Podcast Email Newsletters You Should Subscribe To Right Now

By Paula Mooney · Aug. 17, 2019

Podcast news

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Everywhere you turn, there’s news about podcasting. Maybe it’s a new hot podcast website with embedded episodes of the latest enthralling true crime story that’s grabbing eardrums, including audio that users can play right from the podcast website as it goes viral.

Or perhaps it’s the podcast industry itself that is at the center of your searching needs, with many would-be podcasters jumping into the game. You might be the type who wants to remain in-the-know about podcasters and what to avoid when creating your own show, such as the recent controversy over the #1 true crime podcast show called Crime Junkies being accused of plagiarism.

Whatever your needs, chances are a podcast newsletter would help fulfill the podcasting desires. From email newsletters that inform podcast followers of the latest and hottest viral shows to ones that teach people how to start, maintain, and grow their own shows — a wide variety of email newsletters exist to satisfy audience demands.


The Many Benefits of Podcast Newsletters

Discover new podcast

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By now, a majority of Americans have at least heard of podcasts, and more than 50% of them have listened to at least one podcast in their lifetimes. But as for podcast newsletters, those publications could represent a new concept-even for the most ardent podcast-listening fans.

According to Columbia Journalism Review, the top secret to discovering new podcasts include subscribing to podcast newsletters to find podcast recommendations that you may have not found elsewhere.

A one-hour commute to work or three hours worth of housework and cooking tends to speed by a lot faster if you’re immersed in a juicy podcast to occupy your mind. But you don’t want to throw away a whole hour-or even 5 minutes-searching through fluffy podcasts to find one that holds your attention. That’s where podcast newsletters come in.

Finding great podcasts through newsletters

Find great podcasts

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Of course you may find success by searching for terms like “podcast newsletter” via Google and Google News — that’s how I found out about a new podcast from the L.A. Times Studio called Room 20.

Or, you can simply search for a topic that interests you through the Listen Notes massive search engine, such as searching for freelance writing and podcast newsletters.

However, there are additional ways to add to your arsenal of knowledge about the latest and greatest podcasts being published. If you don’t feel like searching for email newsletters on your own, check out our list of the best podcast newsletters available:


Newsletters for Podcast Fans

For fans

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Audio Dramatic

For fans of fictional podcasts who just want to lay back and soak up audio fiction, Elena Fernández-Collins’ Audio Dramatic biweekly newsletter is the place to be to find curated content.


AudioTeller helps people who merely want to find the diamonds hiding in the rough filled with hours of podcast episodes. The weekly newsletter informs listeners of the podcasts that they shouldn’t miss, as curated by tech journalist Simon Owens.

Bello Collective

The Bello Collective bills itself as a “fortnightly email about podcasts and the audio industry.” That means that every two weeks Bello Collective gathers writers and podcasters who love the audio storytelling format-and creates the Bello Weekly email newsletter.

Due Credit

This weekly newsletter provides a look at the best podcasts, as well as news about podcasts, like “The Daily” getting in trouble recently by using the word “We” in a controversial podcasting title. (See an example of the newsletter). Podcast newsletters like this are an alternative in cutting through the noise to get to the podcast you seek.

Hurt Your Brain

The Hurt Your Brain newsletter by Erik Jones provides recommendations of interesting podcasts he’s heard or episodes and podcasting news that are designed for people who like to think. The newsletter is sent every other Sunday (mostly, says the website).

Inside Podcasting

Inside lets you find your passions-from automobiles to Augmented Reality to San Francisco to Bitcoin. But it also has an Inside Podcasting newsletter. The result is a polished and informative look at podcasts.

Pod People

Melissa Locker runs this newsletter, which introduces fans to podcasts as diverse as Overheard at National Geographic, the true-crime thriller The Man in the Window, The Alarmist, The Amelia Project, and many others on a periodic basis.

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery sends weekly podcast newsletters to subscribers who want to quickly learn the next best thing to listen to on their daily commutes or during times when they want to combat the quiet by learning something new.

Podcast Gumbo Newsletter

Created by Paul Kondo, the Podcast Gumbo Newsletter gives subscribers three recommended podcast episodes every Wednesday. With a concentration on specific episodes, Paul is able to provide a more detailed and nuanced look at the best recommendations that help pull worthy podcast episodes out of the fray and into listeners’ ears. Kondo doesn’t strictly focus on podcast shows, but episodes as well, to help listeners get right to the good part.

Podster Magazine

Podster is another curated newsletter for podcast listeners that helps uncover unknown podcasts that are worth a listen. With every newsletter, subscribers get a behind-the-scenes look at a podcast creator and their show, along with potential information about that creator’s favorite episodes.


This monthly-ish email newsletter from The British Podcast Awards team — called Great British Podcasts — provides more than 90,000 podcast listeners with info about the best podcasts at the moment. The team boasts that their recommendations “often make an instant impact on the Apple Podcasts chart.” New newsletter subscribers automatically receive the most-recent edition of the newsletter to read.


Podyssey not only enjoys a brilliant name, but has an amazing concept as well. Think of the site as a social network for podcast lovers, which helps listeners recommend good ones to each other. There’s Podyssey’s Picks, which pulls together the best of the best themes, like Black History Month-focused podcasts in February. Find favorite podcast shows and episodes by examining other listeners’ Podyssey profiles, even as you share your own podcast favorites with others on the platform.

