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The Warriors topped the Wizards led by Kevin Durant's 32 points. Klay Thompson held Bradley Beal in check, Steph Curry hit threes, and Draymond Green was everywhere. The only nitpick: 18 offensive rebounds for Washington. Other than that, the Dubs held it down. Their defense was sound (held the Wiz to 40% shooting), they took care of the ball (15 turnovers), and the offense was humming (51%, 42% from three) for the most part of the evening.

For Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the 2015 Finals, where Stephen Curry was very good but could not pull momentum away from LeBron to win his first Finals MVP. That award instead went to Andre Iguodala, who changed the series when he was inserted into the starting lineup in Game 4. Aliko posits that Steph's entire 2015-16 MVP campaign may have been in response to that "snub," (as well as the NBA players voting James Harden their MVP that year).

Lastly, Curry used his trip to Atlanta to be a part of Kaiser Permanente's NBA Total Health Forum. The event is part of efforts by Kaiser and the NBA to promote healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Curry is also doing his part to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Kevin Durant also made news this week by giving $10 million to College Track to empower students from his hometown of Seat Pleasant, MD. The Warriors are walking the walk. 
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00:00:00the locked on podcast Network your team everyday
00:00:29you are a locked on Warriors your daily Golden State Warriors podcast part of the locked on podcast Network your team Everyday Use part of the locked on podcast network is Thursday March 1st I'm your host illegal Carter apologies for the late pod today it's been a busy day been all around the place in out in that rain I hope you all are enjoying it it seems like at least for Northern California the drought is lessening so that's good for us though it doesn't really make for fun going outside another dub for the dubs last night great win in Washington DC Kevin Durant with 32 big points Stephen Curry added 25 and we'll get to that in the first segment in the second segment we're going to go back in time and we're going to look at Stephen Curry's numbers from the 2015 finals because to be honest
00:01:21I think he really gets overlooked I'm one of those people who thought he deserve to get the finals MVP over Andre Iguodala in 2015 he was the best...
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