John Collison, Stripe (Code Commerce 2016)

 John Collison, Stripe (Code Commerce 2016) - Recode Replay
Nov. 15, 2016 · transcript

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Stripe president and co-founder John Collison talks with Recode's Jason Del Rey about what's next for the online payments company, including international expansion and its experiment in machine learning, dubbed "Radar." To help it combat fraud, Stripe shows its users why Radar flagged a certain purchase as untrustworthy. Collison also discusses how he evaluates Apple Pay and Android Pay and why Stripe is interested in emerging technologies like Amazon Alexa.
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00:00:00hi I'm cara Swisher executive editor of recode thanks for listening to recode replay here's one of the interviews from the stage of the October edition of the code calmer series in Las Vegas if you like this interview please leave us a review at I tunes dot com slash
00:00:15recode replay so we've had a full day of talk about payments any commerce and retail and you and I had a brief conversation on the phone the other day and we came to the conclusion that that this we're gonna tell us something else right now which is the
00:00:29A. I. hype machine and you either of you maybe that was my phrase so let's talk about the A. I. hype machine there's there's a lot of noise right now both I mean in payments businesses and basically any sector you want about artificial intelligence how it's disrupting business
00:00:48is already I I know for a fact there are investors that really do not know what they're even investing in right now but you put a I like that you know more than a dozen times in the deck you g...
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