Sara’s Podcast Newsletter

Sara Weber gives podcast lovers news about the podcasting world as well as recommendations for wonderful audio shows-all curated from the Munich-based writer.

The Daily

The New York Times publishes a weekly podcast newsletter called “The Daily,” where Michael Barbaro and the show’s creators let the public know how that week’s popular New York Times stories were created. Expect the new podcast newsletter every Friday.

The “Play Next” newsletter from The Los Angeles Times

Fans of podcasts and the L.A. Times can discover podcasts like the graphic Man in the Window and more from some of the same creators as the runaway podcast hit, Dirty John, when they subscribe to the Play Next newsletter.

The Podcast Brunch Club

The Podcast Brunch Club (or the PBC) has a newsletter that’s released each month, typically with a certain theme as the topic. For instance, one monthly podcast playlist and group of articles may center around money. As an example, the July newsletter contained that very theme.

This Week in Podcasts

This podcast newsletter by Michael Yessis gives podcast listeners the skinny on podcast episodes like a Sunset Boulevard film review on Unspooled, where folks can dive right in without a lot of hubbub.

The Venn

If politics is your thing, then The Venn is for you, politico. The weekly newsletter finds political podcasts across the United States to feature-using Listen Notes’ technology to do so. For example, a recent email featured Kim Kardashian and her fight for criminal justice. Subscribe to The Venn if you’re after the hottest 2020 U.S. election issues, but expect a non-partisan viewpoint of the top political podcasts.

Wil Williams Reviews

Detailed and researched, this newsletter informs readers of happenings on the website along with providing podcast reviews and recommendations.

YSLTF (‘You Should Listen To’ Friday)

‘You Should Listen to’ Friday gathers the cream of the crop radio stories each week, as produced by Sam Greenspan. Sam is a former NPR employee and teaches live podcasting classes in San Francisco.


Newsletters about Podcasting for Podcasters

For podcasters

For podcasters from @austindistel 

Pod to Pod

PotoPod doles out what the name implies: A weekly newsletter for podcasters that informs them of many goings-on in the podcasting world. Joe Berman creates the podcasting news resource, filled with podcasting industry trends, news, and resources.


The Spreaker newsletter provides podcasting tips, news, and advice to help folks become better podcasters.

The Daily Goody

This is a free newsletter that provides tips each day for podcasters, helping them create better podcasts. Binge read now and subscribe for lessons on bettering your audio podcast production.

The Podcast Host

This is a one-stop shop for podcast creation, and they also provide a newsletter with podcaster updates and more. Upon signing up for this newsletter, the 20-part “How to Start a Podcast” series is yours.


The Wavve website helps podcasters turn audio episodes into video that can be shared anywhere, and the newsletter gives a summary of recent podcast-focused articles. Find out the hottest innovations in podcast creation with this newsletter.


Podcasting Industry Newsletters

For podcast industry

For podcast industry from @jonathanvez 

Hot Pod News

There are two versions of this popular podcast newsletter by Nick Quah: The free weekly version and the $7 per month Hot Pod Pro, with deeper news and analysis, including a forum for members, published twice per week. Those interested in the commercial side of podcasting instead of independent podcasters are the main audience.

Podcast Business Journal

Get daily podcasting headlines and news with this newsletter about podcasters and podcasting delivered to your inbox each day.


This free daily email about podcasting is curated by James Cridland and has been around since June 2017. Not only will you receive news about the podcasting industry in a concise format, but James also recommends his best podcasting picks.


The RAIN News website provides a daily digest email newsletter that covers all the hottest news about the industry. Want to know more about Marvel’s new fiction-focused podcast? That’s the kind of radio and digital music industry news you’ll discover here, with original articles and curated ones regarding the future of podcasting, streaming audio, and “The Download on Podcasts” for podcast development.

The Podcast Report with Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan is the author of a book about podcasting, and creates a weekly email newsletter featuring his best content as well as podcasting news and happenings in the industry.


How to start a podcast recommendation newsletter by using Listen Notes

Listen Later

Listen Later

Listen Notes can be utilized as a great tool for uncovering top podcasts to promote via a newsletter. For instance, you can first use the huge podcast search engine to reveal interesting podcast episodes surrounding a certain theme or person-and compile all those podcast episodes via Listen Later. (Check out this example playlist.)

Your newly-created playlist contains an RSS feed that can be added to any podcast player apps. Or, use the playlist to simply listen consecutively to a bunch of episodes, and curate the ones you’d like to include in your newsletter.

Some existing podcast newsletters are already use Listen Notes to curate podcasts, such as The Listener and the aforementioned The Venn.


There is value in creating and subscribing to podcast newsletters

Value creation

Value creation from @pavement_special 

After reading about all the podcast newsletters in existence, you can probably understand the value and demand for podcast email blasts. People love podcasts, but they don’t necessarily want to waste hours upon hours sifting through crappy ones, hoping they’ll get better, just to uncover the gems.

Instead, a person who trusts the recommendations provided by one of the above podcasting newsletters can save plenty of time by giving a listen to some of the episodes suggested without having to spend precious time seeking them out on their own.

With podcasts continuing to surge in popularity, it stands to reason that podcast fans would seek out ways beyond the top charts to find eclectic episodes that better fit their listening needs. And many people are turning to podcast newsletters to find the audio stuff that suits their pleasures personally.