Listen Later: Pocket / Instapaper for podcasts

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that actually works. After finding interesting podcast episodes, you may want to Listen Later.
Listen Later is a tool that you can build your own playlists of podcast episodes (like this). The playlist you create has a RSS feed that can be added to any podcast player app.


Find a podcast or an episode. Then Save to one or multiple playlists:
How to add an episode to Listen Later


Copy the RSS links and bring your playlists to your favorite podcast apps:
Known issues with podcast apps:
  • Apple Podcasts: Works perfectly.
  • Overcast: Works perfectly expect that there may be a few minutes to a couple hours delay to sync up your newly added episodes.
  • Pocket Casts: You will get "Search failed" error if this is the first time you add your playlist to Pocket Casts. Try again then it will work.