple as copying and pasting your URL and clicking ‘shorten!’


Link shrinker with advertising revenue in mind. Get paid for every click your link receives.

Browser-based URL shortener that allows for customization of the shortened URL. Get real-time traffic stats absolutely free.


Create a shortened URL that is backed by McAfee online security.


Brand your URLs with a custom domain name via Chrome extension or direct sign-up.

Pretty Link (Lite)

Easily mask episode URLs. For example:

Share Link Generator

Create social share links to send in your follow up emails to guests.


Create shortened URLs that fit Twitter’s 180 character limit.


Pairs together services such as wordpress and facebook, to shorten links and automatically share them.

Dynamic Links

With Dynamic Links, you can seamlessly transition users from your mobile website to the equivalent content within your app. And because the links survive the app install process, even new users can pick up where they left off on your mobile site without missing a beat.


Audio Clip Creators

Twitter, Snapchat, Vine… you have a very short amount of time to catch people’s attention. Once you do, they’re bound to stick around for you awesome content, but to really draw them in, try cutting some clips of your best moments using these audio clip creators.


A great way to share your audio and podcast clips and promote them through social media or a website embed.


Create social media videos for your audio.

Create shareable, bite-sized versions of audio.


Get questions from your listeners and make them a part of your show.

Audiogram (Sparemin)

Create a video from a sound file (audiogram), download it, and add it wherever you’d like.


Podcast Project Management Tools

Some Podcasts are completely ad libbed, but often times they have show notes, guests, and even entire storylines! For those looking to keep organized when managing their Podcast episodes, or the podcast as a whole, check out these tools.


One of the easiest project management platforms to set up. Lacks a few features that other competitors offer.


Easy to navigate and comes with a chat-app. Runs rather slow most of the time.


UI can be a little crowded and navigation a bit tricky. Still a highly flexible tool and great for team planning and tracking progress.


Available on all devices and offering a plethora of project management features. The free trial makes it easy to give it a test run.


Ditch email between your editing and content teams. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Chat application with a phone app.


Record instructional videos for anything you need to outsource.


Send screenshots on the fly to your team.


A great project management tool for organizing your podcast.


We’ve been using it from day one. Stay organized by keeping everything in one place.


A similar alternative to Base Camp and Trello, a great way to track, prioritize, and organize tasks. Most features are available in the free version. Also has a 1:1 mobile application.


Web Design

You’ve bought your domain, you’ve chosen your hosting service, but now you don’t know where to go to make your website the most sleek, cutting edge, accessible site around. Well we have some suggestions of popular web design heros for you to pick from!


All themes are affordable, impressively designed, and integrate with PowerPress.


Results far outweigh the cost. The team will listen to feedback and do their best to adjust to meet your needs. More focused on B2C than B2B.

Junction Creative

Small to medium-sized businesses looking to revamp or build their website could do worse than Junction Creative. They offer content creation, SEO consulting, and social media strategy to drive traffic to your site.


Delivers high-quality results and attentive service at reasonable pricing.


Chicago-based website design company, they offer SEO and have a deep archive of past work for you to view. You may just like what you see.


A lot of relatively qualified experts at prices as low as $5 a gig. Stick to those gigs that offer unlimited revisions and edits to ensure you get what you pay for.

Podcast Websites

No more guesswork. Here’s the all-in-one website solution.

Lead Magnets Fast

The fastest way to get professional lead magnets with zero design skills.


Sleek looking designed sites without having to hire a designer or coder.

Lead Pages

A must for collecting emails and content upgrades.

Click Funnels

Geek out on landing page optimization and upsells.


Create awesome landing pages and membership sites.


Sound Design / Theme Music

What’s a great podcast without a killer opening theme? Find your way to some new theme music made by professionals. Looking for something simpler, like a toaster popping sound effect? We have those listed here too!


Consists of a team that will help you get a podcast setup without the headache. Allows for focus on creating great content while a team of experts handles the technical stuff.


A lot of relatively qualified experts at prices as low as $5 a gig. Stick to those gigs that offer unlimited revisions and edits to ensure you get what you pay for.

Music Radio Creative

Trusted by some of the tops names in the industry. Mike and his team do great work.

Audio Jungle

Everything you’ll need from the theme music to corporate indents, bumpers and more.

Download and utilize free music; from music to sound effects and everything in between! Pro Tip: Check for the Creative Commons license before using any audio to insure you’re complying with artist intent.


Podcast Players / Wordpress Podcast Plugins

If your podcast isn’t actually ON your website, you’re creating an additional step between a potential listener and your sweet pod. No need to worry though, there are lots of options and plugins to get your hard work in front of your entire audience.

Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

Responsive support staff handles any issues that pop up relatively quickly. Integrates your Libsyn account inside WordPress almost seamlessly.

Featured Podcast Widget

Uses the Blubrry PowerPress plugin player which means it relies on you to have already installed the PowerPress plugin on your WordPress site. Remains one of the best podcast plugins to date.


Simple plugin installation and configuration. Podcast player is up and running quickly.

Smart Podcast Player

The podcast player we use here at Pod Parrot HQ designed by Pat Flynn and his team.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Broadcast multiple shows from the same WordPress website.

Simple Podcast Press

Another great player that makes it easier for visitors to tune-in.

Blubrry PowerPress

The #1 podcast plugin with 50,000+ active installs and tons of features.


Open source plugin that provides a cutting-edge listening experience for your audience.

Social Subscribe & Share

Easily add social icons for your blog and podcast to encourage your visitors to subscribe.


Review Tracking

There are so many different places people can leave reviews. Hundreds of pod-catchers, social media, and potentially some from different countries too! Let’s get them all put into one place with the handy tools listed below.

My Podcast Reviews

Easily send and share your podcast reviews internationally from over 150 countries.


Integration with almost every major listing, directory, and social media platform out there. Provides a free training ebook to boost online presence.


Dashboard is easily navigated. Limited historical view options.


Fast customer feedback based on user suggestions. Easy access with a simple interface.


Boosting positive reviews and filtering out the negative ones has never been easier. Third party restrictions can sometimes make it difficult to answer customers on different platforms.


Great for users of iTunes and Stitcher podcast app. Sends listener’s reviews to you, regardless of what country they left them in.


Tracks all reviews related to your podcast on the web and sends them to you for viewing and response.


Allows review tracking on all major platforms in real-time. Provides instant replies to reviews and offers up a 14-day free trial.


Connects business apps and services through automated actions without the need for coding.

There may be other options to choose from but we feel that these are the best. Most of the tools and services listed are either free or offer a free trial period and will definitely aid in making your podcast stand out.