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Comedian and actor Jimmy O. Yang, best known for his role in the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” offers a tongue-in-cheek resource guide for immigrants with his new book, “How to American.” The memoir details Yang’s experience as an immigrant from Hong Kong trying to make it in Hollywood, which included learning English from watching “The Sopranos” and working as a strip club DJ. Yang joins Forum to talk about stereotypes and how this book is what he wishes he could’ve read when he first came to the U.S.

Jimmy O. Yang, actor, HBO’s Silicon Valley; author, “How to American”

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00:00:00this podcast is brought to you by good eggs good eggs works with local bay area producers to deliver fresh produce baked goods meat seafood and dairy straight to you on your schedule they even carry pantry essentials in wine beer and spirits is a good exotic arm to learn
00:00:15more KQED public radio in San Francisco I need a camp coming up on a farm comedian and actor Jimmy all Yankee fans of the show Silicon Valley know him best as the character Jinyang a role he got paid less than three thousand dollars for the entire first season
00:00:42so how did you go from that a few years ago to being called a comedy powerhouse by Vanity Fair Yang joins us to talk about learning English from BT and the sopranos and why some of his biggest haters have been other Asian Americans that's all next on foreign
00:00:57joint this is forum I mean it can a year ago junio Yang was called the funniest dude you never heard of by G. Q. but if you're a fan of the HBO series Silicon Valley you definitely know his character ...


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