Creating Podcasts For Children And Families Through Original Stories

Angela Ferrari
May 17, 2018 - "Before you do anything... think about your big "Why"? This is NOT a get rich quick endeavor."
Since 2017

►Tell us about you and your podcast

My name is Angela Ferrari. I am an artist, children's book author/illustrator based in Portland, Maine. I am the creator and host of Story Spectacular.

Story Spectacular is a twice-weekly children's story podcast featuring original stories and classic retellings, that can be taken along anywhere! Listeners will enjoy creative stories with vivid characters and sound design. Some shows even feature songs, jokes, or fun facts too.

This show is great for kids, families and for people who love listening to SPECTACULAR Stories!


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I am a HUGE fan of podcasts. I have wanted to be in this space for a long time because podcasters are some of my favorite people. I love listening to all the Gimlet media shows and I especially love many indie podcasts like Varmints, Turn of Phrases and Swindled.

I decided to start Story Spectacular after I published my first three children's books. I wanted to find an authentic way to promote my work. What better way to do that than by telling great children's stories and songs on a children's story podcast!

I launched the show back in October 2017. It took me a whole year to learn the process and recorded my first 40 stories before I launched.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

I release new episodes twice per week. It takes me about 4 hours per episode. Storytelling is my full-time job. I also spend my time writing books, performing story times and teaching workshops.

Before I even launched the show, I was accepted into the Assets for Artists program which focused on business finance for creative entrepreneurs. After completing the required training, I received matching grant funds for working capital to launch my podcast. My show and promotional materials cost me about $80 per month. I generate revenue by selling my children's books.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

At this point, I do not have a sponsorship. I am looking for sponsors that would be the best fit for my audience because the overall quality of content is so important to me.

As of last month, Story Spectacular had 8,000 downloads and continues to grow. I have heard from kids and family from all around the world. It is truly overwhelming to have so many people tuning in to my stories.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

I use a Samson condenser microphone and I use the program Logic to record my podcast. I LOVE Logic! It allows me to paint with sound :) . I prepare each episode by researching old stories and songs in public domain. Then I rewrite those stories to give them a new updated twist. Then I record, score, add sound effects, edit and mix.


►How do you market your show?

I market EVERWHERE! I have a website, Facebook Group & Page, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc... I love making lots of dynamic visuals, illustrations and audiograms. But my FAVORITE way to market is through in-person and live storytelling events :)


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Before you do anything... think about your big "Why"? This is NOT a get rich quick endeavor. Podcasting is tedious and growth does not happen overnight. So it's important to have a strong focus and a passion. Also, join in on the facebook groups and podcasting forums. You will meet some super awesome and encouraging pod-pals!


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

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