10: All Things GitHub with Chris Wanstrath

 10: All Things GitHub with Chris Wanstrath - The Changelog
Jan. 25, 2010 · transcript

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Chris Wanstrath joined the show to talk about the past, present and future of GitHub.


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00:00:15hello welcome to the changelog episode zero dot one dot zero it's our first point release my name is Adam is to go back and I am when Ellen I'm really excited about the show today we get a great guest Chris once drawn from get help a pretty big
00:00:31fans get out what was what you say when I am pretty much they're not a five percent of what we're doing to change logs probably at least seventy percent of what I'm elsewhere right we share stuff there we can we connect with people there and it has been
00:00:45huge for open source and %HESITATION in this past few years and what they've been doing has been awesome to see the growth around software in the way that the personal relationships and exchanges happen in a way that's of all the last two years there of their development you
00:00:59know get a get have proposed changing how open sources conducted and it's just really changing the landscape for sharing and and doing what good have you know claims they're wanting to do in that social coding just br...
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