#273 - Han Solo’s Big Sister

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We are optimistic for Dune, excited for The Expanse, and hopeful for Stranger in a Strange Land. But we’re certain of what we want Emilia Clarke to be in the Han Solo movie.
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Han Solo

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00:00:00Veronica has her sword Thomas's laser and I have my mind and my needs books and this podcast as a sword needs a whetstone if it's to keep its edge go to page around dot com slash Jordan laser to pledge support and sharpen your mind Sir I'm once certainly
00:00:30there is a book club but it's so much more much more Everytime you interrupt me it really messes up my flow man it's like a background singer just go and do up and you're seeing in the main melody yeah what she loves me and do what they do
00:00:48okay you want to do up there let's start over and you do walk in the background alright already you Sir do upping and I'll bring it in I'll come in here we go and do what to do left do you know this is a little more downtempo than
00:01:02I was expecting I was expecting a little more upbeat like a do we want to be what we want to show up well yeah of course I'm glad to do that ready and go do you up shoe bailout botella do que shoes mail up on everybody welcome to
00:01:26the sore hand phaser I'm Vero...
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