Westworld Season 2 Episode 4 Review | The Riddle of the Sphinx

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On this episode of Westworld The odyssey of Old Man Dellos. Old William gives us a glimpse of the old and tired gamer? Bernarnold finds an old friend and what an ending. Another great episode.


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00:00:00welcome back to the nurse brought a podcast my name is Gerry because I'm live in San Francisco California not come you from nerd Roddick dot com and down and say Diego is my good friend and co host Dennis without because how are you doing this I'm doing alright
00:00:13how about you I'm doing great so we're here to cover west world season two episode for the riddle of the sphinx and well that was a great episode do your talk about Twilight Zone this this band this show is so freaking good the writing is so top notch
00:00:33and yes we did call let's not bury the lead entering is daughter away well if we do that eyes on say spoiler alert for those of you who haven't seen it yet so there are spoilers abound and said I'll get pissed off at us if we spoil the
00:00:50show because that's what we do here either we do it we go over the episode in detail the recap slash review welcome to all the new subscribers a lot of experience bands welcome we also cover Westworld which is %HESITATION equally great show a...
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