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Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman talk with Recode's Kara Swisher about where innovation, corporate responsibility and politics in Silicon Valley are heading. Andreessen pushes back on the idea that mainstream news outlets have more share of the truth than Breitbart News, and Hoffman discusses his progressive political tech initiative Win the Future, which so far has raised "millions" of dollars. Andreessen says his firm is actively investing in bringing tech into three highly regulated and slowly growing segments of the economy — health care, education and construction — while Hoffman is interested in businesses with network effects. They also discuss the impact of new technologies like robots and autonomous vehicles on the world's jobs, and why completely new industries might be created as a result of this technological change.
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00:00:00Hi i'm cara swisher peter copter and thanks for listening to recode replay this is one of the sessions from our two thousand seventeen code conference We're gonna want you here in just a second for free you're welcome but before we do that we want to plug another conference
00:00:14Okay fine if you insist i must i must if you like this event there's a very good chance you're going to like code media two thousand eighteen february twelfth and thirteenth in huntington beach california thousand eighteen can't believe next year you're absolutely save the date peter and i
00:00:31will both be there which means it's going to be a fantastic event i've been to all of them and i have learned things i would actually pay for them Peter we may charge you this year one more time that's code media two thousand eighteen it's like this event
00:00:41but it's in two thousand eighteen february twelfth and thirteenth goto events dot recode dot net for all the deets as the kids say as the kids say thanks peter speaking o...


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