Soumettez votre podcast dans Listen Notes

Listen Notes possède une base de données de podcasts très exhaustive. Il est très probable que votre podcast se trouve déjà dans notre base de données. Vous verrez donc très probablement la page Listen Notes de votre podcast immédiatement après avoir envoyé l'URL iTunes / RSS. Essayez donc !
Why submitting your podcasts to Listen Notes?
Once podcasts are added to our database, they will immediately be accessible on our website and on any apps (or services) that use our API.
Our website is the most popular podcast search engine on the Internet. People use our website to discover podcasts by topics.
More and more new podcast apps (or services) use our API to access to our podcasts database. If you want to get your podcasts on these apps (or services), you'd better make sure your podcasts are in our database.
Any podcasts that are publicly accessible from the Internet will eventually be added to our database. Listen Notes is like Google (or other search engines). We have crawlers to find public podcasts on the Internet. If you want your podcasts to be added to our database immediately, you can submit on this page.

If you run a podcast hosting service...

Everyday, podcast creators around the world submit dozens of new podcasts to Listen Notes via this page. If you run a podcast hosting service, you may want to help your users streamline this process, making it easy to submit podcasts to Listen Notes directly from your website. There are two ways:
1. You can simply put a link of this page on your website. What's better, you can pass "url" as a query parameter, where "url" can be a RSS feed or an iTunes url. Example:
2. If you need deeper integration, you can use our API to submit a new podcast: POST /api/v2/podcasts/submit