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Jeff Smith
March 11, 2018 - "Find a topic you are passionate about and use the podcast to further the topic, not yourself."

►Tell us about you and your podcast

My name is Jeff Smith. My podcast is called the Losing Tickets Podcast. I host a variety of sports related episodes with a primary focus on sports betting. I’ve been playing fantasy and gambling on sports regularly since 2001. I use the episodes to help people make the best and most educated gambling decisions we can.

Our listeners are people interested in the gambling angle on sporting events that is picking up momentum in main stream society.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I began listening to iTunes and absorbing about 40 hours of content weekly since 2012. I just fell in love with podcasts because of the access to a variety of content that wasn’t easily available in other platforms. Having a strong interest in sports betting, I was hopeful that I could find an outlet. It was hard for me to find podcasts that specifically discussed sports betting. I felt like I could add something to the discussion with sharing information, following trends and teaching methods.

I started the Losing Tickets Podcast in September of 2016. I initially began breaking down one NFL game per week with stats, historical data, trends and positional film study. I wanted to share this information to give other gamblers a more specific take on a game that could be easily translated into fantasy or placing a wager.

I found a podcast platform, It’s a fantastic site that has all the tools you need to get started. They really helped walk me through the process. It took about three days to record and edit my first episode, submit my RSS feed to iTunes and post my download. It’s very easy thanks to Spreaker. I’d highly recommend them if you would like to start a podcast of your own.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

I’m married with two kids and a full time job, so it’s important for me to be as efficient as possible. I use times like off days, my commute and scheduled work breaks to record and edit the episodes. I fund everything personally for the podcasts. It’s actully fairly inexpensive. I’ve spent $400 total in over 18 months on equipment and my hosting site. I use Facebook, Twitter and just word of mouth to spread the word about the pod.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

As of this time I don’t have a sponsorship for the podcast. There is an ad share revenue program available through Spreaker, but I haven’t applied for it.

It’s a passion project for me, so my primary focus is sharing quality information and building a community that’s engaged and interested in sports betting. I’ve really enjoyed the process and all the feedback received because of starting this. It’s really motivating to hear people are listening and using this podcast to increase their enjoyment of sports and profiting from wagering on it.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

I started slowly releasing an episode every week of the NFL season. Now that I’m more comfortable with the process I release up to 3 episodes per week depending on the sports available to wager on that interest me. Each episode usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes to record and a matching time to edit.

The tools I need to create episodes are pretty straightforward. I have a laptop with Audacity downloaded for editing and a Blue Yeti microphone.

I use the same preparation for the podcast that I already use as my research for gambling. Then it’s just a matter of creating an outline, discussing the results of the games and wagers, then forecasting the next set of opportunities we have to bet on and using our tools to make the best play we can.

I record episodes by myself and with a co host, my friends Kevin Kloth or Eric Walcher. Most of those episode we record in person because of the convenience and I believe recording that way adds to the naturalness of the conversation.


►How do you market your show?

We market our show through Spreaker, Facebook, Twitter and user shares. Spreaker has fantastic resources based on your subscription level that include analytics on downloads, likes, geolocation, devices, listening platforms, demographics and followers. I get the most success sharing on Twitter because my network of friends and followers reach more people than Facebook.

You can find the Losing Tickets Podcast at Spreaker, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Alexa and Soundcloud. We will be soon adding iHeartRadio and Spotify as platforms. Coming this June we will be adding more shows on different topics to the Spreaker platform. 


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Find a topic you are passionate about and use the podcast to further the topic, not yourself. I believe that more people will gravitate towards your podcast if the topic is the primary goal, not individual recognition. People will connect with your passion on the topic if it’s something they’re passionate about as well.

I’d recommend Spreaker if you’re looking for a hosting site. They have a free plan for beginners and have all the tutorials available to help you get started.

Good Luck to anyone looking to start a podcast of their own! I’m always looking to help and share new podcasts.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

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