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Cecil Xavier
March 6, 2018 - "I'm all about doing fun things. When I took over it was still fun. So, I keep having fun and hopefully the people who listen hear that and maybe get a laugh or two"
Since 2015

►Tell us about you and your podcast

I'm Cecil Xavier, host of the GNA podcast. Games Nerds and Alcohol. My co-hosts are Blueshark45 (he isn't any of those things) Zyberblood of Zyber games, and Dee from Microbrew Gamerz. We do a weekly show about all of those things mentioned. We talk about or play games. We get into all that is nerdy. We drink copious amounts of alcohol while doing it.

I took over the show from the previous host, Gravemynd, who ran things until show 56. There was a run of different hosts until we found the right fit of people with the same passion and that, well, fit. The rest as they say, is history.

We now get together more than just once a week. We have built a small community around doing the things we love. We have started up an anime night, where we get together and watch anime together talking about it and placing bets on the outcome. I have yet to win one of those bets.

We also do a GNA gameshow night about once or twice a month where we give away prizes to the top or top 3 winners. The prizes usually come from our partnership with Humble Bundle, but not always. All in all we have come a long way in the past year.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I actually didn't start the podcast. I took over from the previous host who may or may not have met a painfully and acidic end. I took over at the beginning of 2017. I wish I could give you an exact date, but, alcohol was involved. Initially I was holding the ship up while the previous host got things sorted. I never really intended to keep it going myself. Just keep the ship flying until Grave was ready to come back. At the end of the year I looked around and saw how much we had grown without putting in that much effort. I talked with the co-hosts about it. Then I went to Grave and threw a cup of boiling acid in his face. Or did I ask him if he was coming back? It might have been the later. 

This is kind of funny. I don't, er, didn't listen to a lot of podcasts. I listened to the occasional GNA, but I didn't really listen to many. I'm a huge music fan, so background noise is usually music. When I started up the show I started listening to more podcasts. I don't listen to as many as I probably should, but I listen to way more now than I did.

I had been in the GNA a couple of times before and it was fun. I'm all about doing fun things. When I took over it was still fun. So, I keep having fun and hopefully the people who listen hear that and maybe get a laugh or two. I was able to get the first episode released pretty quick. Grave had laid the foundation for everything. I just needed to come in and keep building. I think the first episode I released was up in about 2 weeks.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

That is a great question. I don't sleep much. Between school, family, and work my time is limited. Really I just love doing it. So the time just finds itself. My wife has been super supportive. Without that I probably wouldn't still be doing podcasting.

Funding isn't too bad. We look for sponsorship when we can. We are partnered with some great people like Humble Bundle and Rouge Energy. The biggest expensive we had was from our 100th episode where we gave away an OP seat gaming chair.
We are going to be standing up a merchandise store with our new logo and other art created. We don't do this to make money. It would be nice, but if we get enough for a cup of coffee that would be cool too. 

We release a weekly podcast episode that have been averaging about an hour and thirty minutes. The production time ranges. Usually around 10 hours of work goes into each episode. Editing a bunch of drunks talking is always entertainment. I only sleep a couple of hours a night, with that and an unhealthy addiction to energy drinks, I hope I don't end up like that guy who got part of his brain removed. 


►What do you gain from podcasting? 

I gain a really great group of people to talk to and play games with. There are small financial gains, but we really only just started those endeavors at the beginning of this year. So, we haven't hit the black yet.  We are partnered with a couple of places now and we are looking at others. We haven't made much yet ( still looking for that cup of coffee), but patience is a virtue. We have only partnered with some companies, so we advertise for them and they give us stuff. Like sweet sweet energy drinks. The only way is up from here though.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

I want you to think of the most organized and efficient machine in the world. Now pour a few gallons of rum in it. Hit it with a hammer. Finally, wedge your Thundercats Liono deep into the gears that keep it moving. That's pretty much our process right there. 

We currently use audacity software for editing. We all own Blue Yeti mics with an assortment of pop filters. I mention pop filters because editing someone who doesn't use one is about as fun as seeing how many rubber bands you can fit around your neck. As far as getting new guests on the show goes: we pretty much drug them and tie them to a chair. If we are out of ruffies we ask really nice. We have had some great guests like Shezmen (The dark souls cartoon parody video), David Mason (Sound director for Hailstorm Games), and more. We also take members of the community and drag them on the show. Thank you Meader, Shadow and Damok for not suing us when you woke up. 

We do almost all of our communications through discord.  Discord has audio , video and text chats.  We also communicate through social media when we have no other way. We start with a lot of alcohol.  Then we write up some show notes.  Then, profit.  Or we find a few topics that are interesting and talk about them while getting drunk.  It's kind of our thing.  Really what we do is spend a little time doing a little research on what is going on.  We try to write a basic structure for what we are going to do on the show and then go from there.  Sometimes we get through everything, sometimes not.  This past episode Dee had some great things he was reading about, so we threw them in the show notes and ran with it.


►How do you market your show?

Word of mouth has worked really well so far.  We can't rely on that for too much longer.  The power of social media is really amazing too. Listeners probably find the show vulgar and uncouth. You can hear us on iTunes, Google Play music, Spreaker, Podcast Addict, Sticher, and where ever else you want to find us.  You can download the show directly from our website if you don't want to wait for the updates to the other services. We use social media and word of mouth currently.  We also have our website and we are doing a bunch of cross promotion stuff with other podcasts.  Like TPC Gaming and We need to talk.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

RUN!  Run far!  All joking aside, there are a lot of people making podcasts.  Some of them are dicks, some of them are cool.  Be a cool one. Noise gate, noise reduction, limiter, and normalize.  In that order.  They are some great plugins that will cute your editing time in half.  Even in quarter.  Also, have a back up recorder going at all times.  We record our own audio separately so editing individual audio is easier.  Then we have a extra recorder going that records all the audio at once.  It has saved our bacon a couple of times. There is a great video out there that gives you some pointers on how to make your Yeti sound like an expensive microphone.  The audacity tutorials on youtube are also great.  If you can, talk to someone who has been doing it for a while.  Hell, reach out to me through our discord,  and I will be happy to spend an hour or ten to help you out.  That's the type of cool cats we are over here at the GNA.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

We have all sorts of places you can learn about us.

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