277: You're Not a Mac App Yet

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We're live from WWDC 2018!

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00:00:07There's a lot of people here how everybody how we do in wow this is wild yeah we got from the show so we have to start with follow up is we always do um so i quit my job anyway so it's znbc time is i swear we will
00:00:40talk about that just not it's not every night on this show yeah wait stop that works here we're done so doug it's now it's happening the keynote was good i think we'll talk about it for a boring year i have lives i was going to do a visual
00:00:57aid but that's not useful remember this is a podcast eso eso there was apparently nothing happening this year yet i have three pages of notes about nothing as it turns out so it turns out nothing there was a lot of nothings and a lot of some things and
00:01:14yeah i i honestly you know we did our predictions last week we talked about like what what we expected and everything and even though there was no new hardware because always like the flashy easy thing that we all i want all the time looks just kind of unreasonable
00:01:27but you know...
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