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Now that she's clinched the race for the city's top job, San Francisco Mayor-elect London Breed is getting ready to bear down on the city's most pressing problems. After her July 11 inauguration, Breed plans to begin immediately working on solutions to curb homelessness, treat the mentally ill roaming the city's streets and — possibly — opening the country's first safe injection site. And with her job only secured until 2020, she'll have to work fast.


00:00:00Theo welcome to san francisco san francisco chronicle podcast on the people and politics making headlines in the city by the bay I'm here with mayor elect london breed who will take office july eleventh and focus immediately on tent encampments mental illness and potentially becoming the first mayor in
00:00:27the united states toe open a safe injection site she's only guaranteed to serve until january twenty twenty so the next eighteen months at city hall should be very interesting Thanks for joining us here at the chronicle today Thanks for having me Last time you were on my podcast
00:00:42you were a candidate running for mayor and now you're the mayor elect Congratulations Thank you Has it sunk in yet I don't know if it really sunk in it doesn't I feel like it until i go outside and people stop me on the streets and they're congratulating me
00:00:59when i'm in the grocery store Are you getting recognized Warn one yes for sure everywhere i go we definitely getting recognized Mohr and what's been t...


By San Francisco Chronicle columnist Heather Knight
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