Under the Radar 135: On the Street at WWDC 2018

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Live interviews at Social Policy in San Jose, with first impressions from Curtis Hurbert, Joe Cieplinski, and Kaya Thomas.

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Kaya Thomas, Joe Cieplinski, and Curtis Herbert

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WWDC 2018

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00:00:01Welcome tio welcome to under the radar this year but independent iowa staff development i'm david smith and i'm marco arment under the radar is never longer than thirty minutes so let's get started I think about that for a second we are live on the streets of san jose
00:00:15during wdc i'm going to do a slightly different episode through this week rather what we normally do because we have the benefit and the opportunity to talk to other independent developers other than mark on i about the things that were announced and you know in subsequent episodes we
00:00:32can unpack what they would think they mean and some the implications of that but it seemed like an interesting opportunity to just kind of get a first impression of what is the thing that different people are most excited about for me when i was announced yesterday As for
00:00:44recording so let's start i'm on security state let's let's start with you if possible What is the thing that you are most excited about for You know i think we got ...
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