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Dave Swillum
Ryan Carrigan
Sept. 4, 2019 - "First and most important is start if you haven't yet."
Since 2018

►Tell us about you and your podcast

My name is Dave Swillum and my co-host is Ryan Carrigan. The podcast is called "The Waking Up From Work Podcast". The podcast is about following your passion and creating a living off of it. Orientated toward audio, music, and creative industries but incorporating all types of small to large business bringing up tips and behind the scenes how to pursue the life you want from people doing it right now. It's about living full time, not working away the week doing something you hate. Listeners are often younger or earlier in entrepreneurs, DIY musicians, small business owners, and creative passion seekers.


►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

I started it because I was pursuing my side hustle working to create a full time living off of what I love while working a day job I absolutely hated. I felt isolated and alone but realized after talking to a few friends outside my normal friend circle that I wasn't alone I just didn't have friends doing what I was trying to do. This opened my perspective and made me want to share with others in the hustle so they could feel supported and get tips, behind the scene stories, and how to's of people doing what they love to inspire them to take action. I listen to podcasts daily on business, marketing, music business, and audio engineering as well as a lot of audio books. I started the podcast November 2018. The week I decided I was going to do a podcast I made my first episode because I knew if I didn't then I wouldn't start one and once it was going I wouldn't be able to back down from there.


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

I release a new episode bi-weekly Monday at 7AM. Recording the episodes varies from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how the interview goes. We really like to get the authentic answers from our guests so we let them talk naturally in their own voice. Time to podcast has been brutally hard working a full time job, finishing my MBA at the time, being in an Indie band and working a side hustle it hasn't been the easiest. I felt like I had to podcast and create a voice to expose my truth so I made time. It's been a lot of editing audio and show notes on planes, trains, and automobiles and emailing guests to be on during lunch breaks at work to make it happen. I am hoping to get to a point to hire an editor to give me some time back some time. I spend about $108 per year for hosting and $150 for my standalone website supporting show notes and extra content. I do occasionally use social media marketing to show clips of the podcast but have been doing this as a whole to build a personal brand so I don't see it as a solely podcast investment. This averages $30 every few months. The funding has been from my side hustle recording, mixing, and mastering artists and audio books. This is been classified as my marketing for that as I am meeting so many people through this median as well.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

I don't currently have any sponsorships and have honestly not looked to monetize my podcast as I am trying to solely give value to my audience so when I need monetization help they feel like the value I gave was more than what I'm asking. I always want to give more than I take. I currently have an average of about 120 downloads per month based off of 2 episodes out a month. Podcasting helps me meet people I otherwise wouldn't have access to or wouldn't have been in the same place at the same time to have a discussion that in depth. It was created friends, given me additional audio work, and helped me get a lot better at public speaking and video for youtube. It also helps me learn. Whenever I have a question in my own small business or passion I can use the platform to interview someone that is better at it than me and go in depth on the topic. I love podcasting! I recommend that everyone starts their own on something. Everyone is their own media station nowadays.


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

I use an Focusrite 2i2 Shure SM7B, and a Macbook pro/Imac 27 for my hardware and I edit in Logic Pro X for my audio. My podcast is hosted on Podbean and live streamed on IG and FB live typically. For this I use my Iphone in 4k 60FPS on a small bipod with a Iographer 37mm wide angle lens extension and external microphone so the audience can get a sneak peak of the episode if they want. I find guests to interview though friends/family referral, networking locally, inbound inquires, and DM to people on IG, FB, or their email/contact forms when I feel they are a good fit. Lots of places to find people. To prepare I like to keep it light so the conversation brings out real thoughts off the cuff but I do usually have 2 main concepts I want to get from the interviewee and I focus my conversation around it to steer the conversation. I get a bio and picture from the interviewee to put for show notes and have a general understanding but the rest of the content is live and I edit minimally to just make audio quality great but not much in conversation cuts. If the guests are far away or unable to meet in person I use Zoom recorded video and put video to Youtube and strip the audio for the podcast. But I have done multiple episodes on site at the business owners business or in person with guests at my in home studio.


►How do you market your show?

My podcast goes predominantly to Itunes, google, Spotify, and stitcher for podcasting. The episodes go live on IG and FB and the long form videos are sent to Youtube after. I also take short clips from the long form video and put them with text for solid points over IG, FB, and twitter for scroll attention. Some great business points even go out to LinkedIn as it has adapted into a more content centric platform and my podcast hit's business topics heavy. At the moment social has been the strongest marketing tool for us and the primary way of helping people find us.


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

First and most important is start if you haven't yet. You will learn but it is increasingly getting more saturated out here and voice is definitely going to be one of the next biggest consumption models in the next 10 years as AI increases and voice controlled features develop. Get going and figure it out as you go. Second is before you launch have 5 to 10 episodes ready to go and plan have friends and family ready to listen, rate, and review your podcast to launch to get a strong foundation to stand on. Gary Vaynerchuk has been very inspirational for me for my content distribution model and encouraging me to make content more and more than I ever did so his podcast The Gary Vee Audio Experience and book Crushing It were big for me. I also love Pat Flynn who has a lot out to support getting your podcast going and also has good content to back it up.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?, IG and Twitter @davewakeup, Facebook /wakingupfromwork, [email protected], and my audio business for more music and studio content and blog is

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