Barbara Corcoran on Life as an Entrepreneur

 Barbara Corcoran on Life as an Entrepreneur - SUCCESS Talks
Sept. 28, 2016 · transcript

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The entrepreneurial life is not an easy one. But Barbara Corcoran is the first to say the sacrifice is worth the benefit. Before she was a successful business woman, an investor on ABC's Shark Tank and mother of two, Corcoran had held 20 different jobs and started The Corcoran Group with just $1,000. it seems she's done it all. That's why we asked Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It and the What the Most Successful People Do series to interview Corcoran and discover the secret to her success.

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00:00:03wisdom says that working women especially the high powered ones can't have it all today we're talking with a woman who's got a different story to tell hi successful I'm Laura Vander camp and I'm the author how successful women make the most of their time and what the most
00:00:22for breath I'm excited to have with me real estate and business mogul Barbara corporate Barbara founded and built the million dollar empire the court and she is one of the shop on ABC's hit TV shows Barbara thanks for taking the time to chat with me pleasure to be
00:00:38here Laura so far but let's start with something I know a lot of our listeners are curious about what set you down the entrepreneurial path pretty simply I want to be my own boss and had twenty two jobs before I started my own business and I liked everyone
00:00:52of them and probably could have made a happy career out of any of them but I never liked my boss and it's not that I had twenty two bad bosses it's just I don't like being bossed around to what to ...
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