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Le Batard and Stugotz are out today. Amin Elhassan and Mina Kimes are in all show. We discuss LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and the World Cup.
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00:00:12today and see how much you could save this is the dialogue about par show with this still got spot cast wow me no wow what what are you not excited for what's happening and that you're referring to me frantically pointing to you that you're in charge now is
00:00:34this this is me covering for my complete inexperience riding a national radio show that appears on a week day that's true yes right I don't drive our show on Sundays and what I said before is true which is while I do think we get along and our friends
00:00:52we do not have complementary skills that's a whole which is to say neither of us knows how to do this too many hammers not enough nails now Hey I'm a meal hasn't that's mean a times as you might have noticed neither of us has to got or ...


Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives from Miami Beach's Clevelander Hotel.
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since Dec, 2016
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