Monthly Spiritual Channel with Laura Mirante

The first channel of the new year is often deeply profound and extremely insightful!  Join Leah Fortner, Dodi Mitchell & Laura here on BlogTalkRadio on [email protected] Listen as Spirit ushers us into the new year with a great sense of purpose and Divine Inspiration.

Happy New Year!

Laura Mirante is a Spiritual Channel connecting with the higher self, the soul, the aspect of our being that is not in the physical.  We gain insight from the soul's point of view, into our human experience.

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Laura Mirante


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About this podcast
By Laura Mirante
Our goal at Mind Body Spirit U is to bring us together to Seek & Share knowledge that will promote our personal and spiritual growth and healing. Join us and Learn, Grow, Heal!

This is a collaboration of five Teachers/Healers that will share spiritual insights and wisdom along with two healing shows monthly; where the listener can call in and experience different energy healing modalities and learn how to heal on your own!

Hosts will also be interviewing a wide range of holistic, spiritual and metaphysical experts.

Please follow us as we add new shows all the time!

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