Westworld - S2, Episode 4: "Riddle of the Sphinx"

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Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson discover more about Delos in "Riddle of the Spinx," the fourth episode of the second season of Westworld. William and Bernard come across old acquaintances, The Man In Black returns to Las Mudas. This week's interview is Jonathan Tucker who discusses how portraying Major Craddock has him thinking like a bird. 
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00:00:00bring yourself back online
00:00:07Thomas the Tank Engine blue
00:00:12some people choose to see the other missing school
00:00:21I choose to see the beauty welcome to still watching Westworld an unofficial podcast about the HBO series Westworld I'm very fair senior writer Joanna Robinson
00:00:32each week will break down the latest theories baffling questions and hidden Illusions as well as occasionally chat with someone who's worked on the show itself this week we will be discussing and only spoiling up to season 2 episode 1 of lost Madison Tennessee sorry guys were like we're doing season 2 episode 4 of Westworld riddle of the Sphinx dirt by Lisa Joy written by Gina at water that we will be talking about that lost episode at some point she only going to talk about the tail least favorite
00:01:11how much does a Telecaster now sorry if that's not what you signed up for but I wanted to get gas before we dive into the to the meat of the episode which involves already sort of gust over ...
About this podcast
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A weekly deep dive into the newest season of Westworld, HBO's robot/cowboy/mystery show from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, featuring Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson, senior writer Joanna Robinson, and a roster of guests, discussing the show's mysteries, twists, and turns.
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