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July 30, 2018 - "Google has been the best resource even though it is very overwhelming. Joining a ton of podcasting groups on Facebook and asking lots of questions has also been very helpful."
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►Tell us about you and your podcast

My name is Karrington, I am a computer technician for a company in Ohio. I have been a gamer since I was 2 years old(it's true ask my dad and he has photo proof as well) but I would not consider myself as a professional gamer. I've been around games across all consoles and PC since I was a young age and they have always fascinated me on some level in one way or another fulfilling everything I need them to when it comes to entertainment. I am one of 4 hosts of Real Dudes Podcast. My other Co hosts are my close friends and I would consider them brothers being Kyle(he's the only one in West Virginia and also my fellow original member), Cody and Andrew(who is also my brother in law). In 2016, Kyle and other original crew that consisted of Caleb and Jake decided to start a video game podcast. At the time we covered any and all games, we just wanted to get started because we loved podcasts and video games. For roughly a year we were able to stay together. Due to life and this is getting on the way Jake and Caleb had to quit for personal reasons. Kyle and I decided to keep on going and picked up Cody and Andrew along the way. We decided to start covering Independent Video Games starting in May of 2017. We decided that was something that wasn't getting a whole lot of love and we also didn't want to get lost in the sea of video game podcasts! There's so many out there! The decision has proven to be the best decision because we have gotten to cover and talk with the indie community which has been very good to us. 

What is nice about the Indie Community is that they are willing to share their work with us with very little issue. In turn they have been able to share the show with their families, friends and fans which have been a huge help to us!


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

The reason we decided to start podcasting is because we all have our own favorite shows. I love audio dramas and sports podcasts in particular stuff like The Dan Patrick Show, Rabbits and Podcast Unlocked. Our other members have their favorite shows and have decided to get into podcasting for their own reasons.
We really wanted to get our own voice out there especially when we felt like it was rather easy. We also realized as long as we carve out time for it it could fit into our busy lives and schedule. We release an episode every 2 weeks which fits our lives and bisy schedule, while Kyle and myself will release a 10-15 minute episode or interview on our "off weeks".

We didn't think our own show would take a life of it's own honestly. We just started it up as this thing we wanted to try and see what would happen with it. We fell in love with recording and didn't want to stop! Now we are looking to grow the podcast into something more we now have dreams to try and it to the point where it can become our job! That's the ultimate goal anyway. We do everything we can to get to that point by trying to sell our merch, affiliates, sponsors and making sure we attention events locally.

Its crazy it has been 2 years since we released our first episode. To even release Episode 1 however, it took us almost 6 months to release cause we had to get the equipment, come I'll with a name, material and format for the show. Even today we still tweak the episode here and there to see what works and what doesn't.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

We have a set schedule now where we get everyone together on a Thursday night and will release an episode the following Monday. We have done this for the past year and this seems to work best for every one. We all have full time jobs and this is how we are able to fund the podcast as well as support it. It usually takes us about 8 hours of editing to get the episode ready for release so it does feel like a job in itself to get the show recorded and edited in time.

Because we all have jobs, loves and some of us have families we had to make sure we recorded on the evening away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What is nice is that we do get support from our friends and family so and they understand that this is important to us and will show their support any way they can including making sure we have the time to record and edit.

Speaking of time it takes several hours of our time to do the show. I'd say on average all 4 of us will spend about 10 hours a week. Since we are a video game podcast we have to play the games we are covering, do research on the companies or developers, stay up to date on the lastest news and make sure we have plenty of things ready for episode or interview to make sure it is entertaining. All of this plus recording and editing and marketing can take up a lot of time. I'd say overall Kyle and myself spend easily 20 hours a week while Cody and Andrew will probably spend 10 hours a week. Kyle and myself do a lot of the editing and marketing for the show on top of playing the games, streaming the games on platforms such as Twitch which is why our hours are higher. It is nice sharing that load with someone.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

Right now we fund the show out of our own pockets. We do have affiliates and have gotten sponsorship in the past but that doesn't amount to much right now. We have been focusing on growing the show and making sure our audience gets a show they love first. I will say getting that first sponsorship was a blessing. They approached us and we thought that was how it always would be. We average I'd say 100 downloads per episode within 30 days of release when we got that first sponsorship which was earlier this year. Now we are getting more than that around 120 downloads within that time frame and we havent gotten more sponsors since then and our first sponsorship has since left us. We have been shopping the show around within the past couple weeks and that has been exciting talking with different companies so our next sponsor could be coming very soon!


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

When we record we all use audacity to record and all of us have different mics. I have a Blue Yeti mic and it gets the job done. All of us have various settings to accommodate background noise and we have it down to a science now which is nice. The earlier episodes sound really rough but we worked hard to get it to sound amazing. Once we are done recording we all send our audio files over to Kyle and he will start the editing process which can take a few days but overall 4-8 hours depending on if we have any difficulties during recording.

We generally try to make sure have notes prepare for the games we are covering, as well as news coverage that may come up. We make sure we prepare for each episode by researching what is happening in the gaming industry and that is how we decide what we are going to cover. If we do an interview we make sure to do research on our guest so we are prepared and we try not to ask the same question that has been asked before. We generally try to do interviews over Skype and thisnjas worked out for us, if we are interviewing someone who is a fellow gamer we tend to do the interview over discord.


►How do you market your show?

We make sure to get the episode up on our website, This is most important. From there we advertise it on Facebook, in various Facebook groups, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have a newsletter that goes out to our hardcore fans to make sure they don't miss it. Most of our downloads come from our podcasting host Podbean which makes up 17% with a close second by iTunes which is 16%. Then a bunch of various podcasting hosts fill the rest such as Pocket Casts, Castbox, Google Podcast/Google Play. We seem to get a lot of love over on Facebook the most as of recently but Instagram is a close second. Even though we have the most followers on Twitter that hasn't been the greatest platform as of late.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Google has been the best resource even though it is very overwhelming. Joining a ton of podcasting groups on Facebook and asking lots of questions has also been very helpful. It's really nice knowing when you can expect dips in your downloads such as summer cause most people are busy.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

You can learn more over at our website, get a hold of me or the show at [email protected]. you can find the show on all social media platforms just look for RealDudespod(Facebook & Instagram) and Realdudes_pod(Twitter). You can support the show over at

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