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July 3, 2019 - "One of the biggest areas I would recommend focusing on is sound and editing."
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►Tell us about you and your podcast

I'm Ron from The Ron & Brian Podcast, co-hosted by (as I'm sure you've guessed by now) Brian. We first teamed up to do a talk show on our college radio show a little over 25 years ago, and then reconnected at a college reunion last year.

Our podcast is a comedic talk on politics, society, and current events along with weekly bits, such as Drink of the Week and This Week In Racism, and other reoccurring bits, like Our Horrible History and Brian Slow Jams Celebrity Obituaries.

Our listeners are primarily from the East and West Coasts (where you at, flyover states?), tend to be more moderate/liberal leaning in the political views, and also enjoy an offbeat sense of humor.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

When Brian and I met up again at our college reunion in March 2018, we ended up doing a 5-hour radio talk show, and we were surprised to find how easily we fell back into the rhythm we had when doing our college show in the early '90s. We also received a lot of positive feedback from people that listened to the reunion show and felt like we needed to build off of that. Being a casual podcast listener myself (Serial, Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, The Black Tapes), I threw out the idea to Brian of us doing our own podcast, and he thought it was a great idea.

Our initial motivation to do the podcast was to have a creative outlet every week that was a nice break from our typical everyday life. We never concerned ourselves much with downloads or listeners - we just wanted to put something out that we enjoyed and thought was entertaining, and if other people liked it as well, so much the better.

Once we decided to start the podcast, it took us a couple of months of research and planning to get ready, and we released our first episode in the beginning of May 2018.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

We release a new episode every week, usually some time between Tuesday and Thursday. Each episode usually takes about 90 minutes to record, with another 30-60 minutes of editing afterwards before it gets published.

Both Brian and I have day jobs, so our biggest challenge is finding one night each week where we are both available to record. We both look at the podcast as fun, not work, so it makes it easier to want to make time for it.

We both fund the podcast ourselves - as much as we would love to sell out, we haven't had that opportunity yet. Between hosting, marketing, promo items, etc., I would say we probably spend around $1K/year on the podcast.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

The next dollar we make off of our podcast will be our first, so we're definitely not seeing any financial gains from it. The biggest gain that we've gotten has been our friendship. Like a lot of people, we lost touch after college, and this has been a great way to make sure that doesn't happen again. Even if the podcast never becomes successful, we've each gotten a best friend out of it, and that's the best return so far. It's also helped us stay more on top of current events, as well as educating ourselves on the history of our country.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

Brian is in Queens and I'm near Philly, so we Skype to record our episodes. Brian records his audio on Audacity and send it to me after the show - I record my audio in Audio Hijack, and then edit everything in Audacity. I also use Farrago for our sound effects and music. As far as hardware goes, we both use Blue Yeti mics, and Brian is on a Windows PC while I use a MacBook.

We seem to be in a constant state of preparation. We use Google Keep to create a note for each episode, and we add ideas and links to that note throughout the week. When we're ready to record for that week, we prepare a show agenda based off of what items in the Keep we want to discuss, and then we go from there!

We haven't had an opportunity to interview anyone for the podcast yet, but hopefully we'll have that chance soon.


►How do you market your show?

We have a website for our podcast (which really needs some work to become an effective marketing tool), but we primarily market through social media. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and have done advertising on all three platforms. The one thing we have found is that it is amazingly difficult to turn a social media follower into a listener. The one area we have found the most success has been Facebook. We have run ads that have targeted specific parts of the country that have done well for us, but it's been a very slow, uphill climb.

We use Podbean for hosting, and we get some decent listener stats from them, but we still haven't completely wrapped our hands around how the average listener tends to find us.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

One of the biggest areas I would recommend focusing on is sound and editing. When I go back and listen to some of our earlier episodes, I cringe because of how bad the audio quality is at times. There's a lot of software out there than can make things easier on you, but make sure you take the time to learn how to use it properly. Also, developing a format is so important. Our first few episodes were somewhat freestyle, and we got so much better when we started outlining an agenda for each show and giving ourselves a direction to follow.

A great resource for us was the Adam Corolla Podcasting Masterclass he has available on his website. It really provided some great info on how to get things started. There's also a lot of great podcasting groups on Facebook you can join to get valuable info.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

Check us out at,

on Twitter at,

on Facebook at,

or on Instagram at

Or, if you happen to be in the Philly area, we'll be part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival on Saturday, July 20th!

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