An Actual Play Podcast Running Through The Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path

Jan. 9, 2019 - "Have fun with it and don’t rely on download numbers to give you a sense of worth."
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►Tell us about you and your podcast

We are the Hideous Laughter Podcast! We are an actual play podcast running through the Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path of Carrion Crown.

H - I’m Haley, voice of Eclipse/Nana Opal on the podcast. I am a chemist/chemical engineer by degree but work as a lean manufacturing specialist currently. We make acoustical panels so I helped by providing scrap boards to aid in the soundproofing of the room.

S - Steve here, voice of Motumbe/Saw on the show. By day I work in Trade Compliance for a major retailer, essentially making sure no one I work with goes to jail for improperly importing or exporting goods between countries. By night though, I spend my time reading Star Wars books, watching bad movies, and just generally being a single guy in his mid twenties.

E- My name is Emily, voice of Leira/Dr. Vivian Malus on the show. I am currently in graduate school working on my PhD in Food Science. My research focuses on keeping food safe from harmful microorganisms.

G- I’m Griffin the Game Master of the Hideous Laughter Pod. I work in finance by day and drink bourbon and roll dice by night. This podcast was an idea of mine while several glasses of the aforementioned bourbon deep. I have loved roleplaying games since our group began playing pathfinder several years ago. Telling stories and creating interesting characters (and their voices) are passions of mine that I don’t normally get to explore during my day job. This podcast is a passion project for all of the players and I as well as an invitation for our listeners who may not have a gaming group or who have never tried tabletop gaming to join our crew and laugh, swear, and drink along with us!

B-I’m Brooks and I am the voice of Ikmur. I live in Ohio with my wife, Emily, and dog, Beaker. I currently work in a lab for a manufacturing plant doing quality control. My passions include Pathfinder, running, coffee, and making hot sauce. You can usually find us together drinking and playing games when we aren’t recording. This podcast is something I never saw myself doing and I am so glad Griffin brought me in. Crazy drinks are a huge part of the fun for me. We all suffer together.

►Why & how did you start this podcast? 

Griffin got real drunk and said he wanted to do a podcast (I’ll let him answer the “why”). He then talked about it and bugged us for a couple months every time he got drunk -often- until we were pretty convinced. After that, he started reading the AP and we started working on characters.

G- I wanted to tell a story with a group of my best friends. I learned running Rise of the Runelords, another Paizo adventure path, that I prefer to tell stories with elements of horror, so Carrion Crown was a natural choice. I also figured that I bother my friends with ridiculous character voices on the regular, so why not bother an even larger group of people!


►How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast?

Though we all have day jobs, we already were trying to play weekly so recording the podcast came naturally to fitting into our schedule. Over holidays, we set a Saturday aside and dedicate it to recording any episodes for release days that we might have to miss due to travel.
As far as funding, Griff saved up money to buy the recording equipment and then we all have been splitting the cost of hosting sites, website, and other additive costs (knitting and booze….like a lot of it). We have so much fun playing that the burden does not fall on finding time to play but time for everything else besides the podcast.


►What do you gain from podcasting?        

Enjoyment, hangovers, and forcing us all to actually meet on a consistent basis to play Pathfinder. Plus, we get the opportunity to share our story with people all the world and meet folks who have the same interests as us. The ttrpg community has been super receptive to us, and we appreciate all the love we’ve gotten so far!


►How does your podcasting process look like? 

Tools and services that we use: Reaper for editing, Auphonic for leveling, HeroLab for character sheets, and Syrinscape for mood music!
We actually have a pretty unintentionally ritualistic process for recording nights. When it’s time to record a new episode, we all show up at Haley and Griffin’s house and chat for a bit. Usually while mixing up some drinks before we start, we end up dissecting the last episode and what we think might happen next. Then we head up the game room and settle in. We try and save the first sip of our drinks until we record the intro while we do some mic checks around the room. Brooks makes a lot of mouth noises into the mic while Steve plays various Syrinscape soundsets in prep for recording. We all yell at Brooks to stop, pause for silence for editing, and then Griff kicks it off with his classic “Hey everybody! Welcome back to The Hideous Laughter Podcast! What’s everybody drinking?”


►How do you market your show?

As far as marketing goes, we post on social media pretty consistently and hope that people will like us enough to rate/review us on iTunes and/or tell their friends to tune in. We realized early on though that the best thing we could do to grow the show was just to consistently interact with the fans, which is pretty easy to do since we seem to have the best fans in the world!


►What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Have fun with it and don’t rely on download numbers to give you a sense of worth. If you make something you’re passionate about and put your all into producing it, you WILL find your audience no matter how niche your topic is. Once you’ve found even one listener that isn’t your mom or dad or best bud, make sure to interact with them! Some of the best ideas for our podcast have come from listener suggestions. If you place your worth as a podcast on download numbers alone it might lead to a lot of discouragement… I know I felt that way when we didn’t immediately see a ton of interest after launch. Stick with it and find other metrics of success. Maybe it’s an email from a fan or someone recommending your show, but there are a lot of ways to know you’re impacting others and not just yelling into the void.


►Where can we learn more about you & your podcasts?

Email: [email protected]
Twitter/Snapchat: @laughterhideous
Facebook/Instagram: @hideouslaughterpod

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