Why Ashton Kutcher didn't invest in Snapchat

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Actor, producer and investor Ashton Kutcher talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about his life as both a TV star and a tech obsessive. Kutcher, who starred in shows like "Two and a Half Men" and "That '70s Show," has invested over the past five years in companies like Uber, Airbnb and Square. But he passed on Snapchat — twice — because he hated the app's design and feared what would happen when it got hacked. He's currently starring in the Netflix sitcom "The Ranch," and says denying the rise of digital media platforms in Hollywood is like denying climate change.
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00:00:30decode at itunes dot com slash rico decode and while you're there leave us a review today In the red chair is ashton kutcher who have known a very long time but he's an actor who has starred in shows like two and a half men and also the netflix
00:00:44series the ranch which just released its second season in two thousand thirteen he played steve jobs in the movie jobs but he's also a tech investor has put his own money into companies ...
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