Dan is joined by his 7 year old son, Cash, to talk about being a big brother, Google, the iPhone 6 and 6+, phablets, the role of iPads and computers in education, Grek Pak, black mambas, Stan Lee's Superhumans, and more.
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00:00:01hello I'm Dan Benjamin today is Saturday February 7th 2015 and I'm here in the five by five studio with my seven-year-old son cash and going to jump right into a conversation we had here that I thought you might enjoy
00:00:18okay Dad what are you talking about first you I'm going after you were just going to talk about whatever whatever you want that I do got it. It
00:00:32so it is so basically what you're saying is you don't you don't have a topic number prepared topping have any, yeah just let me think about it for a second you can talk about some stuff with me take her one of the ideas that you had before we started the show was it do you like do you like that I'm standing up here this is what I do I just what I do I come in here and Ice I talked I thought that you sit with all the other guy feels like we'll all sit down there and this this particular desk lower down I've ever seen that if I showed you that it wasn't there what it's impolite I think to to serve Lord over people you know I've told you that your sister will come up and stand next to you and sort of
00:01:32I think that big brother
00:01:38pretty hard pretty hard to responsibility of it is hard how old are you now everyone keeps track of what you ain't got something to talk about you have something out what is the book that you have in front of me what is the title of the book that you can read The Incredible Hulk Incredible I can't see your hat is it is blocking plant Planet Hulk Yeah by Straight Talk I can barely read that yet
00:02:20talk talk you met him yeah I can give you those two pots or something and then he signed this Incredible Hulk book for us and he also signed a Batman Superman comic Pages crying about Bubbles from the book from what people say you can kind of read but now you can full-on read books it's just pretty easy it's pretty easy now to read
00:03:07we just fine when you're going to read an excerpt from the book now
00:03:16oh just go that's right from the book pretty cool so what is it you had to rely on me and Mommy for everything then you couldn't read any in now we try to put something past you and you can tell us all that's not what that sad or like the other day remember when Grandma tried to spell something and you you undo what it was
00:03:39you're a good reader that's so weird alien we've been watching a lot of movies together one of the movies we saw her recently as Big Hero 6
00:03:57yeah way I ever doesn't work but the Hulk doesn't sleep deal the Hulk. When trying to talk doesn't need it it's yours and all of this through something I guess like you read the whole book on the air like this but I think maybe that could be different she going to show we should maybe just talk wait what is obsessed from the book you want the sheep or something it's weird
00:04:44what do you think that now is the right time to read the book or should we do that later and do the show now it's up to you if you wanted if you want to take a break we can
00:04:55a little more okay maybe to do that that we should put the book Away what do you think what's on your wrist tattoo of a watch that says late and
00:05:09well if anybody doesn't know about this I know some people might about Stan Lee superhumans it's a lot of cool stuff in it. Superhumans I've seen another one that can one guy kid can go up 12 G's in the sky without guide television show called Stan Lee's Superhumans and it although it sounds because we think of Stanley is the guy from Marvel Comics right it's actually not a comic book story it's a real life story this a real life superhumans
00:05:46most and some people are in Las Vegas what are the people in Las Vegas can blow up hot water balls without dying the rubber kind that you would take if you were saying Curry whatever he takes any holes in his mouth and blows up like a balloon and Pops it with just his own breath that's right have you ever tried doing that I don't want to risk dying yeah I don't either but this is a show that you're interested in that's what you're talking about like superhuman Feats that you've seen in the show me all the way out you can stretch it all the way out and that can lift anything up with his eyelid I saw that when it's disgusting if you do it it's I think it's episode 17 it's disgusting to me
00:06:46watch that one no I don't want to watch that one we all hate that one that one didn't have a lot of reviews is there a guy that could like he had electricity and he can make a light bulb glow or was that a different Show episode 1
00:07:11are there any on Bigfoot or no that's not one of the most deadly bite in the world bite from the Black Mamba the Black Mamba the snake survive that even survive 30 gallons of it in his body like a milk container is a gallon yeah that's how big is sort of swells up to him it's weird you still swells up and gets like like has a reaction to it or no pain no pain at all
00:08:02is a magnetic tutu and he can lift stuff that's bigger than a size and most of that metal can stick to him he can't move metal so it's totally different than the first one well at this one the magnetic did he get he sort of can stuff can stick to his body and if it's actually a big piece of metal you can barely get off at like stuck to control the power or is it just things automatically 6 on the matter what no matter what. Might be more of a nuisance and also there's a dude that can write remember anything is brain and they're like and what they what they did they checked out everything at the entire store and the to the guy and they never told him to tell him the price and he has to run
00:09:02Amber the price of everyone but on the last one you said 10:19 but it said 12:38 and
00:09:11all thought it was wrong and but then the heat the guy said let's go check if it's really 1010 38th and they go check and it was maybe your kind of like that you remember all kinds of the facts and figures yeah but every single Lego minifigure that you have I could ask you what it was and you didn't know the year
00:09:38yeah because I will cut pieces of it and if you're always comparing like when is Indiana Jones 1 from what year 2012 which oh you don't know you know because the person told me he said it could be it it was 2009 maybe 10 what about your Boba Fett because the first irritate was 2010 I think that the belief that was 2010 but their actual version they copy it for 2006 one but they made it to the teacher. 2010
00:10:19Easter 2013
00:10:22God that was two years ago so do years ago must be 2013 I wish that you were more interested in building the Lego things then you were just getting a mini figures out of the boxes
00:10:432011 that's pretty cool in my Star Wars book they have all the figures and since 2011 did you know that the reason that I missed almost the whole last week of work was because of whatever illness you gave me that disease that you brought home that I even gone
00:11:04earaches are not flu if you get a fever and everything
00:11:13all that kind of stuff
00:11:15I lost almost a whole week of work I blame you I fully blame throwing up remember you came on yesterday throwing throwing up my dad only times I threw up with that seven seven times in one night like every 5 seconds I threw up
00:11:3713 times every every second that you were in here
