TWiT 655: Banana Is Phone

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Samsung announces 2 new phones as Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. iCloud keys are stored in China. All 150 new emojis for 2018 revealed. Nokia's newest phone is a nod to The Matrix. GDPR and H.R. 1865 and their implications. Intel knew about flaws in chips but didn't mention it. Dropbox announces its IPO. Kylie Jenner's tweet takes down Snapchat and AT&T is taking advantage of the end of Net Neutraility.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Amy Webb, Brianna Wu, and Michael Nuñez

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00:00:01it's time for this week in tech gray panel for you Amy Webb Brianna Wu Michael Nunez to talk about the Galaxy S9 Justin s from Samsung privacy regulations in the US and China in their differences are Services calling nine-one-one thousands of times that chassis love people you trust
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00:00:43This Week in Tech episode banana is found
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