Cartoonist And Professional Advertising Agent Teaches Businesses New Tricks

Sean D'Souza
March 18, 2018 - " For the first two years, it was extremely hard work. Then something changed. I can now write a 4000-5000 article in a few sessions. It's like a barrier was broken."
Since 2014

►Tell us about you and your podcast

Sean D'Souza: Started out as a cartoonist, then a copywriter with Leo Burnett (one of the largest advertising agencies in the world). Now I run and we've been online since 2000. Our listeners are small business owners who are sick of get-rich quick schemes and want a sane voice.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I started a podcast back in 2006. Something went wrong; I didn't publish things right and by 2009, I gave up on podcasts. But a client kept bugging me to start the podcast yet again. So I did, in late 2014. And I loved doing it. It's all content generated by me, so it's about 4000-5000 words every week and in about four years that amounts to about a million words.

The goals were to have fun; to use another medium. And the first weeks were interesting, because there's so much to do. I can't remember how long it took to start up the first podcast, but it might have been days (and remember this wasn't the first time I was doing it, either).


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

There's no time. There never is time, but I consider it important and that's why I do it. I used to write articles that were about 800 words, every week. Having to do the podcast caused me to have to write 4000 word articles. For the first two years, it was extremely hard work. Then something changed. I can now write a 4000-5000 article in a few sessions. It's like a barrier was broken.

We'd probably spend between $100-200 per podcast episode. And that's not counting the sunk costs, which includes over $1000 of music and equipment that must be well over $3000. Hosting is the most modest cost of all. Yes, we fund it ourselves because we haven't accepted any advertising.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

No sponsorship. We fund it ourselves. And the podcast leads clients to our site at or to the membership site at 5000bc. They soon see that if the information they're getting free of charge is so valuable, they are likely to get better or at least more precise information in the membership site. It's also another medium to get clients to pay attention, and we've made friends along the way.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

I use the RE-20. I have about 7 mics in the office including a Rode Podcaster. Finally, I was only really happy with the RE-20. I prepare each episode by writing the script, which usually takes several sessions over three-four days. Then it's recording, editing, cleaning up, music. It's probably about 8-10 hours work for just 20 minutes of podcast time.


►How do you market your show?

We only send out our podcast through the newsletter. No other form of marketing.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

If you're going to start, keep going for at least 10 years. There's no point, otherwise.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

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