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Josh Rodriguez
May 3, 2019 - "Be consistent. If a listener can rely on you to bring them content every week, you are more likely to grow a fan base."
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►Tell us about you and your podcast

My NBA Podcast is called "The Dime With Josh Rodriguez". It's a fun take on the latest news surrounding the NBA. It's not a regular conversational podcast as I like to implement games and segments into my episodes to keep it fresh.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I started in April 2018 right in time for the 2018 NBA Playoffs. I've always wanted to have a voice in the sports media field, and as an Internet TV Host and Podcaster I was getting gigs not related to what I wanted to do for the simple fact I did not have a credible background in sports media. This felt like the most hands on thing I could do in order to get my voice and name out there.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

The Podcast is once and a week and I have a new guest each week. It really isn't too much to fund being that I already have the equipment needed to record a podcast. I hired a graphic designer for my logo and some of my promo work and eventually have learned how to do a few things myself. Outside of that I really don't spend money at all on the Podcast.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

I have made numerous amounts of connections, and have been a guest on other podcasts because I decided to start The Dime. It has given me a platform to be taken seriously, and I have seen downloads in my podcast grow because of it.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

Each week, I will find a guest to be featured on my show. Depending on their microphone capabilities I may record on Skype or Zencastr. Each week, I try to create a segment based off of their fandom or their area of expertise, and I have go-to segments of my own that I can incorporate if I cannot come up with anything. New stories happen everyday and there rarely is any "evergreen" content when it comes to the NBA so I usually do not write an outline until the day of the show.


►How do you market your show?

I am on almost every podcast platform you can think of - Apple, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio etc... I promote my new shows through Twitter (@TheDimeNBA) but rarely elsewhere. Twitter seems to be the most productive way to have a conversation with listeners and to get my message out to people who actually care.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Be consistent. If a listener can rely on you to bring them content every week, you are more likely to grow a fan base.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

@TheDimeNBA and @Josh_Rodriguez_ on Twitter!

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