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Joy Cho on passing the art and entrepreneurialism of her immigrant parents down to her own children with compassion, quality time and, you guessed it – joy!

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00:00:07welcome thank you Joy is the founder of the blog Design Studio Joy she's the author of three bucks mom of two girls and I didn't apparently write down a concise way of saying this but you've probably seen all of her stuff in Target because it's all over charging and she has cute stuff at Target is there another do you have other words to describe your job I'm a designer and blogger I have a lifestyle brancato Joy it's all about happiness and how we can bring you Joy quite literally threw contact their ideas and then their products and that's that's it not little nutshell
00:01:04did you know this is what you like what your life is going to look like now like this we are going to do now never I mean if you were going to be doing versus like where you're at now I mean are we going to go back to 5 or like 30 or 20 or 21 I mean I always like making things I always love making things and I was at the key to play with Barbies I was not the case at all I got craft kits I would press leaves I would bake I w...


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