00:11:46we talked about the new iPhone it was coming out to remember that sizes of iPhones and has one of those as a 6 + yeah but hers is gigantic
00:12:05would you call it a phablet
00:12:10when you have used tiller happy just coasting along with your iPad same iPad you had for a long time now
00:12:18yeah but it works right I mean do everything you want with him when is it ever going to get to Old will get you a new one what what do you use it's cool that you don't use tablets at school cause she can we use iPads so we can earn a Kindle if we do a read the song thing is iPads free iPads and iPod 3 super old computers by thought when computer lab you all had a chance to use a computer though yeah but we have some in the classroom to I iPods and three iPads and so when you go to Computer Lab then everyone's using like a new where I'm at right now
00:13:06Persians but a lot of people are using much much to wear eye patch IMAX like summer 2009 summer 12 today before we end the show I wanted our topic today to be about the way that you use computers and then compare to the way that you use an iPad so could you tell me what you mainly enjoy using your iPad for what do you do on it most of the time but because
00:13:44Salon stuff that they have out there is not on the big TV so I got a cool chance to watch it because it's about the TV I get can have a little fun because I can't watch it on the TV and I can watch it on my iPad it's fun so as far as the computer though it seems like you have a different perspective on the computer than you do on the iPad it's like the iPad is more like it says your words I don't want to I don't want to miss quote you but you were saying that the iPad is more it's kind of fun is it easier to use in a computer or is it just is it a different purpose you use it for one thing and use a computer for something else well I just use the computer for cool online games and stuff and I just do the iPad for Just Apps educational if we if you could call it that would you agree
00:14:44yeah I would agree with that where you go to the game how do you play the games on the computer
00:14:55okay so like when you say login you mean what do you enter username in a password or password
00:15:07type in whatever you want on Google because I couldn't find anything and sometimes if you just typed the beginning or it might get a little box with everything that has a beginning word and make the thing that you're looking for might be on there looking for
00:15:30well let me see if you're looking for ABCya you would build show a boxer that they say everything was ABC and if you see if you can scroll down if you see ABCya bed tap it and you find it that's right website for the things are looking for looking for really helps you take forever to log in to find stuff without do you do you have to pay any money to Google to for it to help you or is it free
00:16:14computer everything's free to go on Google you just tap something it shows a lot of boxes of websites and cougles on there if you tap it is free and you can do anything on it for free so once you go once you go there and you find the website then you go and most of the sites that you're on that I've seen any way that you use at home they're like their educational game so there might be like things for reading and phonics or math math ones are pretty good definitely I could ABC Oz ask me you'll say Dad look this topic up or look up for find a picture of this or find a thing like that and you'll you'll kind of want to find information as well I definitely will that you're totally correct about that why don't you ever do that on your own on the computer or do you
00:17:07don't because well I don't really need help on the other computers because most of the stuff we do is book barked and we have orange cards to log into everything and and my computer at home it's a lot harder and I don't have any orange cars that's not bookmarked a list of all the different websites that you guys go to a news she only sent me 3 that's why nothing's bookmark there she got learning.com has levels that you have to block her that's stupid to be I hate that one maybe I'll just learn from something something else not as stupid as that okay let me ask you a question
00:18:02do you think that iPads are
00:18:08going to to always be around and we'll use them alongside of computers or do you think eventually computers the way that we have now separate screen keyboard mouse that those things will go away and all will have our tablets or do you think tablets will go away one day
00:18:27because a lot more people are using computers than tablets tablets are newer and not as many people know about him and many more people know about computers because they came way way before the tablet experience and what you know and what you like if I told you I could get you the man listen to this is an example I'm not getting anything for you right now because I know if not in the car later you'll ask when we're going to get it this is it pretend like I got it on my own by here
00:19:08if I if I were to say I'll get you the biggest best almost awesome tablet that they make the best one apple makes right cuz you look do you like apple stuff do you like Android stuff better if I was going to get you the biggest best most awesome Apple tablet or
00:19:28the biggest best most awesome Apple computer could be a laptop or an iMac
00:19:35which would you pick
00:19:37Bend but you couldn't have the other one
00:19:40you couldn't still keep a tablet or you still couldn't have a computer you can only have the tablet or the computer I would pick the computer because
00:19:52much longer batteries and they're all under a little bit easier to to get stuff with your look through it a little easier so that's interesting to feel that there is because one of the things that you haven't really started doing yet and I have a feeling you you probably will one day is start making your own applications that do things are your own games or your own programs your own websites things like that I have a feeling you'll enjoy doing that at some point I'll try and do you think do you think that you'll want to be going to like what we talked about Minecraft on the iPad compared to Minecraft on the computer this actually better on the computer computer or you can't drive and stuff you can drive on stuff in the other when you can order stuff you can order an update to it back in so you can drive in cars like if you have the update then it gives you like extra pieces to build it
00:20:52feel is the biggest thing missing right now from your life in technology like what if there was a piece of technology or something what's missing what would be the one thing you would want to have
00:21:03history history what do you mean I like history stuff like ancient Egypt
00:21:11so you mean like a an app or a website cuz there's lots I could show you about that if you're interested or a website that tells all about them I think I would like it if you show me one of them I'm sure we'll do that and go do that right now it's something we can be done and we can go do that we still need to go to Target
00:21:30where are you if he done anything else you want to say before we close out the show I want to say well I hope everyone has fun listening to this people always seem to enjoy you on the show and everyone. Have a lot of good Star Wars Lego sets if you like Star Wars all right by everyone

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