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March 23, 2018 · transcript

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Join us as we uncover the truth behind the closing of BurgerFi, an Ann Arbor, MI cultural institution.
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00:00:00well yeah I listen to worst hours when it closed and obviously that's a big blow for us cuz it was like right there whatever you would come back from going out so yeah one day to go to class and it felt like it was really dark and like all the tables and chairs are like pushed over to the side
00:00:19welcome to Burger find a podcast chronicling in real-time our investigation into the mysterious and sudden closing of BurgerFi Ann Ann Arbor Michigan cultural institution that shuttered at stores without warning last April I'm your host Madden goat in and dimes. Gelfand on the afternoon of April 7th 2017 students at the University of Michigan were devastated as news broke about the closure of Fame campus establishment BurgerFi right off the bat we like to acknowledge that we know that this sounds crazy but people really really care about this place even more than we were expecting cultural institution like a restaurant or a store that's closed within the last year
00:01:05I would ever have to say Burger...
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