Antonio García Martínez on the obscene startup world in Silicon Valley

 Antonio García Martínez on the obscene startup world in Silicon Valley - Startup Notes
May 29, 2017 · transcript

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In this episode, Startup Notes has a special guest from Silicon Valley: Antonio García Martínez. Antonio has been an advisor to Twitter, one of the first product managers on Facebook’s ad team, and the CEO/founder of AdGrok (a venture-backed AdTech startup that participated in Y Combinator and was later acquired by Twitter). More recently, he became known to a wider audience as the author of the New York Times bestseller “Chaos Monkeys”, in which he shares his experiences in the tech world and gives a behind-the-scenes look of Facebook and the supposedly ‘illustrious’ startup culture in Silicon Valley.
In this interview with Startup Notes, Antonio makes a deep dive and talks about what the culture in Silicon Valley is actually like, what makes Facebook special as a company and why he thinks the increasing automatization that gets accelerated by tech startups is a major threat to society. Lastly, he also gives advice on how startup founders can increase their chances to make it into the famous Y Combinator accelerator.
Are you interested to hear more about his views on startups and why you should not split the equity equally between founders when starting a company?
Check out Startup Notes’ 1-hour video interview with him from 2015 on YouTube:
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Antonio García Martínez

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00:00:01welcome to the start of notes five cast the start of notes podcast is dedicated to help aspiring entrepreneurs successfully start their own company here you'll get unique entrepreneurial insights from Europe's most small entrepreneurs and best if you like what you hear please follow started notes on Facebook visit
00:00:19our website under start up notes dot EDU and subscribe to our newsletter to receive an update whenever a new podcast is live today we have a special guest from Silicon Valley at startup Antonio Garcia Martinez is a former Goldman Sachs trader co founded in at tech start up
00:00:37there was part of why commander and later got so to Twitter answer was an early Facebook employee work directly with my second more lately he has written a book about his experiences in the Silicon Valley called kos monkeys which became a New York times bestseller in this interview
00:00:53with talk about what I'm Tony thinks about silicon valley's culture makes Facebook special and why things automation is...
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