A talk about Lymes with Diane

 A talk about Lymes with Diane - Breathe Fitness
Feb. 26, 2018 · transcript

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00:04:59I would pick you up at school
00:07:12so I walk in tell her
00:13:08at that point
00:18:46my son was lying free so we did this alternative medicine
00:25:58I called her up she got it
00:28:20I went
00:30:11very severely nobody knew a whole lot about it
00:31:29so I know he looks at your whole body
00:37:26everybody takes
00:39:11and my triglycerides are now back where they should be very low and I said
00:42:51everybody would want everybody has a flu shot that's fine you had the flu shot
00:44:26I would always
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