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About this episode
Social media can make or break a career based on the way you use it. Let's discuss. Matt Faison – Day 2 – Find out what it is like to cohost a radio show! James calls in from LA and MIKE PRIDE saw STARWARS! So there is that!
About this podcast
By BTS with PhillySnaps
Behind the scenes is a live Internet radio show and podcast dedicated to creators and artists. We have guests come on the air from all forms of entertainment to talk about their back stories and how they got started in their current profession. The guests range from major movie stars to youtubers and each offer a unique brand of advice.
BTS also offers new artists a place to show off their work and talent. All of the music that we play during our breaks is provided by original musicians looking for airplay.
More often than not, we like to feature aspiring models to sit in on the show for our Webcam audience. - For Information and WEBCAM