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Barbara Corcoran grew up in a working-class Irish Catholic family in Jersey – with nine brothers and sisters. But she used her charisma to conquer the streets of Manhattan and build the real estate company, The Corcoran Group. She then reinvented herself as a shark – on Shark Tank.
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Barbara Corcoran

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00:00:00Hey everyone its guy here just a quick note to tell you that there is a little little bit of bad language in this episode so if you've got small kids around you just may wanna be mindful of that thanks she came to me and she knew I had
00:00:15a fire a lot of people because you could just see that everybody knew something was going to shake out and she said one should publicly fire me if you fire me she said no one else could be angry with you when you fire them and she was right
00:00:27so at that Monday morning meeting we always sat at nine thirty I said so surprised how bad things are we gonna have to make a lot of changes and it's gonna be very hard for me to do but the hardest change rules we fired my mother from NPR
00:00:47it's how I build this show about innovators entrepreneurs idealists and stories behind the movements they built I rise in on the show today how a Jersey girl conquered the streets of Manhattan builds a real estate company worth millions and then reinvented herself as a shark ...
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